This study was designed to determine which of two facemask grip techniques for two-person facemask ventilation was more effective in novice clinicians: the traditional “CE” grip or a thenar eminence (TE) technique. In emergency medicine and prehospital care, we spend a lot of time learning, practicing and debating the value of endotracheal intubation and less time and effort on the far more essential skill (from the perspective of the patient) of ventilation.
The most important part of the procedure is the proper position of the mandible and creating an air seal between the mask and face. Angelo Salvucci, Jr., MD, FACEP, is medical director for the Santa Barbara County and Ventura County (CA) EMS agencies and a member of the EMS World editorial advisory board. Endotracheal intubation, bag valve masks (BVM) ventilation, laryngeal masks, and combination tubes etc can all be used. The fork of the trachea, - and both right and left lungs are structured, so that one-sided lung intubation can be checked by the swelling of the chest. With the valve on the esophagus, it is possible to determine whether the stomach is filled with air due to excessive pressure. Both sides of the arm have a piece of hook and loop fasteners to which a fluid therapy tube can be attached.

Covers all irregular pulses and ECG waveforms, which are based on the AHA ACLS Provider Course. A common carotid artery, which synchronizes with the ECG waveforms, is palpable, and common carotid artery can be stopped separately.
ECG waveforms are convertible with actual defibrillation and transcutaneous pacing.-Setup of the threshold value of transcutaneous pacing can also be performed. ECG waveforms of chest compression can be incorporated in to ECG waveforms when there is more than 4 cm of pressure depth of chest compression. A standby ECG waveforms that is convenient for courses, such as ACLS, has been configured, and a function automatically performed by defibrillation etc. This consists of software and peripherals that allow the electrocardiograms that are produced by the SaveMan Advance to be displayed on a PC monitor. Bag-mask ventilation is introduced in our first healthcare provider CPR class, quickly reviewed in EMT instruction, and in paramedic school is the brief procedure just before ETI.
The sound of respiration can also be checked at the lungs and directly on the collarbone and axilla by using a stethoscope.

Rarely emphasized, briefly taught and never really tested (when was the last time you measured the inspiratory time, rate and tidal volume of your BVM ventilation?), bag-mask ventilation is an underappreciated and underemphasized skill. First, it is easier to correctly position the mandible and mask using four fingers in a stronger mechanical position. EMS systems should consider evaluating their ventilation training and performance, and consider adopting the TE technique as part of bag-mask ventilation. The authors concluded that the TE grip results in improved ventilation over the CE grip in the hands of novice providers.

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