We have been preaching about the dangers of large solar storms and related coronal mass ejections and their effects on our power grid, telecommunications satellites, on astronauts in the International Space Station and even the health of people on Earth.  But did you know that solar storms may actually lead to earthquakes? According to Namig Jalilov of the Astrophysical Observatory, the last solar generated magnetic storm, from the flare we reported on three days ago,.
The bottom line is that scientists just do not know!  But there are suspicions that magnetic field disruptions due to excessive CMEs may be affecting the Earth in unique, but deleterious ways. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback.
The charged particles flying from the Sun under the influence of the geomagnetic field of the Earth to spin around the magnetic field lines and travel along them in a spiral to form the radiation belts that lie above the atmosphere.
But no one can deny that the bird during flight can go astray because of the magnetic storm or magnetic anomaly, because they are oriented along the magnetic field (as well as many insects, such as termites). If we do not feel the magnetic field, it does not mean that it does not work for us – because X-rays, we also do not feel it. The impact of magnetic storms on human established as a result of years of research: A clear correlation between geomagnetic disturbances and increase in the number of attacks and deaths in cardiovascular patients, worsening conditions in psychiatric patients.

It is noted that during magnetic storms, and in the next two or three days being in patients with coronary heart disease worsens, mortality increased by about half. Because of such blood clots deteriorating oxygen metabolism and, as a result, you may experience headaches and dizziness because the brain is particularly sensitive to lack of oxygen.
Perhaps such structural changes of water can change the permeability of cell membranes, or something else that will inevitably impact on health. Geomagnetic storms are major temporary disturbances of the Earth's magnetosphere caused by a disturbance in the interplanetary medium or a solar wind shock wave. Look out star warriors and trekkers, Earth has its own protective force field -- the magnetosphere. A magnetic storm produces about a million megawatts of electricity, enough to power the United States. The explosion also produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) which will hit Earth creating a strong Class G3 geomagnetic storm at around 13:00 GMT, today. Northern Lights will appear around the Arctic Circle from Alaska to Sweden and Iceland and could even appear at lower latitudes over Moscow and St.

Strange Sounds is your news website featuring amazing, weird and unexplained phenomena occurring around the world. University) showed that even pure water under the influence of electromagnetic interference can change its structure, has a polymorphism. Geomagnetic storms are major components of space weather and during their main phase charged particles are energized and injected deeper into the inner magnetosphere. Enter this community to discover and share news, videos, stories and articles on weird noises from the sky and other amazing, strange and unexplained natural events happening around the world. Statistical indicators show that the strength of earthquakes occurring on the earth is directly related to solar activity.

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