Back in 2008, I wanted to make a birdcage veil but had trouble finding a tutorial online with clear instructions. Note: Instructions have be translated into Swedish by Lina and posted at Brollopsinspiration. So one of the reasons that the netting looks so cool is because it has two finished edges on it. My crude drawing (not to scale) shows the overall cut shape of the veiling and the red wavy line represents where I weaved the thread in and out of each diamond hole (click to enlarge).
If you're satisfied with the look of it, stitch the other finished corner from the bottom of the veil (the side that touches your face) to the corner of the clip. Make a few stitches through the gathers onto the length of the hair comb for extra reinforcement. Jessica, the feather fascinator is separate from the veil and I embellished it from a feather clip I found at Hobby Lobby. When I followed this tutorial, I got a very poofy veil that made more of a box shaped shield around my head instead of laying like a beautiful veil.

Rae TreesI printed the design on quality photo paper and attached the base to a white card. They are great for Children's Crafts, they are soo easy to make and they'd love making them too! There are lots of my Cracker Boxes to choose from and filled treats they would make a great sellers at Xmas craft fairs etc. I have a quick question: How dod you affix the feather detail, and where did you find the feather part? Thank you so much for this because I'm seeing so many veils but none drop just the way I like.
That hanging bare bulb in my office closet isn’t just a safety hazard or code violation… it’s trendy chic!
We’ve been searching for the perfect pendant lights like this to hang over our nightstands.
I'm updating a Victorian just outside of Chicago in Oak Park, IL, transforming the so-so, and keeping busy all around.

7199326 VAT Number 123 9089 12Crafty Bob is a registered trademark with the Patent Office UK, Reg.No. I cut the corners off at first, and finally, ended up cutting more length off the non-finished edge to get the look I wanted (which ended up being about 25 inches across the finished edge, laid flat). I showed my mom and she thought my finished work is spectacular so I showed her your website! Simply cut the base image out and build the elements into layers using 3D glue or foam pads and the sentiment on this sheet is a must for any best friend.
This will make a very pretty vintage look or shabby chic, card topper, add a ribbon bow to finish it off and any friend will be impressed.The Designer accepts total responsibility for this product, its use and any copyright issues that arise.
Like you I had to tweak the measurements and redo the sewing about three times, but I finally got it where I like it!

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