So our goal here is to design a new aircraft that does not run on the usual combustion technology.
Thru the use of Pyromagnetics, the creation of a powerful magnetic field is brought about to create a Thermodynamic Air Compressor whereas this high pressure air is funneled to a vortex chamber to create a powerful tornadic effect. By mating two concepts, Thermomagnetics and thermodynamic cycling of circulating air masses creates a new engine concept with unbelievable power.
The first step into designing a convective thermal component aircraft engine is to decide how to cycle the thermal current into a tappable reservoir.
In the above illustration we see the air intake, the air intake plenum throat, and the pyromagnetic compressor (Blue). Pyromagnetics, sometimes called Thermomagnetics is the changing of the magnetic properties of a material with temperature. The steel plate that cuts a magnetic field is a natural Faraday homopolar dynamo and it can be used to magnetize the intakes hollow magnetic core.
As the air is compressed from the convex plenum chamber it is pumped into the Vortex Thruster Chamber (Pink color) whereas the second phase of our operation now takes place. The basic working principle is to create a strong swirling flow to produce very low pressure above a lifting surface, which generates thrust. Physically, the difference between conventional jet propulsion and our vortex thruster is that in the former, the net force generated and the power requirements are determined by the same axial velocity component.
The Thruster housing incorporates a input turbine blade in the bottom of the intake throat. Experimental and theoretical studies show that rotating flows possess three fundamental features, described below. Bistability: When two-phase flow is involved, our experiments in vortex chambers have shown the existence of two stable states, either condensed or rarefied.
Condensed stable state: At high particles concentrations, the denser medium (solid or liquid) forms a tightly packed layer near the periphery of the vortex chamber and provides a very large interface area between the two media. Rarefied stable state: At lower concentrations, the particles are distributed homogeneously and move in circular orbits in the lighter fluid medium. Physically, the difference between conventional jet propulsion and the Vortex Thruster Engine is that in the former, the net force generated and the power requirements are determined by the same axial velocity component. These vortex machines have the potential to substantially increase energy savings such as petroleum, chemical, power transportation, pharmaceutical, electronics, environmental and agriculture, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars per year in each state alone. Individual in poly bags, inner plastic boxes, out plywood cartons(wood cartons),any special required packings can be specified as well(customization).
Electromagnetic Vortex Flowmeter is the new generation of flowmeter using electromagnetic digital signal as inspection measure. Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. Inexpensive- highly interactive- real telepresence into your space- your questions answered- media rich!
We have the world's most compelling teaching team and state of the art- teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. The result- is the most powerful solubility effect available (reduced molecular cluster size PLUS increased spin density)- energizes ALL biologic growth! Special arrangements are also available for those willing to do exciting growth comparison tests with us. Note the power and benefit- of making distilled- or clear- water conductive- It makes the pure water available to reaction- like Hydrolysis, and Water treatment technologies which utilize the conductivity of water! Note here the parallel to the way- Superimploder pretreatment of water - showed 20 Percent - reduction in the voltage required for Hydrolysis - we thank so much Tyler Milnthorp- for his tests on this also- in conjunction with his project with the Canadian government- to produce fuel efficiency in diesel trucks- by adding hydrogen gas to the diesel engine (well known to catalyze).
Magnetic water treatment in general has overwhelming support in government and university research- especially for agriculture. Note how in the latest upgrade design we have increased the delivered magnetic flux to over 4700 gauss from 8 large surface area supermagnets- amplifying the implosive spin effect which makes molecular clusters spin independantly (smaller) - AND more soluble.
See the latest film below- dramatic success in hydroponic greenhouse - lettuce growth time reduced a full week..
Being a new company altho we have overwhelming success reports around 20 countries- still we much appreciate your personal result story. Dan Winter’s new book presents the most compelling and systematic scientific evidence to date a€“ that fractality in space and time is the specific mechanism and cause of gravity, biologic negentropy, life force, perception, and human bliss. Winter’s work (with his mathematics team- including Martin Jones)- was the first to prove the wave equations showing golden ratio solves the problem of max constructive interference, compression, and phase conjugation. Commercial grower describes dramatic greenhouse hydroponics- growth success with SuperImploder..
