The kind of collage I want to do is inspired by the two artists I mention above, but I want to show more contemporary elements in the composition.
In order to use modern objects I’d have to either pay for stock photography (no money for that though), or use pictures from FlickR.
If a piece of one of your pictures ends up in any artistic work, you should be happy about it. The reason why I stayed with Creative Commons so far is because I could find the material I needed (particularly, music for my videos). When disasters happen, people turn to local churches as centers for response and assistance. Ministry of Food and Disaster Management BangladeshMinistry of Food and Disaster Management is a government organization located at Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Collage artists are mostly using very old, usually copyright-free photographs, and this creates a fashionable, surrealistic world of nostalgia.
Unfortunately, Creative Commons-licensed pictures are not that high in numbers in order to create the best collage possible, so I might have to use copyrighted images too. What I have is a dislike for the current copyright law, which is overly restrictive and often vague.

Are you willing to incorporate the digitized works of the likes of Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White or Gordon Parks into you collages?
When floods or tornadoes devastate an area, or when shootings and violence shock a community, knowing what to do can be the difference between calm and chaos, courage and fear, life and death.
If a natural disaster or human tragedy strikes your community, your church can minister to the hurting. The main working areas of the Ministry of Food and Disaster management Bangladesh include Structural safety, Education and School Safety, Disaster Risk Management, Governance, Vulnerable populations, Critical Infrastructure, Urban Risk and Planning, Capacity Development, Media, Early Warning, Community based-DRR and Health and Health Facilities.
Funny thing is, for most of my life I hated collages, I found them to be some kind of art-cheating.
But in my opinion, the default action on my part is to remix whatever I deem worthy of remixing.
I don’t understand why a coal miner is paid for a particular batch of coal he pushed out, while a songwriter or a poet gets paid for the same batch of stuff again and again and again pretty much forever. Jamie Aten and David Boan, codirectors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provide a practical guide for disaster preparedness.
But after seeing the works of Julien Pacaud and Jeffrey Meyer, I’m convinced that collage art is one of the coolest, versatile mediums out there.

My works will be generally licensed under the CC-BY-SA-NC license (unless all elements are coming from CC-BY images, in which case my work will be CC-BY too), and at least for the collages using copyrighted elements, I won’t use commercially.
But random snapped pictures don’t have the same value as an artwork in my mind, and I always try to play nice with Fair Use. Disaster ministry is a critically important work of the church, preparing for the unthinkable, providing relief to survivors, caring for the vulnerable and helping communities recover.
Sure, the actual element used in an artistic work doesn’t have to be a factual representation of the object, but by only using old objects, a constrain arises in the spectrum of influence and interpretation. Filled with resources for emergency planning and crisis management, this book provides best practices for local congregations.
By taking action in advance, your church can help prevent harm and save lives during a disaster.

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