We used to have a larger 2x3 level upstairs but our humans took it away after Poof's surgery so she wouldn't harm herself while running up and down the ramp.
We make no claim that item will hold out wild dogs or fox's or any aggressive animal or person. We recommend treating the wood once you receive item and then once a year to sustain the finish. There may be some 1 or 2 cm difference only due to manufacturing  as stated in advert. We are constantly improving our products to make them the Biggest and Best you can buy Anywhere. Please be aware that if our courier arrives at your address and there is nobody to assist with unloading. Your goods will be returned to our warehouse at your cost and you will be required to pay the same shipping rates again for re-delivery.

YOU being the Reciever of the item are the ONLY one allowed to arrange delivery conditions. Please Note: This item is longer then 104cm which excess the Australia Post Limit, and therefore it must be sent by Courier.
Whilst we take every care with packaging, we're unable to take responsibility for loss or damage in transit. This item has been treated with a water based wood preservative which gives it a wood tone color. We believe the information on this page to be accurate; such information is subject to change without notice. The RIGHT kind of cage for your pig!The size of a guinea pig’s cage is very important! At the moment they reside in a 2x4 C&C grid living area while the rest of us guinea pigs (Belka, Truffle, Peaches and Poof) share a 3x5 grid area with a 2x1 second floor loft.

I can guarantee that the manufactured quality of the product will not disappoint you.If Refund is granted buyer must pay for return delivery costs. In the meantime, our humans have been thinking of ways to expand our cage and add lofts to both quarters.
No warranty or representation (express or implied) concerning the accuracy of the information provided is given and customers should satisfy themselves that any product choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use.

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