Carcass will surely go down in history as one of death metal's greatest acts, not to mention one of the innovators of the genre.
MU: 'Swansong' saw you guys really leaning in a rock direction and ironically you all ended up in rock style projects. KO: This might come as a shock, but we never were completely taken up with the idea of selling albums in a commercial sense at first. KO: You know it's hard for me to remember precisely, but I think we were all getting a bit jaded with the scene.
MU: Blackstar ended up folding, because you had to leave the band due to the brain hemorrhage, right? MU: Since the band's demise, has there been many copy cat acts that you like, that have obviously tried to keep the Carcass thing alive?
KO: I've heard a few tracks and there's been compilations as well of Carcass cover bands, mostly from Australia it seems.
KO: It's a great desire of mine to be able to play with those guys, but I don't want to squash any hope of reforming the band because I don't think it's very realistic. KO: Well, I've been living with my folks for the last five years and I'll be moving into my own place soon, so that's a great step forward.
JB: It’s not really about the money, it’s about being accepted for who you are and for what you’re doing, and stuff like that. MU: What surprised me with A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred was that you sort of upped the ante on the guitars, as compared to Use Once And Destroy. MU: Superjoint stakes its claim in having a lot of old school influences, as far as music goes.
MU: I don’t have any doubt that your third album will be better than A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred. MU: Phil has the sort of personality that many people would describe as egotistic, and a confidence that could be mistaken for ego. MU: As far as promotion goes, I think Superjoint Ritual and the street teams have done an excellent job promoting the albums and the tours. MU: My question was going to be, “Was Phil’s initial intention to focus all of his time on Superjoint Ritual in order to quit Pantera?” It was reported that he wasn’t happy in Pantera anymore.

JB: I’m sure it will pop up sooner or later, and it should, because it’s really good stuff. MU: When I interviewed Satyr of Satyricon, he said that he and Phil were talking about getting something done with Eibon [another Phil Anselmo side project, featuring Killjoy of Necrophagia, Fenriz of Darkthrone, and Satyr] very soon. Six studio albums showcased an immense progression from unadulterated noise into a more rock-driven terrain. A few bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as well like Raven, Saxon, Iron Maiden. Basically to be one of the heaviest bands in the world, as probably every young metal extremist when they form a band.
Obviously, we had become vegetarians beforehand, but the vegetarianism and the death metal imagery we used in the lyrics is ironic, yes. We wanted a new direction and the only way we thought we could do it was to disband and reform. I don't know if you've heard bands like Exhumed or Impaled or the County Medical Examiners. I haven't been able to keep up in the last couple years with what's been happening, so unfortunately it's gone by the wayside a little bit. I mean, honestly, it’s got to be tough touring that much, considering with this type of music you don’t make much money. That’s what’s important, and that you only get from playing live and feeling it from the people. For a band that has toured nonstop for the last two years, I don’t think there’s any drug problem hindering us at all. I think the people would still support us and it would be good, and I’m looking forward to anything with Down. There's nothing special about the members of the band, so to speak, in terms of what we wanted to achieve. Although Anselmo is still Superjoint Ritual’s frontman when they take the stage, he and Bower perform most of the guitar duties on the albums. Ripped up, hooks, you know these songs, you’ll remember them for the rest of your lives, you know, those type songs, epic type songs.

Nevertheless, the band inspired and can be held responsible for numerous offshoots such as Exhumed, Impaled and countless others. The band is rounded out by “stunt” guitarist Kevin Bond, drummer Joe Fazzio and country legend Hank Williams Sr.’s grandson, Hank III, on bass. He’s got the vision because he’s on vocals, so it’s a really cool process man, and to work with Philip is really, really, really cool, man. I had some hard times, and you do some stupid shit when you have hard times, but we’re a fucking drug-free band.
We have riffs, man, you know, I mean we’re not blind right now, we have plenty of riffs and songs ideas, you know, but nothing set in stone. I feel fortunate that he did make the decision because we get to do what we’ve been talking about for 10 years.
I worked and tried to build my strength up and learned to walk again and do things that normal people can do like everyday tasks.
It would be great to be able to jam out with the other guys, but realistically I think that we won't be able to do that. When Superjoint Ritual takes the stage, the atmosphere is reminiscent of old school punk, hardcore, and metal shows complete with circle pits and stage diving. After two phenomenal albums, Use Once And Destroy, and the smashing A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred, Superjoint Ritual has stormed the nation with a grueling two-year American tour. He knows where parts go, and he knows when they should come about to get the full impact of the part.
Metal Update spoke at Ozzfest with a very tired (possibly sedated) Jimmy Bower about Superjoint’s Ozzfest trek, their songwriting, work ethic, and the formation of Superjoint Ritual amidst so many other side projects.

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