HJP-2089 internal powder coating syetem include high-voltage eletrostaticgenerator, feed hopper,manual spray gun,air compressed system.It posses advantages of attractive appearance,appropriate structure,easy-operate,low powder consumption,highefficiency,fine stablity, Strong overload capabilityEasy-repair and etc.
CharacteristicsIt is the most advanced transposing head in International and domestic.Japan servo motor control is adopted . PE XYPE-611 Copper rice machine is used for separating copper ang plastic.It isenvironmentalmachine.

Our company possesses advanced full-automatic powder manufacturing apparatus and test equipment. In respect of production technique and raw material selection, our company adopts scientific management methods to obtain stable and reliable product quality.At present, our leading products cover five major series and over a thousand production formulas, with various colors and complete specifications. Connect the powder hose of spray gun with powder pump of hopper ,check for powder atomization trachea and trachea, clean pipe location iscorrect6.

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Rubric: Canada Emergency Preparedness


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