Made with GAIA foam, this PFD has wide neoprene shoulder straps, large armholes and plenty of reflective tape on both the front and back to keep paddlers of all abilities comfortable and safe on the water. Don't worry though, we have a lot more Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) in stock than that.
In your humble opinion, little else is more righteous than casting your fly in the first flurries of winter while wearing your thermal waders, an Irish fisherman's sweater, and the Mustang Survival Integrity Floatation Vest. Our line of Deluxe Inflatable PFDs combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with product enhancements such as comfort-improvement features and safety inspection window to easily tell users if the inflator is ready to use. The fish that favor chilly weather are going to make you work for every bite, so you might as well be warm while the fish toy with your emotions.
The Velcro closure makes it easy to wear and maintain while closing to the outside to reducing chafing around the neck and chest; The neoprene comfort collar eliminates neck irritation. The Integrity Vest lets you get your float on if you flounder on some slippery rocks, though you'll want to get out of the water in fairly short order.Most adults only require 7-12 pounds of buoyancy to stay above water when the dip in the drink wasn't deliberate.

Made for recreational enthusiasts and professionals alike, the MD 3085 sports a manual inflation system and is lightweight and close-fitting to ensure it doesn't interfere with daily activities.
Even with your occasionally overblown angling attitude, 15.5 pounds of lift is more than enough to keep you off the river or lake bottom. Manually-activated inflatable PFDs are inflated by pulling the inflation cord that hangs from the PFD at waist-height. A combination of nylon and ripstop nylon offers a vigorous defense against wind and blowing mist, not to mention an errant branch or miscast fly. Manually-activated PFDs are a great choice for activities such as paddling, wade-fishing and swimming where there is a reasonable chance you will end up in the water and are confident you will be able to pull the inflation cord when you need it. Large armholes make it easy to slip this vest over your many layers.A heavy duty zipper goes from your waist to your chin.
The storm flap prevents sneaky wind from tickling your tummy, while the fleece-lined collar protects your neck and cradles your face.

A D-ring puts your multi-purpose tool within reach, since the last thing you want to do is reach inside your vest with fishy, slippery hands. Two hand-warmer pockets give your hands a break from the weather when you're waiting for a bite. The inside pocket safely totes your phone or camera, since so few people will believe you actually caught a fish in the middle of January.

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