Last weeks post Dog Food Ingredients  we talked about the difference between Chicken and Chicken Meal. Dogs are omnivores, which means they can survive on a plant-based or animal based diet, provided it is a balanced diet. For your dog to thrive not just survive, a meat based diet (protein), it’s what’s for dinner. Just like humans, our bodies produce much of what we need,  but there are some things we need to consume though diet to stay healthy.
Dogs’ bodies are similar in this way, their bodies do produce amino acids that they need, but there are some that they need to get through the consumption of protein.
Vegetable proteins do have some of the amino acids, but animal protein has a better mix of the necessary amino acids for your dog’s diet. Whole-food ingredients like fruits and vegetables and grains or carbohydrate sources like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and chickpeas. Stay away from generic “animal fat”, if it doesn’t tell you exactly what animal – stay away.
Yes, I could certainly name dog foods that are better than others, but I’d rather not get sued. My goal is to help new dog owners, and those who have had dogs for a while, understand that training is easy by showing you tips, tricks and secrets to make training your 4 legged family member fun.
I have 1 dogs and 3 cats, oh yes a husband too :-) Training can be easy (the dogs not the husband) and I will show you how. Not everyone can afford a personal dog trainer, so my intention is to provide you with the necessary information and tools to train your puppy or dog using positive training methods.
I also will provide you with interesting articles that are related to dog breeds, your dogs dietary needs and so much more. I will help you explore different dog breeds to help you find the one right for you and your family.

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Every Valentine’s Day, in classrooms across the land, children collect happy little greeting cards with their favorite singer or cartoon character from their fellow classmates. Choose pages from old wallpaper books with attractive patterns, such as gingham, stripes, or solid colors. Dottie, a former school teacher, used this adorable little fellow to show her class how to make their own Valentine box. Kathryn and her mom, Kriston, used their imaginations and a coffee can to create this fun mailbox!
Using the 3D fabric paint pens, outline each heart and write child’s name on one of the hearts. My daughter, who is in second grade this year, made your Lion Valentine Box for her class competition. Amanda Formaro (345 Posts)Amanda Formaro is a freelance writer, editor, craft designer, and recipe developer. Parents are always looking for ways to sneak some vegetables into their child’s diet. The theme of this year's Red Nose Day is 'Make Your Face Funny For Money'.So if you're after some ideas for how to do just that, may we suggest following the lead of our four-legged friends here? Both of these dog food ingredients give your dog  the necessary protein to provide the amino acids needed for their health.
Using a ruler as a guide, cut a hole large enough that little ones can get their hand inside to scoop out all of their Valentine cards.
Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page ! This all must be taken into consideration when choosing the right diet for your four-legged family member.

Our readers have shared their childrens’ creations, perhaps you’ll get some ideas from them!
As a FT working mother, she still finds time to create crafts, play around in the kitchen, plan parties and exercise.
Apply modge podge to the back of each strip and put them onto the shoe box to create a striped pattern. Valentine mailboxes can be made from many different items such as shoe, cereal, tissue, and laundry powder boxes. When glue is dry, use a sharp pair of scissors or a matte knife to cut a large slit in the top of the lid large enough for the Valentine cards.
When box is completely covered and dry, use large white letter stickers to put on your child’s name. Use construction paper, foil, wrapping paper, material, magazine pictures, doilies, or paint.
Cut small hearts from colored construction paper that matches the color of the heart shaped doily. Some are members of the FamilyCorner Crafts discussion list , and love to share their crafting ideas.
Fringe the end and glue the unfringed end to the back of the box, reinforce with tape if necessary.
Using markers, decorate sides of box with child’s name and anything else they would like.

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