Multiple Reports- Large Increases in Plant Growth - when they are SIMPLY PLACED NEAR THE IMPLODER- NOZZLE!
At first it sounds unusual- that there are repeated reports that plants simply growing NEAR the nozzle itself- benefit dramatically- without even touching the water which passes thru it. The life force in a seed or plant- is proportional to how CENTRIPETAL is it's charge field.
Thus the growth benefit to seeds and plants- is their response to a CENTRPETAL flux field- for exactly the same documented effect- where seeds germinate so much better in Stonehenge like dolmen circles. The imploder is used a few minutes a day but has doubled growth (just) by immediate proximity. Thanks dan, and thank you for all your exciting contributions to humanity and consciousness itself. My wife when she comes down to visit on the weekends brings bottles so that she can bring water back with her.
As far as gardening, I'll be getting the supplies for the indoor garden boxes in the next month or so.
New- GREAT results- Mallorca- Dec 17, 2012- here is the report with pictures- DOUBLE THE WEIGHT RESULT IN IMPLODER WATER PLANTS!
Install carefully - anywhere in your plumbing, remember the Black Vortex nozzle- is the water INPUT end (the molecules spin when entering the super flux magnetic)- the white magnetic tube end is the discharge side.
The magnetic housing (the white part) is heavy at nearly 13 lbs, please support the magnetic housing with 3" pipe hangers. The published literature is overwhelming that strong magnetic treatment of water- is of benefit at many levels of agriculture. Restoring constructive compression ( net energy gain DURING constructive collapse)- is the essence of IMPLOSION: restoring centripetal forces. Once the molecules of water have gained implosive centripetal force in their spin- at the molecular level- they then function like an armature entering a permanent magnet motor- as they enter the super strong magnetic fields. In our lab in Byron- with the SuperImploder - we are consistently measuring useful change in redox potential (fractality= charge distribution efficiency).
Our SuperImploder, altho new, is already in enthusiastic use in dozens of countries- join us on the cutting edge- adding life force to water - for life! John C., wrote Aug 2012 - from CA, USA- My shower head and DVDs came 2 weeks ago and I've been using it. Domestic installations consistently report feeling silkier water, feeling MUCH energized drinking it.. Just a reminder to all SUPERIMPLODER USERS: The water must ENTER and the black nozzle end (spin before magnetics entry). More Detail: The Left Front is SuperImploder treated water effect-note the growth difference! I bought two identical plant packages and used the imploder water on one and tap water in the other. Another thing that I do not know how to document but thought it is definitely worth mentioning is that after drinking the imploder Water the first night, I felt like I had much more energy and I woke up much earlier than normal because I had so much energy.

And - as so many people have subjectively reported- with the IMPLODER- that the chlorine smell in the shower is virtually gone.. Note - normally the SuperImploder and Triploder- were designed to be fed just with normal home water pressure- making an external pump like this un-necessary. Finally got a chance to hook my super imploder, fractal, phase conjugate, imploding, water structuring device up!
Out of the tope of the plastic adapter we have another piece of copper pipe running into another 22mm compression in line service valve. Periodically you may like to open the 15mm drain cock at the bottom to drain the pipe work or inspect it to see if you getting sedimentation collecting at the lowest point of the pipe work.
But on the energy of the wind, by producing stable vortices that can produce lift from the centrifugal acceleration of air. Creating power thru the use of vacuum instead of the use of standard combustion technology. One method is to expel heated air from a plenum chamber that has the ability to compress it for a propulsive effect. Thermal differences generated by the atmosphere by the sun might provide the energy to establish pyromagnetic oscillations in large plates. When an electromagnet with a hollow iron core is activated, it attracts a thin steel plate diaphragm to compress air forcing it into ducts for rapid expulsion.
