Heat shields are an important part of any space vehicle that re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere.
The first test of such a heat shield could happen as early as ten years from now, and the basic technology is already in development. Traditional heat shields use the process of ablation to disperse heat away from the capsule. A magnetic heat shield would use a superconductive magnetic coil to create a very strong magnetic field near the leading edge of the vehicle.
Problems with the heat shield on a spacecraft can be disastrous, even fatal; the Columbia disaster was due largely to the failure of insulative tiles on the shuttle, due to damage incurred during launch. At the European air and space conference 2009 in Manchester in October, Detlev Konigorski from the private aerospace firm Astrium EADS said that with the cooperation of German aerospace center DLR and the European Space Agency, Astrium was developing a potential magnetic heat shield for testing within the next few years. The initial test vehicle would be launched from a submarine aboard a Russian Volna rocket on a suborbital trajectory, and land in the Russian Kamchatka region.
Though the scientists are currently testing the capabilities of a superconducting coil to perform this feat, there is the challenge of calculating changes to the trajectory of a test vehicle, because the air will be deflected away much more than with current heat shield technology. An artist's depiction of Earth's magnetic field deflecting high-energy protons from the sun four billion years ago. Since 2010, the best estimate of the age of Earth's magnetic field has been 3.45 billion years. John Tarduno, a geophysicist at the University of Rochester and a leading expert on Earth's magnetic field, and his team of researchers say they believe the Earth's magnetic field is at least four billion years old.
The findings by Tarduno and his team have been published in the latest issue of the journal Science. Earth's magnetic field protects the atmosphere from solar windsa€”streams of charged particles shooting from the Sun. Earth's magnetic field is generated in its liquid iron core, and this "geodynamo" requires a regular release of heat from the planet to operate. Given the importance of the magnetic field, scientists have been trying to determine when it first arose, which could, in turn, provide clues as to when plate tectonics got started and how the planet was able to remain habitable.
Fortunately for scientists, there are mineralsa€”such as magnetitea€”that lock in the magnetic field record at the time the minerals cooled from their molten state.
The directional information is stored in microscopic grains inside magnetite- a naturally occurring magnetic iron oxide. Tarduno's new results are based on the record of magnetic field strength fixed within magnetite found within zircon crystals collected from the Jack Hills of Western Australia. The ancient zircons are tinya€”about two-tenths of a millimetera€”and measuring their magnetization is a technological challenge. But in order for today's magnetic intensity readings of the magnetite to reveal the actual conditions of that era, the researchers needed to make sure the magnetite within the zircon remained pristine from the time of formation.
Of particular concern was a period some 2.6 billion years ago during which temperatures in the rocks of the Jack Hills reached 475?C. Instead, Tarduno found that the minerals revealed varying magnetic directions, convincing him that the intensity measurements recorded in the samples were indeed as old as four billion years. The intensity measurements reveal a great deal about the presence of a geodynamo at the Earth's core.
The magnetic field was of special importance in that eon because solar winds were about 100 times stronger than today.
Scientists believe that Mars had an active geodynamo when that planet was formed, but that it died off after four billion years.
A tiny fraction of meteorites on earth contain strikingly beautiful, translucent, olive-green crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix. When it comes to finding the right kind of planet to target in the search for life elsewhere in the universe, the size of the planet matters.
New data from MESSENGER, the spacecraft that orbited Mercury for four years before crashing into the planet a week ago, reveals Mercury's magnetic field is almost four billion years old. A team of researchers has for the first time recovered a magnetic field record from ancient minerals for Iron Age southern Africa (between 1000 and 1500 AD).
Planet-hunting is an ongoing process that's resulting in the discovery of more and more planets orbiting distant stars.
SpaceX has made good on a high-priority delivery: the world's first inflatable room for astronauts.
Astrophysicists at the University of Bern have modelled the evolution of the putative planet in the outer solar system. Mars does have a magnetic field measured at 1.5 nanotesla, 3000x less than Earth's 50 microtesla and oddly restricted to its southern hemisphere. Next to a nuclear reactor in Germany is a four ton, ten cubic meter metal box surrounded by lasers.

