Ferrite rods concentrate magnetic fields and radio waves, especially useful at lower frequency.
We have 2000u permeability "T" type very low frequency ferrite rods of 0.845 inch diameter size. Ferrite rods are made up of special ceramic magnetic materials wherein the magnetic molecules (domains) have the ability to align freely with external magnetic fields.
FERRITE RODS for Extreme Low Frequency ELF, Super Low Frequency SLF, Ultra Low Frequency ULF, Very Low Frequency VLF, and Low Frequency LF. Smooth clean white plastic surface gives high contrast so you can easily see your wire work.

12 inch and 24 inch long x 0.515 inch diameter +30000u Mu Metal rods are for use at 0 to 1000 Hz.
Made of Nickel Iron Molybdenum.This is a solid metal rod that has been hydrogen atmosphere annealed for maximum permeability. 125u Nickel-Zinc NiZn is the best high "Q" material for AM broadcast band 540 KHz - 1710 KHz, and it also works up to 20 MHz. The 2000u ferrite rods are great for wireless power couplings, audio filters, and speaker crossover networks, VLF antennas. The ferrite parts are great for "slug tuned" VLF antennas, small sensors, electromagnets, school science project motors, generators, transformers, VLF metal detectors, speaker-audio coupling, and RFID antennas below 500 KHz.

They are easy to use as a directional antenna: just wind turns of wire on the rod and then connect a capacitor to tune it to desired receive frequency.
The result is a powerful gain in strength (amplification) of the received radio signal but without adding any electronic "hiss" noise.
2000u is a material that works at extremely low frequency, super low frequency, ultra low frequency, very low frequency, and low frequency.

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