Therefore, if a pyromagnetic compressor is allowed to spin by exhaust vectoring it will itself be a natural dynamo, as it jets air at an angle out of the rim exhaust holes.
The generator output from the intake turbine directly couples to the primary coil producing the magnetic field for the core of the magnetic tube. Swirl in the incoming flow is achieved via an open vortex chamber, and the resulting low pressure rarefaction is intensified by an airfoil-shaped diffuser, which ensures an attached flow without separation.
In our vortex thruster, a large net force is generated primarily by the tangential velocity component, but only a relatively small axial flow rate, and hence, relatively small power is required.
This high pressure air as it passes thru the throat encounters a specially designed turbine blade that will spin the Repulsion plates to a high RPM. The tangential entry of fluid into a typical cylindrical vortex chamber, via the guiding vanes around the periphery, causes swirling motion of the fluid (mixture). In the vortex thruster, a large net force is generated primarily by the tangential velocity component, but only a relatively small axial flow rate, and hence, relatively small power is required. Fuel requirement is non oil related and gets its power from electricity generated by differentiated air temperatures.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The SuperImploder-with added ideal Implosive Nozzle- remains the most powerful magnetic water treatment device available- plus our own specific evidence of benefit to growth is additionally the worlds most extensive proof of effect.
Although several hugely famous authors have already presented their books on fractality in time- by comparison a€“ this book shows they were functionally clueless about the physics. Fractal mathematics teaches the mathematics of infinite compression but until Winter- no one knew what a fractal FIELD was. He claims that ALL concepts of 'sacred space' (bioactive fields- the SHEM), collective unconscious, communion of saints, and living plasma surviving death (NDE)- are specifically explained and can be created and optimized intelligently with the teachable science of ubiquitous phase conjugate dielectrics, optics, magnetics etc (Elizabeth Rauscher has acknowledged Winter for inventing phase conjugate magnetics). I agree that Dan Winter has discovered the generalized wave geometric cause of gravity, life force, and biologic negentropy? I have no other answer as to how Earth and it's Schumann harmonics creates the self organization evidenced in the GAIA HYPOTHESIS? I agree that golden ratio phase conjugation is the only wave geometry which defines a 'fractal field'?
The piezoelectric quality of the water with minerals in it similar to the reason schauberger saw coldness increase in the vortex. I forgot to remove the sprouts for several days and stumbled on them still in the cupboard. This ensures that excess stress is not applied between the Imploder Vortex Nozzle and the Magnetic Array.
In addition to the uniquely placed and polarized extreme magnetics- in the SuperImploder- we add an IMPLOSION NOZZLE.
To prove the new design - in HYDROPONIC environment- just as the plants approached - fruiting phase- (same plant type, soil, environment and water amounts)- one comparison set of pepper plants were given Superimploder water to compare. The first thing noticed was that the imploder water absorbed the soil in about 1-2 minutes, leaving the soil looking moist & fluffy and the tap water absorbed the soil after about 30 minutes. Slightly greener but still has some brown coloring , new red patch on stock, growth of two new stocks sprouting On the base. Don't let the bucket run dry :-) turn off the pump just before and shut both valves and open the other two that were closed. Dope your water with minerals and ormus for best results, but only add the ormus after imploding it so as not to expose it to the magnetic field of the pump! The oscillating plates might then be used to compress and or direct air to propel large lightweight aircraft to the upper limits of our atmosphere. The rapid compression heats the air which in turns heats the plate and the end of the electromagnetic core, causing them to demagnetize. If the magnetic tube’s core and backflow valve are closed, the intake turbine will slow down. The flow enters the swirler, acquires angular momentum and exits over the diffuser, where it reverses direction (by the Coanda effect) and is ejected into the ambient fluid. Hot Air is funneled into the housing from the pyromagnetic compressor and rotated to the outside diameter of the inside of the housing thus creating a high pressure area inside the housing. In the core region of the flow away from the walls, the radial pressure gradient balances the centrifugal force; this is the so-called cyclostrophic balance.
