This web documents every single item in the game, showing you where it comes from, how it can be made or what creature will drop it. It's also way too big to post here, in all its glory, so instead I'll have to link you to the full thing. Of course, this is accurate for the latest version of Minecraft, but we all know version 1.5 is on its way and there may be more updates to come. The wait for Dark Souls 3 is almost over and you can just about taste the ashen feeling of failure and dejection. If you're looking to build or mine something on the ocean floor, there are a number of ways to grab a gulp of fresh air and stay alive.

Video games have a way of becoming an obsession, so take this quiz to see if you're addicted! You might notice that there's quite a few different strands for some of the materials, something that I guess is a compromise to prevent crowding or overcomplexity.
It would be well worth keeping an eye on the Production Web's tumblr to see when it's updated.
The least glitchy method is to build a small dirt structure underwater and then carve out a section from underneath. Iron ore, for example, appears in several different places and originates quite a few chains of construction.

The water will not flow upwards, so it creates a small air pocket for your character to breathe.

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