It is for sure that most of us like superhero movies, reason being that they come with a combo of suspense, drama, action and even comedy sometimes! This movie is all about dream of a high school kid who wants to become a superhero but has no special powers or any training for the same. Thor is about the Thunder God (Thor) of Asgard who because of his arrogant attitude is sent to earth to live amongst the mortals.

The source of inspiration lies in the reel life and comics where we know Superman, Spider-man, Iron man, Batman…etc..who serve to society as a savior using their superpowers which makes them different from all of us who are just ‘Man’, but one thing we all should know that we all have a superhero within its just about time we discover it! The guy with a team of four being inspired by the comic books fights against all the odds to become the ultimate kick-ass.The plot is wonderful as well as hilarious! Alien to the mortality,Thor finds it difficult to be one of the humans but eventually learns what it takes to be a responsible person and a feeling of selflessness which grants him back his powers to face the enemy!

THOR comes to know about Jane’s possession by a great power and reaches Earth to protect her from the Dark Elves.

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