Our Inductor is a tuned core hand-made unit using EXACTLY the same type wire and inductance as the '60's era Vox, except VERY consistent from one unit to the next. The Potentiometer, the most overlooked part of the circuit, is one of the keys to a good wah wah sound and there hasn't been a proper "tapered" pot, since the '60's "Icar" in any major manufacturer's wah.
I don't like the original Vox-type housings that everyone uses, and I had to design and produce one that made more sense.
The Clyde also has a standard 2.1mm negative center-pin AC adapter port with anti-hum filtering and protection diode. The Inductor is the heart and soul of a Wah Wah, and it should come as no surprise that Fulltone makes their own, nor that it can transform any wah into a much more expressive instrument. Lots of people are selling Inductors these days, many don’t know anything about how they work, most don’t make their own, and none have collected and sacrificed as many Holy-Grail Vintage wah’s as I have in order to Blueprint every facet of just what makes those wah’s sound so great. To cure this I developed a shielded cover made out of a Mu-Metal that blocks out the majority of hum that other inductors can’t, so the Fulltone Mu-Metal inductor can help reduce that hum.
The FMU-I is a drop-in replacement for 99% of all wah wah’s ever made, install one in your wah and find your voice!
Naslo sa zopar ludi, ktory sa stazovali na to, ze vraj je novy Marshall JCM800 „az prilis tichy.“  Preto nam Marshall predstavilo novu 1000 wattovu verziu tohto zosilovaca, a nazvali ju JCM8000. Ak ste fanusikmi Star Wars, rozhodne by ste si nemali nechat ujst novu seriu Seymour Duncan snimacov. Druhym je snimac IM-Solo, co je krkovy snimac, navrhnuty tak, aby vam dal silny, nezavisly zvuk, vhodny na lead gitaru. A posledny snimacom z tejto novej serie je SSL-Ren, stredny snimac, ktory zdiela trocha DNA spolu s IM-Solo ale ma divoke a nepredvidatelne hrany, ktore moze byt tazke kontrolovat. Gitaristi si zbytocne kupuju kopu roznych pedalov len pre to, aby dosiahli zvuk ktory chcu. ASSCAP je system na produkovanie hudby, do ktoreho mozete priamo zo svojej mysle nahravat vsetky svoje napady.

BeatBuddy uvolnila aktualizaciu pre ich drum machine, vdaka ktorej bude cim dalej tym viac opita a mimo rytmus.
A-Paris'te 11 Eylul terorunu yans?tan 13 Kas?m sald?r?lar?nda en cok kurban, ABD'li muzik grubu Eagles of Death Metal'in konser verdigi Bataclan konser salonunda yasand?.
Photos taken during the recording of "Electric Ladyland" document Jimi's as being the "signature" model, featuring Clyde McCoy's name written out script style on the bottomplate. The traditional housings don't give enough travel and potentiometer range, limiting your tonal sweep, and they have little compensation for tension or feel. The Fulltone Mu-Metal Inductor is cloned from the inductors culled from my 3 favorite circa-1968-69 Clyde McCoy wah pedals. I have analyzed well over 50 of the better sounding 60’s-early 70’s wah wah’s I’ve owned and collected data on transistor types, gains, capacitor types, and finally…Inductor Q, Inductance, core material, and wire gauge & type.
More concisely put, their inductors invite hum in and then to amplify that hum, making you not want to turn them on in a high volume situation. A to na Air Guitar, alebo inak povedane, na „vzdusnej gitare.“ A niektori  sme pri nej aj zostali. V blizkosti IM-Solo sa tento snimac moze chvilu chovat ako snimac so skutocne peknym zvukom, ale to mu nevydrzi dlho a nakoniec uplne odstrihne tomuto snimacu zvuk, co sposobi, ze Chewbucker dostane nekontrolovatelny zavijajuci feedback.
Ak pouzivate in-ear monitoring, toto je pre vas to prave, pretoze ak earbags detekuju zvukove impulzy, ktore by vam mohli robit problemy, nafuknu sa, cim sa z nich stane neocenitelny pomocnik. Takisto funguje ako hodinky a podla nazvu sa da predpokladat, ze jeho vyuzitie siaha az po cestovanie v case. Eagles of Death Metal Grubu'nun sald?r?dan kurtuldugu belirtilirken, sald?r oncesi konserden fotograflar ortaya c?kt?.Fransa'y? kana bulayan sald?r?larda en cok can kayb? ABD'li rock grubu Eagles of Death Metal'?n (Death Metal Kartallar?) konseri s?ras?nda yasand?. Iceri giren sald?rganlar otomatik silahlarla muzikseverleri tarad?.Salonun uzak bolumlerinde once bu sesler sovun parcas? san?ld? ama etraf kan golune donunce gercek anlas?ld?.
The other type of Clyde McCoy was the "picture" version, which had Clyde's photo on the bottomplate.

The only change from the original '60's Vox design is the addition of a very usable internal "Resonance Control" which is a large durable trimmer, for bass and gain adjustment, which is easily adjustable by hand without tools and with room to mark your favorite settings. Bir grup muzikseveri rehin alan sald?rganlardan bir k?sm? kendisini havaya ucurunca olu say?s? artt?, ard?ndan polis eylemi sonland?rd?.
The "signature" model, with it's great sounding "halo" inductor, is what the Fulltone CLYDE is modeled after. Tieto rukavice sluzia ako senzor, ktory presne cita vase pohyby rukou a po ich pripojeni cez wifi k specialnej AirFX stanici, sa z vas stane doslova gitarovy boh. A je to velmi jednoduche, len si nastavite hodnotu perfekcionizmu, v akom chcete svoju piesen mat. Ten je navrhnuty tak, aby vam dal chlpaty, vrcavy ton, ktory je schopny mat zopar prijemnych a hunatych momentov, moze byt aj pekne agresivny.
Grubun davulcusu Julian Dorio'nun esi Washington Post gazetesine yapt?g? ac?klamada, grup uyelerinin kacmay? basard?g?n? soyledi. It has nylok nuts so you can adjust the tension of the treadle, and it stays that way until you change it. Ote yandan, dunyay? sarsan katliamdan dakikalar once grup sahnedeyken cekilen bir fotograf yay?nland?. As with all Fulltone pedals, the "Clyde" has true bypass switching so that when it's "off" it's not coloring your sound or ruining the performance of other pedals in your signal chain.

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