This image shows the inner three layers of the magnetic shield (also known as the insert), and the cylindrical layer with 780 copper rods. The answer to this mystery could come from a decades-old quest exploring the structure of the neutron.
If there is a tiny imbalance of electric charge within the neutron, this could be evidence of a special kind of asymmetry, called a charge parity (or “CP”) violation, that explains why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe.
Experiments conducted since the 1950s have not found a neutron electric dipole moment, but the new shield could improve the sensitivity of such measurements a hundredfold, down to the theoretically predicted scale of this phenomenon. These exquisitely precise measurements are made possible by a magnetic shield that is ten times better than previous state-of-the-art shields.
The result is shield constructed like a Russian nesting doll, made of four one-millimeter-thick sheets of a soft nickel-iron alloy that are extraordinarily easy to magnetize and demagnetize, and act like a sponge to absorb outside magnetic fields. The neutron is slightly magnetic, and so experiences a torque in the presence of an external magnetic field.
An overview of the theoretical implications of the neutron electric dipole moment and the experimental searches for its value.
The Twist of eletromagnetica fields deformations the spacetime breaking by the symmetry pt, and than does appear a neutro with dipolo momento differentialof zero, because the the left handed and hbe right handed are not totally hull.
This week, NASA announced that it will partner with the European Space Agency to send a 4,760-pound spacecraft into space to peer out over billions of galaxies in an effort to map and measure the universe. Funded by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by Google and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Boshiho RFID Blocking Leather Magnetic Money Clip is lined with RFID protective technology to PREVENT ELECTRONIC PICKPOCKETING. Offer protection to Your Credit, Debit and ID Cards from Electronic Pick out Pocketing criminals from now! The next generation of heat shields to protect astronauts and payloads on their re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere may use superconducting magnets to deflect the plasma that forms in front of spacecraft as they travel at high speeds in the air. Basically, the material that covers the outside of the capsule gets worn away as it is heated up, taking the heat with it. This magnetic field would deflect the superhot plasma that forms at the extreme temperatures cause by friction near the surface of an object entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Such a system might be more reliable and less prone to damage than current heat shield technology. A Russian Volan escape capsule will be outfitted with the device, and the re-entry trajectory will take it up to speeds near Mach 21.
The ionized gases surrounding a capsule using a magnetic heat shield would also put a wrench in the current technique of using radio signals for telemetry data. Note: The relative sizes of the Earth and Sun, as well as the distances between the two bodies, are not drawn to scale.
But now a researcher responsible for that finding has new data showing the magnetic field is far older. The magnetic field helps prevent the solar winds from stripping away the atmosphere and water, which make life on the planet possible.
Today, that heat release is aided by plate tectonics, which efficiently transfers heat from the deep interior of the planet to the surface. The oldest available minerals can tell scientists the direction and the intensity of the field at the earliest periods of Earth's history. Within the smallest magnetite grains are regions that have their own individual magnetizations and work like a tape recorder. The zircons were formed over more than a billion years and have come to rest in an ancient sedimentary deposit. Tarduno and his team used a unique superconducting quantum interference device, or SQUID magnetometer, at the University of Rochester that provides a sensitivity ten times greater than comparable instruments. Under those conditions, it was possible that the magnetic information recorded in the zircons would have been erased and replaced by a new, younger recording of Earth's magnetic field. Tarduno explains that solar winds could interact with the Earth's atmosphere to create a small magnetic field, even in the absence of a core dynamo. In the absence of a magnetic field, Tarduno says the protons that make up the solar winds would have ionized and stripped light elements from the atmosphere, which, among other things, resulted in the loss of water. As a result, Tarduno says, the Red Planet had no magnetic field to protect the atmosphere, which may explain why its atmosphere is so thin.
Now, a geophysicist at Michigan Technological University has unlocked clues trapped in the magnetic signatures of mineral grains in those rocks..
