To a first approximation, the Earth's magnetic field resembles that of an enormous bar magnet.
Several features of the Earth's field vary in a predictable way across the surface of the globe and might, in principle, be used in assessing geographic position. A second geomagnetic parameter that varies across the surface of the Earth is the strength or intensity of the field. Inclination angle: The angle at which the magnetic field lines intersect the surface of the earth. The distance between the field lines represent the strength of the field, the closer the field line, the stronger the field.

First of all, we need to know that, in SPM, normally we use a circle with an arrow to represent compass. Second, we also need to know that the pointer of a compass is always in the direction of the magnetic field.
In figure (b) above, we can see that when a few compasses are put near to a bar magnet, the pointer of the compasses are all in the direction of the magnetic field.
If a compass is placed near to a current carrying wire, the pointer of the compass will point along the direction of the magnetic field generated by the current (as shown in the figure below). In the diagram, the magnetic field A is stronger than magnetic field B because the line in magnetic field A is closer.

The arrow represents the pointer of a compass and it always points towards the North pole of a magnet.

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