Naughty Dog bosses Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra are teaming up with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi for the film, and The Last of Us directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Staley will be involved as well. Hardened survivor Joel teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a radically transformed world some 20 years after an infectious pandemic ravages humanity. Every carefully crafted design element of the XD-S™ is engineered to deliver an unmatched shooting experience that’s as simple and intuitive as using your own hand. At only 1” wide, the XD-S™ fits as perfectly into your concealed-carry strategy as it does in the palm of your hand. The comfortable design of the all new XD-S™ feels so natural, it’s like an extension of your own body.
Prepare to be impressed with the single-position Picatinny rail that puts lights and lasers within easy reach. A game-changer in the marketplace, the XD-S™ offers all of the quality and safety features you expect from the XD® line. American Tactical Imports provides a variety of German-built .22s designed to mirror the features of full-caliber guns. If an AR-15 style tactical .22 rifle and a lever-action cowboy carbine had a love child, it would look just like the latest 464 SPX rifle from Mossberg. With a gold-anodized aluminum finish, this futuristic-looking trail gun almost looks like something out of Star Wars. Umarex USA will be importing .22LR semi-automatic pistols and rifles based on the famous UZI submachine gun.
The ZT Felon is our homage to the badassery of big Jim Bowie and the American knifemaking tradition. Avalanche Cobra System Mini Crossbow, United Cutlery SOA Nightstalkers Bowie Knife, and United Cutlery M48 Kommando Tactical Axe. The Avalanche® Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 FPS! One of Voodoo Tactical’s most popular designs, compact enough to take everywhere, expandable to carry the goods, this pack will do it all. Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down, the lanterns and candles are lit. Digital Domain and Pixomondo tell us about working on Joe Kosinski's follow-up to Tron: Legacy. Oblivion also has its own bright design aesthetic created by director Joe Kosinski -- who studied engineering -- inspired by sci-fi illustrators Chris Foss and Peter Elson. Kosinski additionally relied less on CG (800) and did something rather unique in shooting the Sky Tower sequence totally in camera in real-time (which posed a reflective light problem with all the glass). Meanwhile, DD's Eric Barba (who's collaborated with Kosinski since his commercial days) worked as an integral part of the production team from the earliest concept to principal photography, to the creation of CG imagery and final integration. For the Tet, which is 30 miles long, a small practical stage was built to shoot plates, but everything else was digital.
A practical drone was built and DD used the CAD files to create CG versions; modeling, texturing, lighting and animating them. The hydro rigs are giant mechanical structures that remove vital components from the world's oceans, are fully CG. While following a drone beacon into a hole in the Earth's surface Cruise nearly falls into a deep chasm that drops into the remains of the New York Public Library, where Scavs are living. Cruise finds the site of the crash of his former ship -- along with human pods, and discovers someone important from his past. In the movie, Will Smith and his real son Jaden are the leads in After Earth, where they play father (Cypher) and son (Kitai Raige). I am not sure of all the artists that created these but I think they are absolutely stunning artwork and want to share it with you all.
And with it, you get the power of a .45 with superior control and comfort without sacrificing important safety features.
The unique combination of an ultra-slim profile paired with enhanced performance point-and-shoot features allows you to shoot accurately without having to adjust your wrist giving you greater control.
With an eye toward detail, the low-profile rear and fiber-optic front sights are specifically designed to allow you to quickly zero in on your target.

This powerful pistol includes the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System™, loaded chamber indicator and grip safety. For 2012, they will be extending their inventory to include the ATI StG 44, a replica of the WWII-era German Sturmgewehr 44 combat rifle.
While the Model 455 Varmint Evolution may have received mixed reactions to its aesthetics, one thing is for sure: It shoots like a dream at 50 yards, making it an ideal varminting rimfire.
With an 18-inch barrel, matte black finish, and steel rifle sights, the 464’s six position stock and tri-rail forend provide a unique blend of cutting-edge gun features and old-fashioned reliability.
With a barrel length of 1.875 inches, this lightweight, smallbore snubbie makes for an excellent carry option. These rimfire guns are branded IWI, which is the original UZI maker, but they are manufactured by Carl Walther in Germany. In typical ZT style, it’s a big fucking chunk of steel, 20-inches long with a 12-inch edge, the classic clip tip with false edge, and a handle big enough for a gorilla’s grip. Our latest nut-busting machete has a 17-inch cleaver edge with a weighted chisel tip that produces a chop that just won’t stop.
Features real Damascus steel with a heat-treated black finish and is built to perform with a razor sharp edge.
It features a molded comfort back panel that provides semi rigid, custom fitting support for maximum performance. This twelve-piece set is constructed from stainless steel with unique wrapped grips and open hole pommels with red ribbon accents. Unlike his debut feature, Tron: Legacy, though, Kosinski wanted to step out into the real world for this passion project and shoot a sci-fi Lawrence of Arabia as much in camera as possible. In collaboration with Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi), they developed an ultra high-resolution front projection system (500-foot wide and 42-foot tall) with 21 projectors (handled by PRG). DD's work covered planning the shooting approach to creating full CG sequences, digital doubles and vehicles to set extensions, explosions and natural phenomena to simple wire removal. One of the biggest challenges was that the physics of the round drone crafts would have prevented them from being able to fly. In fact, in one key sequence, the renegade Scavs strike back by destroying them; creating fuel cells that they put in the water. Cruise and the drones attack the Scavs’ base camp, and the Scavs fight back, trying to engage the drones to steal their power supplies. DD extended the live-action library set to create the CG chasm and multiple floors it breaks through, as well as augmenting the shots of the scuffle with gunfire, explosions and multiple CG Scavs.
DD added CG smoke and fire to the environment in a 1,000-frame shot that follows Jack around the site. You can find more cool Post Apocalypse stuff my top 100 items list to help you survive when the time comes. This slim, powerful addition to the XD® line delivers all the performance of a .45 expertly engineered to fit in any size hand. In addition, the XD-S™ offers a top-of-the-line, enhanced secure grip texture for greater control and usability.
For 2012, look for the new polymer-framed SR22 semi-auto pistol and the LCR-22, an eight-shot rimfire understudy for the LCR .38 caliber concealed-carry revolvers. The Tracker 992 features a transfer bar mechanism, which prevents hammer striking unless the trigger is pulled completely to the rear, along with Taurus’ signature rubber grip and the Taurus Security System. Although shot, stabbed and pistol whipped by his foes, Jim used this knife of his own design to gut one man and slash a chunk from the arm of another, and lived to tell the tale.
At 2 pounds weight and a quarter-inch thick, the blade is heavy enough for a vicious slash, but long enough for classic cut-and-thrust swordplay. The new handle design has a partial handguard that drops down from the full-tang blade, protecting your hand from all manner of ill-fortune you might find in the fray. Measuring 40” overall, this piece features a hardwood handle that is wrapped with genuine ray skin and nylon cord. It also features adjustable padded shoulder straps with a sternum cinch and adjustable waist belt, insuring this pack will stay with you and balance the load even in the most rugged conditions. Includes a durable nylon sheath with two Velcro straps so that you can carry it on your leg or arm.

