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This three-day event is brought to you by the producers of Lollapalooza, ACL Fest, Camp Bisco, Lights All Night, BUKU Music Art Project and others, CounterPoint will put the hottest names in electronic and dance music on multiple stages in the amazing natural beauty that once hosted 2007's The Echo Project. Although the compilation isn’t officially available until March 4th, dance music fans can be the first to hear all the best tunes in once place by pre-ordering the compilation today at Best Buy.

Hand-picked by our leading dance music experts, these 14 tracks represent not only mainstage headliners, but promising up-and-coming acts that are destined for greatness. Starting March 4th, Best Buy will be offering the Ultra Music Festival 2014 Fan Pack which includes everything you’ll need to start your journey to UMF. And in case you haven’t heard, Ultra Music Festival takes place Friday, March 28, Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.
And below it, you can see how many pieces of news have been created about grant park music festival in the last years. What better way to prepare than with a perfect pre-Ultra playlist with 14 festival-ready tunes from your favorite artists. Filled with exclusive interviews, posters, and a physical copy of the album, this compilation is a must for any collection.
From Calvin Harris to Krewella, and from Flosstradamus to Above & Beyond, and many more, these tracks will induce goosebumps and will make you feel the music.
Recently achieving the #1 spot on iTunes Dance Album charts, the group recorded a solely acoustic album which further proves just how musically diverse they can be.

We do not guarantee the validity of information found here and on associated websites and therefore can not be held liable. The multicultural rhythm and music event will feature more than 20 hours of modern and traditional world music and dance performances and over 50 group drum, dance, didgeridoo, and sound healing workshop delivered be local, national, and international rhythm and dance artists for all ages and skill levels. Notable performances include Ganga Giri, Tchiya Amet & the Light House Band, Wunmi & the Slow Commotion, Ondrej Smeykal, Dusu Mali Band, Sene Africa and Anupam Shobhakar. Other attractions include: Interactive Youth Area, Vendors and Craftsmen, Group Spiral Dance, Community Drum Circle, Wholesome Food, Yoga, Open Mic, Community Lunch, Raffle, Hiking, Kayaking, and Camping. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own instruments to experience a rare opportunity to learn from and play with musical masters, although a limited amount of instruments may be provided.

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