In designing a room, area, or building, the attention given to mechanical penetrations is equally as important as attention given to the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors.
Mechanical penetrations such as piping and ventilation panels can easily be designed to maintain the shielding effectiveness of the structure. All HVAC access points into the RF shielded enclosure will be treated with a hex cell honeycomb wave guide vent assembly. PDC specializes in the design and construction of relocatable diagnostic imaging buildings to integrate with existing healthcare facilities or new construction projects.
Humanizing MRI for improved patient care, image quality and productivity - with a tap of the iPad.

The brightest solutions for patient-friendly, compliant and cost-effective lighting in your MRI suite.
Design, manufacture and installation of MRI EMI and magnetic shielded enclosures for superior attenuation, long-term performance and rapid installation. This is accomplished by maintaining their thickness to width dimensions at a ratio of 4:1 or greater. The wave guide hex cell geometry is sized for optimal performance at the design specification. Other MRI specialties include EMI shielding design, installation, LED lighting systems and Caring MR Suites.

PDC also designs and manufactures innovative medical solutions filling equipment for the biopharmaceutical market. Penetrations designed in this manner function as a “waveguide below cutoff.” In effect, their physical design "guides" the electromagnetic wave so that it becomes “cut-off” reduced or attenuated by being reflected or absorbed while attempting to pass through the opening.

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