Time chose a passage in which a woman is skinned alive, Spy a scene in which the narrator removes a victim’s head and sodomizes it.
Bateman spends his days dining at trendy restaurants, wearing expensive designer clothes, and maintaining shallow friendships with fellow yuppies. Going into the experience expecting a slasher and getting yuppies arguing over business card materials can be a little… underwhelming. From the way he delivers each monologue with deadpan soulless expression down to the execution of every snooty mannerism Bateman has to offer, Bale’s performance is pretty much flawless. Unbeknownst to his friends and family Bateman’s nights are filled with prostitutes, rape, torture and last but not least murder! For one, the story is confusing, even diehard fans will agree, and if you go into the experience not realizing that it’s supposed to be funny you’ll REALLY be confused.
It took a few viewings before it really sank in what the film was actually all about but once the satire of it all sunk in I loved it.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Bale’s performance is so vital to the movie but he goes above and beyond the requirement for the role. Patrick manages to keep both sides of his life separate until an investigator (Willem Dafoe) begins asking questions about a missing co-worker (that just so happened to be hacked to death by Bateman himself).

Once you begin to understand the film, its drastic juxtaposition between the absurdly dark and abusrdly light makes for a uniquely satisfying viewing experience.
What follows is a game of cat and mouse at Bateman’s life begins to unravel before his eyes. Baxter, and Shirley MacLaine puts every subsequent manic-pixie-dream-girl that followed her to shame as quick-witted elevator operator Fran Kubelik. Upon meeting Lecter, Starling notices that he is strangely pleasant and well-mannered, almost to an extent that would be considered charming. The film is sweet, intelligent, and perfectly casted (Fred MacMurray is incomparable as Lemmon’s boss). But this awkward charm is accompanied with occasional random attacks on Starling’s appearence and emotional flaws.
As she leaves, a mentally ill patient down the block flings semen at her.I think, the main and only difference between American Psycho and The Silence of The Lambs is in the point of view. The film follows Allan Felix (Allen), a neurotic (surprise), hopelessly unattractive (surprise, surprise), recently divorced film critic on his hopeless quest to find a new mate.
American Psycho is what Silence would have been like if it had been told from the Buffalo Bill character’s point of view.

He’s aided by married friends Diane Keaton (wonderful) and Tony Roberts, and his idol and imaginary mentor, Humphrey Bogart (played by Jerry Lacy). Silence is acceptable because it is told from the female protagonist’s point of view. But strong female characters exist in American Psycho, they’re just seen through the sick mind of Patrick Bateman.
Embracing the same nuttiness Jack Nicholson embraced in The Shining, Bale holds nothing back (remember the bicep flex mid-coitus!?), keeping our nerves on high alert throughout the film’s duration. An uber-smart satire that looks great, still feels fresh, and harbors the coolest chainsaw death scene EVER (I’ll defend that with my fists, if I have to), American Psycho should perk your ho-hum weekend right up! Swanberg has the rare gift of being able to make the most ordinary moments and smallest conversations more interesting than most other movies’ climaxes.
He’s as grounded to earth as filmmakers get, and this is arguably his best picture (Dustin loved it).

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