I have always loved the production quality that Abrams brings to the table especially for TV series.
Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages.
This brutal encounter sets her and two unlikely companions off on a daring coming-of-age journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future. But first up is Oblivion, the Tom Cruise-starrer about a blue collar drone repairman haunted by dreams of a woman he's never met.
At the same time, Kosinski went up in the clouds in a beautiful glass Sky Tower structure where Cruise lives.
Then we took all that footage and stitched it together and created this 15K image that would play live on the set on the projectors.
DD created the CG drones, the Tet space station (an inverted pyramid), and created as well as destroyed the resource gathers known as hydro rigs. DD was also challenged to create shots that communicated the Tet's scale accurately when the tiny bubble ship flies toward it. DD therefore worked with Kosinski and the art department to devise an approach for the drones that have an exhaust system that emits from various vents around the structure that stabilize them and provide directional propulsion. So any time you've never seen anything before, it's hard to figure out what's gonna sell it to the audience. Father and son must learn to work together and trust each other to have a chance to save their lives.If you are curious and want to know more, bits and pieces of the backstory have been released in the last year. It even has a hammer point along the spine for working through a tough chunk of wood or the sinews of a unicorn. The non-bevel portion of the blade bears the random patterns imbued by Loki during the heat-treating process (which gives our 5160 steel a Rockwell hardness of 53), and the entire blade is bathed in the purest evil (commonly known as ferric chloride acid, flavored with the pan drippings from the ZT Thrive Couch).
A 30% fiberglass handle is nearly indestructible and the axe head is attached to it with three separate metal bolts. The adjustable cinch down, expandable side and top straps allow you to compress or expand depending on the load. However, the philosophical Oblivion has elements of thriller, mystery, action and romance that distinguish it from the rest of the dystopian movies. The interior of the Tet is a series of three inverted pyramids leading to the chamber where Sally (Melissa Theo), herself an inverted pyramid with a pulsating texture and red lens-like eye similar to the drones', resides.
DD made the mushroom cloud and devastated, smoking shells of the resource gatherers, still partly on fire.
DD created a full CG environment, added CG drones to the plates and extended the live-action environments with battle elements -- lasers, digital doubles for the Scavs and explosions.
But the knife, which the world would come to know as “the Bowie”, would live on, becoming America’s most famous contribution to edged combat.
Be warned that wielding this knife will land you in the houscow in several Southern states (careful where you carry, Texans), but come the apocalypse, the Felon makes its own law. Comes with sheath and leather-wrapped grip and the self-satisfaction of owning an entirely American-sourced piece of gear, made by Montana’s finest metal miscreants. Just pivot the arming lever and the heavy-gauge slide and bow cable cocks itself – engaging the automatic safety at the same time. DD additionally made the look and graphic design of drone vision; what the world looks like from their eyes. But we have a pretty good action hero in Tom Cruise selling the movie so that makes us look very good. Our real challenge is to make the audience believe that we're in this post-apocalyptic world and it wasn't that difficult once we sorted it out. We used our own cloud tools but the interactive lighting was too demanding so we used Terragen. But the new trailer, more about the characters, opens up more of the story than the previous, more about the action, so I still have hopes that the full movie is going to reflect this switch, and focus more on the drama, the characters, their relationship rather than the special effects or the post-apocalyptic setting.After Earth is in cinemas on June 7th, 2013.

Faraday cage for ham radio 44
4sight emergency preparedness

Rubric: Solar Flare Survival


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