Cryptobrewology will pull no punches when it comes to defending the world of beer and wine from crackpots who attempt to make a quick buck at the expense of those who fall victim to pseudoscience and snake oil salesmen of the twenty-first century. Cryptobrewology was recently followed on Twitter by Art of Brewing, a company located in British Columbia (Not the Art of Brewing online Superstore in the UK). If retailers like Art of Brewing really believe this nonsense then they are fooling themselves, and should spend some time examining the validity of claims made by the product manufacturer and sales associate, before promoting it to, and misleading their visitors. The general claim is that tannins present in wine can be altered to make the wine taste smoother, as if it was instantly aged. This is a mangled translation of the traditional concept that the aging of red wines allows tannins to bond, and settle out, thereby creating a less astringent flavor. Oxygenation is also thought to improve the mouthfeel of wine, but, unlike a little magnet hanging around the neck of a bottle, oxygenation involves a real chemical manipulation of the wine as it is being poured, and so likely does have a real effect on the taste. The manufacture and sale of such devices, without proper scientific testing to validate the claim, should be considered a punishable criminal act, because without real proof to support the promotional claims for the product they are selling, these people are little more than thieves. Deja Vu best quality beauty products, skin care, face day and night creams, eye treatments, makeup, fragrance & perfume, hair and more! NASA studies showed at 10 Hz PEMF therapy or Pulsed Magnetic stimulation therapy caused epigenetic changes in matured cells and made them revert to developmental stage in less than 30 days. EarthPulse™ PEMF device that is finally available in India, is not just a sleep machine, performance enhancement & longevity system but also provides anti-aging effects that prevent premature aging.
It’s frequency range is perfect to prevent premature aging, as evident from NASA study cited earlier in this article.
Since 2002 EarthPulse has received feedback more than 8,000 users from all over the world, all reporting similar results using this unique PEMF device.

Our users are provided with a 90-day feedback form and have to take a RBH (Rest-Breath-Hold) test. It seriously can’t get simpler when you can sleep, feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90-days or return it for full refund. These studies are provided for reference purposes only and are not intended to recommend our device as a drug or as a diagnosis for any illness or disease condition; nor as a product to eliminate disease or other medical condition.
Unfortunately the continuation of such nonsense indicates that people are being duped, and these things are turning a profit for their unscrupulous marketers. My wife, Cindy, and I enjoy road trips, exploring new places and finding great brewpubs and breweries.
This study conducted in 2002 by Goodwin for NASA, found that this beneficial electromagnetic field when used therapuetically provided neural tissue regeneration unlike ever observed before (Read page 17).
This anti-aging magnetic therapy device is used to provide night-long sessions of very weak PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) to prevent premature aging.
Refer to this article on our main research website about the Anti-aging effects of PEMF therapy in complete detail, as written by the inventor of the EarthPulse.
It’s unlikely, although we will honor your request, as our return rates have fallen to under 3%.
I will not associate with any company that I find is either deliberately or inadvertently deceiving the public. In fact, wouldn’t the effect of any magnetic field be cancelled as soon as the substances had passed out of range of the magnet? It does happen, but it has not been scientifically proven that this tannin bonding idea is the cause.

Thus we can say that at correct frequency, PEMF therapy is a tool to prevent premature aging.
On an average, for all EarthPulse users whether 19 or 90 years old, we see increase of 25% (lowest) to 100% increase within 90 days. Worldwide, there are no governmental health agencies which recognize a need to supplement natural magnetic fields. We makes no medical claims as to benefit of our device and methods.
EarthPulse™ is strictly a performance enhancement tool utilizing Pulsed electromagnetic fields and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation principals to achieve better sleep and enhanced physical and mental performance. EarthPulse™ will substantially improve your sleep and performance or your money back. Our systems are not intended for use to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information found and opinions expressed anywhere on our web site or in printed materials are never to be taken as medical advice. Increase in ATP and decrease in oxidative stress are the reason why this particular PEMF therapy device can be used to prevent premature aging. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter of their health and well-being.

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