The complex flow pattern in this region depends on the operating conditions (such as Reynolds number and Rossby number) and the chamber end-wall profile, and it considerably influences the flow in the rest of the chamber. Preliminary experiments using a simple device to model a thruster have verified that thrust is in fact generated in the same direction as the exit flow.
ProfileKFL-CD Series Electromagnetic Vortex Flowmeter is the new generation of flowmeter usingelectromagnetic digital signal as inspection measure. Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1.
Winter quotes many scientists who have already speculated that fractality is the cause of gravity- BUT Winter is the first to very specifically define the frequency, geometry, and wave mechanic optimization of that gravity causing fractality. Originally- just Dan's theory a€“ that golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of planck length and time a€“ the universal key signature of the vacuum- would optimize negentropy.
He insists spiritual traditions are ONLY completed with a new and powerful fractal geometry wave physics- eliminating the need for disempowering miracle worship, personality worship..
Gonna try cycling water through one continuously and see what I can do with the field - great fun!
The vortex in this fortron super-plastic nozzle is precisely designed directly from Dan Winter's new equation which for the first time predicted the radii of hydrogen only by multiplying planck length times golden ratio exponents.
I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to the discount on the Super Imploder and give you an update on my findings so far. Even after 40 minutes the tap water Was not completely absorbed and made the soil into a sloshy mud.
The imploded water also does not bead up on the skin like tap water and appears to be absorbed more efficiently by the skin.
I would be very interested in getting involved with selling your imploder as there are large potential markets for it plus I think selling the Imploder would earn me some good karma points :) Do you have anything in the pipeline (sorry I couldn't resist the pun) for agriculture or other markets?
If you feel it is necessary, repeat the process with your drinking water bucket, and the pipe work that was previously shut off.

Store your implode water in glass, clay, lead free ceramic, and if you have to, food grade plastic.
The compressor plate is then released and forced away from the core by a strong counter-spring. This will lower the magnetic field current and further allow the compression plate to spring away. Such a flow is like an artificial tornado, creating a strong rarefaction (low pressure) zone on the upward-facing, internal top surface of the vortex chamber.
A resulting tornadic flow of air starts to pressurize the housing and the outflow will also spin the exhaust turbine at the front of the housing, resulting also in a backflow of torque to the repulsion plates and input turbine. Near the end walls, the centrifugal acceleration is very small due to the boundary layer effect, but the radial pressure gradient is essentially the same as in the core region.
A clear understanding of this region based on rigorous hydrodynamic analysis is essential for optimal design of these machines, particularly the vortex engine and vortex thruster.
Einstein argued that gravity was infinite charge compression- but never learned what a fractal was.
Not only is this the Implosion geometry for net energy gain during collapse- which is the reason hydrogen exists (all golden ratio based)- it perfectly predicts in vortex angle for perfect implosion in water. The roots photos are really great showing the difference between Imploded and non-imploded.
Slide the bucket base out and lower your bucket to remove the lid, then replce the bucket but only with the suction line in it Note: this is the advantage of using the plastic T-piece, the pipe will still swivel while connected to it. As the plate moves away expanding the chamber, the air is again sucked into the air intake plenum throat of the magnet re-establishing airflow. The turbine will then experience maximum induced flow and re-magnetize the primary magnetic core.
Since there is higher ambient pressure on the external bottom surface of the chamber, a lift force is generated by this pressure difference. As the temperature differential starts to occur inside the housing and the repulsion waveplates reach subsonic speed, then the resulting effect ignites the repulsion effect as previously discussed in other material. Thus, the lack of cyclostrophic balance causes the pressure gradient to generate a secondary flow towards the axis along the end walls, balanced by the frictional force.
He was famous for proving that hydrogen radii are exact golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of Planck. Winter now presents overwhelming evidence that golden ratio phase conjugation IS fractality incarnate in all wave mechanics. This means that you are generating a CENTRIPETAL electric field (related to phase conjugate dielectric).
