The Department of Revenue and Rehabilitation is headed by the Financial Commissioner Revenue, who is also the Secretary to Govt. January 26th 2001 Gujarat will forever remember this day of natures ire.
Earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on Richter scale affected much of Gujarat and showed much of its ire in Kutch, little did people realize how they are going to rebuild all that they have built through hundreds of years. The pre-disaster mitigation project is needed to gain a better understanding of the risks posed to K-12 facilities by natural hazards in Washington State.
OSPI was awarded a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning Grant in March 2012 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. With the grant, OSPI will develop a Washington State K-12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan. Watch TVW's The Impact interview with Robert Dengel regarding OSPI's Hazard Mitigation Plan, and the tsunami evacuation shelter being built at Ocosta Elementary School.
Queensland's whole-of-government disaster management arrangements are based upon partnerships between government, government-owned corporations, non-government organisations (NGOs), commerce and industry sectors and the local community. State government threat-specific agencies responsible for the management and coordination of combating threats. The Redlands Planning Scheme is currently being reviewed and will be known as the City Plan 2015. It makes provision for the establishment of Disaster Management Groups for State, disaster districts and local government areas. On this day the earth heaved andleft in its wake grieving families, fallen buildings and broken dreams.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the risks from natural hazards to K-12 facilities, OSPI will be able to develop a pre-disaster mitigation plan that identifies a path forward to help better protect Washington State’s children, schools and communities. The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program provides funds to states, territories, Indian tribes, communities, and universities for hazard mitigation planning and the implementation of mitigation projects prior to a disaster event. These arrangements recognise each level of the disaster management arrangements working collaboratively to ensure the effective coordination of planning, services, information and resources necessary for comprehensive disaster management.The Australian disaster management arrangements are formed around three levels of government, Local, State and the Australian Government. The Act also provides the legislative basis for the preparation of disaster management plans and guidelines, including the State Disaster Management Plan, which records agreed management arrangements for coordination of disaster prevention, preparedness, and response and recovery operations. For carrying on the work of department of Revenue and Rehabilitation, the State of Punjab has been divided into four divisions namely; Jalandhar, Patiala, Ferozepur and Faridkot and each division is headed by the Commissioner. Towns & villages which a day before were full of life had been reduced to pile of rubble. Funding of these plans and projects reduces overall risks to the populations and structures served, while also reducing reliance on funding from actual disaster declarations. The Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements acknowledge these three levels of government, however are based on a four tiered system to include an additional State government tier, between Local and State Governments and known as Disaster Districts, to enable a more efficient and effective operational service delivery in support of local communities.The disaster management arrangements in Queensland are made up of several key management and coordination structures through which the functions of disaster management for Queensland are achieved.
Divisions are divided into Districts, which are headed by the Deputy Commissioners, who also exercises the powers of Collector and Registrar under Indian Registration and Stamp Acts. One of the worst affected areas was Kutch where towns of Anjar and Bachao were completely wiped out.
In Bhuj 90% of buildings were affected and almost all the villages in the regions were reduced to a pile of stones, rocks and rubble.
Sub Divisions are headed by the Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsils are headed by Tehsildars and Sub-Tehsils are headed by Naib Tehsildars.

This resource is the first of its kind, both in explaining the arrangements and the advanced interactive technology Further detail on the Queensland approach to disaster management has also been further outlined below. With whole families having vanished there is nobody to tell who is missing. Now people in these towns are realizing that they are missing some of the people that they used to see in there neighbourhood before the quake.
The key elements of a plan includes: Preliminaries Introduction Risk Assessment Prevention Measures Preparedness Measures Response Measures Recovery Measures Disaster plans are usually structured to provide and all hazards approach within the prevention, preparedness, response, recovery (PPRR) philosophy, but may also have sub-plans that address specific hazards or event types that may confront the community. Successful planning and management requires a collaborative and coordinated approach by all agencies involved. Community safety awareness programs) Response Taking measures to support your emergency services during and immediately after an event (to ensure effects are minimised). It prescribes particular roles and responsibilities of the agency before, during and after emergencies and disasters.
The National Emergency Management Committee subsequently developed the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience which was adopted by COAG on 13 February 2011.

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