LINCOLN MIG PULSE POWER WAVE C300 - Pulse MIG, Pulse-On-Pulse, MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, Lift TIG DC. The weld is stronger than the weakest base material : during material testing the crack appears outside the weld area. It is an ecological welding process, since no heat, radiation, gas or welding fumes are produced. Nowadays, due to the increasing international competition, companies need faster and more economic production techniques and are forced to decrease the production costs to remain competitive. Very little objective knowledge is available concerning the technical feasibility of the use of these processes for relevant industrial applications, nor concerning the possible increase of productivity or the weld quality, and therefore concerning the economic advantages that the use of these innovative processes can lead to. The research centre of Belgian Welding Institute has investigated this welding technique and has demonstrated the potential advantages for the industry.
These processes allow to join a wide variety of materials in a fast, error-free and therefore more cost-effective manner. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The working principle of the welding process is based on the use of electromagnetic forces to deform and to weld workpieces. Therefore no heat affected zone is created, and no loss of material properties takes place.
The largest impact can be expected of a productivity increase by using new innovative production techniques.
By participation in this research project, companies got an insight in the possibilities of these new processes.
As standard a variety materials are supported; Steel, Stainless, Aluminium but also High Nickel and CuSi.
Since this sophisticated welding process doesn't use heat to realise the weld, it offers important advantages with regard to the conventional welding techniques!
A large amount of energy is compressed and discharged in an extremely short period of time. This also means that the welded workpieces can be unclamped immediately after welding and can be further processed immediately.

Also other dissimilar and similar metals that have been welded successfully (see table below). Both currents (in the coil and in the external workpiece) induce magnetic fields, which oppose each other.
The reaction forces between the opposing magnetic fields are forcing the external part towards the internal part at high velocity to cause welding. Remote on the gun by use of a cross switch allows you to switch to another job of decrease or increase WFS during welding.

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