The burgers have been a huge hit for that company, and one reason Burger King followed with its own Angus burger.
Andrew Pudzer, president and chief executive officer of CKE, fired a shot across the cow bow. It may takes months for McDonald's to roll this out nationally, but expect the company to expand in areas where others have already succeeded. McDonald’s has been on a roll, with its stock up more than 60 percent since mid-2005 and same-store sales growing at up to 20 percent.
Enjoy world class dining, shopping and elegance in an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement.
The new sandwich, being test-marketed, contains between 720 calories to 860 calories, depending on the version.

There are three different versions at $3.99 each — the Angus Deluxe, Angus Mushroom & Swiss and Angus Bacon & Cheese.
These burgers — we talked to all three companies — have slimmer margins but higher profit per burger.
Or it could cannibalize quarter-pounder sales at McDonald’s, and that is something the company will be watching. Wedbush Morgan says burgers still account for 50 percent of the $123 billion fast food industry. Grand Venice will be a whole new meaning with an irresistible offer no other leisure destination can match.A SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZAThe fun of shopping! As you glide through the moonlit canals of Grand Venice Shopping Mall, your Gondolier gently serenades you with romantic Indian and Western classic songs and music.

This instrumental collection of favorite Indian and Western love songs will take you there through the strings of the mandolin, the chords of the accordion, and the sweeping notes of the violin. Romance yourself around the world with this elegant shopping mall. LOCATIONThe location of Venice is the most prime place in Greater Noida. Grand Venice is based on the concept of Venice, similar to the lines of Venetian Hotels in Macau and Vegas, with authentic Gondola rides and cobblerstone walkways. There are many highlights of the project like a live Aquarium, Furniture city, Business Suites, Presidential Suites and is poised to be the first mega tourist destination.

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