Mu-metal es una aleacion de niquel-hierro (aproximadamente 75% de niquel, 15% de hierro, ademas de cobre y molibdeno) que tiene una permeabilidad magnetica muy alta. Los objetos de mu-metal requieren un tratamiento termico despues de que adoptan su forma definitiva.
Mu is the name of a hypothetical continent that allegedly existed in one of Earth's oceans, but disappeared at the dawn of human history.
The three red eyed former ruler of the Mu Empire, Emperor Kubilai, corrupted the hearts and minds of humanity 12,000 years ago until the warrior Shaider came and slaughtered his son Rahu and daughter in-law and vanquished the evils of the world.
The concept and the name were proposed by 19th century traveler and writer Augustus Le Plongeon, who claimed that several ancient civilizations, such as those of Egypt and Mesoamerica, were created by refugees from Mu—which he located in the Atlantic Ocean.This concept was popularized and expanded by James Churchward, who asserted that Mu was once located in the Pacific. The data below is accurate for mu metal ring samples with dimensions of 36mm outer diameter x 25mm inner diameter x 0.34mm thickness. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is a Greek Licensed Product, which means a percentage of the sale goes back to the national organization. La alta permeabilidad hace al mu-metal muy eficaz en la deteccion de campos magneticos estaticos o de baja frecuencia, que no puede ser atenuada por otros metodos.

Ademas tiene baja coercitividad y magnetostriccion lo que da como resultado que la perdida por histeresis sean bajas.
Este recocido en un campo magnetico en atmosfera de hidrogeno, al parecer aumenta la permeabilidad magnetica alrededor de 40 veces. Losing his snake-armed body in the process, Kubilai was reduced to a giant, golden head as he had a new robotic body built while he embedded himself in the wall of the Fuuma Palace's throne room where he rules the Fuuma. Today, scientists universally dismiss the concept of Mu (and of other lost continents like Lemuria) as physically impossible, since a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed in the short period of time required by this premise. El nombre de la banda proviene de la asesinada actriz Americana Elizabeth Short, conocida como La Dalia Negra, en ingles, The Black Dahlia. Sus propiedades magneticas son similares a otras aleaciones de alta permeabilidad como Permalloy, pero es mas ductil y manejable.
El recocido altera la estructura cristalina del material, alineando los granos y eliminando algunas impurezas, especialmente de carbono, que impiden el movimiento libre de los limites de los dominios magneticos. Learning that the resting place of his ancient foe and the prison holding his body were found, Kubilai went to great lengths to ensure his weakness, his third eye, would not be revealed. Diferentes variantes de la aleacion se venden bajo nombres comerciales tales como Mumetal, MuMetal y MuShield; este articulo cubrira sus caracteristicas comunes.

La flexion o la aplicacion de golpes despues del recocido puede alterar la alineacion de granos del material, dando lugar a una disminucion de la permeabilidad de las zonas afectadas, que puede ser restaurada mediante la repeticion de la etapa del recocido en atmosfera de hidrogeno.
When Shaider storms his palace, Kubilai unveils his robot body and takes Shaider into the Fushigi Dimension for an epic final battle. After detaching from his robot body, Kubilai meets his end when Shaider plunged his Laser Blade into Kubilai's third eye then used Shaider Blue Flash to finish him. It was known, that the distant warrior from the stars Warrior Shaider came from an unknown Galaxy.
He came to Earth and saw the Mu Empire was a lawless, corrupt nation and he needed to correct the mistake by defeating Emperor Kubilai, killing his son Rahu and daughter in law. He turned the people against Kubilai and destroyed the Empire and done the same all over the other world civilizations turning their ways of evil into good.

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