The Sun's wind, which originates from its hot outer layer (corona), contains charged particles emitted at a rate equivalent to about one-millionth of the moon's mass each year.

The box is the most magnetically-shielded room ever built: the magnetic field inside is just a tenth of a billionth of a tesla, weaker than anywhere else in the solar system. The cylindrical layer is used to generate a very uniform magnetic field, which is necessary for EDM experiments. Although neutrons are electrically neutral, they are made of particles known as quarks that are positively or negatively charged.
Previous research typically used a trial-and-error approach to find designs that magnetically shielded their interiors.
Within a one-cubic-meter space inside this haven, items would experience as little as a tenth of a billionth of a tesla—about 500,000 times less than the magnetic field typically felt at the surface of the Earth, and some ten times less than the magnetic field that suffuses “empty” space in the solar system.
If the neutron has an electric dipole moment, the amount of torque it experiences from an external magnetic field will change if an electric field is also applied on it. For example, it could help detect magnetic monopoles, long-theorized, hitherto-unseen particles that each only possess one magnetic pole, either north or south, unlike every known particle, which each have two. Choi has written for Scientific American, The New York Times, Wired, Science and Nature, among others. Lock your entire vulnerable RFID chip embedded bank card safely and securely within our wallet.
This would reduce or completely eliminate the need for insulative or ablative materials to cover the craft.
Of course, there are a long list of other technical challenges to overcome before the testing will happen, so don’t expect to see the Orion crew vehicle outfitted with one!
But, according to Tarduno, the time of origin of plate tectonics is hotly debated, with some scientists arguing that Earth lacked a magnetic field during its youth.
In order to get reliable measurements, it's crucial that the minerals obtained by scientists are pristine and never reached a sufficient heat level that would have allowed the old magnetic information within the minerals to reset to the magnetic field of the later time.
Just as in magnetic tape, information is recorded at a specific time and remains stored unless it is replaced under specific conditions. Under those circumstances, he calculates that the maximum strength of a magnetic field would be 0.6 uT (micro-Teslas). Possibly Earth lost a lot of early hydrogen when the magnetic fields tangled, which led to the near neutral CO2 atmosphere we know we had most of the time before the atmosphere oxygenation. This sanctuary could help physicists probe infinitesimal effects that may have profoundly influenced the newborn universe, and help solve one of the greatest secrets of the cosmos: why the universe has more matter than antimatter. Also shown are two measurement devices: A mercury magnetometer is placed between the wooden support structure, and a high precision pendulum device, which is used for the absolute alignment of conventional magnetic field probes, is on top of the support table. Overall, these electric charges cancel out in neutrons, but there is the possibility they are not equally distributed—for instance, perhaps the north poles of neutrons are slightly positive, while the south poles are negative, explains Tim Chupp, a physicist at the University of Michigan who helped test the new shield and design experiments for it. But to detect it, physicists must work with neutrons that are shielded from the natural magnetic field of the Earth and the artificial magnetic fields of motors, electronics, and all the ubiquitous devices that produce their own magnetic fields. Instead, Fierlinger and his colleagues used computer models of how magnetic fields interact with matter to optimize elements of their room’s design, including the spacing and thickness of the layers making up the walls. The lasers surrounding the shield are part of instruments known as optical atomic magnetometers that help measure and correct for the effects of extraneous magnetic fields.
Magnetic sensors inside the shield could detect the faint, unique magnetic signals from any monopoles zipping through the room.
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A magnetic heat shield would be lighter and much easier to re-use, eliminating the cost of re-covering the outside of a craft after each entry.
The values measured by Tarduno and his team were much greater than 0.6 ?T, indicating the presence of a geodynamo at the core of the planet, as well as suggesting the existence of the plate tectonics needed to release the built-up heat. Cf Venus, that has a massive atmossphere without modern geodynamo, but also massive loss of oxygen. The difference can have been that Venus hit a massive greenhouse runaway, cooked its oceans and halted its geodynamo (and plate tectonics).
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