Windstream®  offers a selection of 4 Low RPM Permanent Magnet DC Generators plus one High RPM model.  Performance curves and specifications are available on each generators by clicking on the individual generators to your right.
Click here for a detailed description of  What happens when a small permanent magnet DC generator is charging a battery. One of the best qualities of these generators in battery charging applications is that the generator will generate electric current based on load. Thinking about designing and building a small wind turbine?  In order to match a generator to a turbine design, one would have to have an idea of the rpm range and the load. Building a prototype wind turbine can involve a lot of trial and error. It is imperative that one come to their project with an understanding of the function of rpm and load and how these factors affect power output. See below for links to detailed information regarding output, current, start up torque, efficiency etc.

The predecessor of this line of generators, the TC-25G sold over 10,000 units in the 1970’s. This means that if a battery is fully discharged it will accept a great deal of power to charge it, but as it approaches a full charge, the amount of electricity accepted will be very little. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It has valuable applications in a variety of conditions, including dealing with forest fires and earthquake devastation, as well as handling survival conditions, emergency communication needs, long-term power disruptions, outdoor activities, geological and marine exploration, etc.
In terms of the generator, the generator will be more difficult to turn when the battery is discharged and very easy to turn when it is full. See photo at right to see what happens to the internals of a generator that has gotten soaked.

In areas without electricity or fuel for electrical power generation, this generator can supply power to a variety of electronic products.
They are compact and have a wide operating range so they are sure to work in many applications. In fact, these are the same generators found in our own Human Power Generator, which uses the # 443541 generator.

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