Thus it is very important that the core magnet be slaved to its input or output and not to a lab power supply. Additional rarefaction is created by the flow over the upper surface of the diffuser by its airfoil shape. This leads to an end-wall boundary layer with a substantial inflow radial speed vr , the maximum of vr (and of axial and azimuthal velocities) occurring inside the boundary layer.
Operating PrincipleThe flowmeter is designed based on the electromagnetic induction theory and Karman vortextheory. IF Winter is right with his exact frequency signatures for fractality in space and time- he clearly presents how to repair all wave systems to emerge from chaos- fixing environments for peak perception, amplifying the Schumann phase conjugate pump wave so Gaia climate emerges from chaos- are just the beginning. The flavor of the tea comes through the water and you can even taste the individual favors if each type of leaf but the coffee is what really blew me away.
Search e bay for the small food grade plastic pump - you would leave that over night to a 25L bucket of water; whereas the above pump would implode the water 30 times in 15 minutes. The cycles achieve an endless magnetization and de-magnetization that happens up to 8 times a second.
Operating parameters for the vortex chamber must be determined to avoid separation over the diffuser.
This inflow of the rotating fluid along the end wall prevents the typically desirable prolonged retention of small particles within the chamber, because they are carried away by the fluid flow along the axis. The size of this engine should generate (16” Dia) should generate 1400 lbs of thrust and weigh in at a mere 60 lbs. When a column object placed in flowing fluids in pipe, a series of vortices will be generated alternately on each side of the object as show as below, this eddies be known as Karman Vortices Street, the frequency of the vortex shedding is related to the velocity of the fluid and the width of the object . Such attached flow over the diffuser is possible since the Coanda effect is much stronger in the presence of swirl and is also stronger in turbulent flows. At practical operating speeds, the flow in the near-axis region is extremely complex, involving very high turbulence and sound-producing axial oscillations.
Synchronicity is nothing more than the charge coupling produced by conjugate embedding a€“ in the (fractal) charge rotation intervals- called time.
This external heating and cooling occurs naturally in synchronization with the compression and expansion cycle. A detailed study of the flow patterns in this and other regions of the vortex chamber for various operating parameters is necessary in order to develop more efficient designs. How to emerge from chaos- starts with knowing why objects fall to the ground- now for the first time both questions are answered- in pure fractal highly accurate wave mechanics: HOW negentropy originates! I could have used a 1 inch male to 22mm female adaptor - that would have been easier, but I was learning as I progressed.
The compressor plate and core magnet tip heat most during the concave phase, and cool most during the convex phase. This allows are two thermal components, rising and falling air to power our pyromagnetic aircraft engine directly. The super imploder is not recommended for filling pools and spas or ponds because of the ease of algae growth. Don't grab the plastic on the imploder and nozzle hard - you will damage it or even break it. This is to be expected because your products are intended for plant growth and sustaining life. It definitely overcame the chemicals I put in to keep the water clear which is exciting because it seems the proper use of this product will overcome a polluted environment!
My plants here at home aren't included but have had a big surge again since getting Imploded water again. We then have two 45 degree bends up toward the bucket; as a purist I tried to avoid any right angle bends as this effects the structure of the water - but when being continuously imploded the imploder negates this to a huge extent. Out of the side of the plastic t-piece we have 22mm copper pipe joining to 22mm compression in line service valve that turns off with a large screw driver - one with handles is better but is not tamper proof.
Another small piece of 22mm copper pipe out of the other side; then into a 22mm compression to 15mm male threaded reducer - which you can screw your hose pipe adapter to. Pour water down the T-piece on the bucket outlet or suction line (the pipe running horizontally out of the pump) untill it is full. Shut the priming nut on the pump, then the valve on the hose pipe branch of the suction-side pipe.
Water can not flow out of the sides of the plastic T-pieces now and you are ready to turn the pump on. Remember the pipes still have a little air in them, so looking into the bucket when you turn the pump on, you may not see water coming into the bucket for the first few seconds, but my pump sucks the initial water through it and then some air behind (if you think about it), then the water comes squirting out and the cycle has begun.

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