My Darkest Days is a Canadian Rock Music band based in Toronto, consisting of lead singer Matt Walst, lead guitarist Sal Coz Costa, Bassist Brendan McMillan, Drummer Doug Oliver, and keyboardist Reid Henry.They were discovered by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, who signed them up for his production company, 604 Records.
In June 2010, the band went on tour with Sick Puppies and It's Alive, and shot a video in Las Vegas to support their first single, "Porn Star Dancing," released on June 21, 2010. The Machine Shop was packed on Friday night when My Darkest Days rolled into Flint for a sold out show on their headlining tour. Despite the fact that the evening featured one of the area's first blasts of cold weather mixed with rain, fans lined up before doors opened and the floor was filling up even before the opening acts took the stage.
My Darkest Days are regular visitors to the Flint area and they have amassed a large local following.
The show kicked off with Memphis rockers Surrender The Fall, who immediately set a energetic vibe for the evening with their hard rocking fist-pumpers.
Las Vegas natives Otherwise were up next and really blew the crowd away with intense songs like "Full Circle" and "Soldiers". You can actually feel the emotion bleeding out of vocalist Adrian Patrick and the rest of the band's in your face attitude kept everyone glued to the stage.
My Darkest Days have made a number of stops in the Michigan area over the last year but most of those stops have been as a supporting band so it was nice to see them get a chance to close out the show in style.

The band kicked things off with the heavy "Sick and Twisted Affair" before slowing things down with "Save Yourself". Throughout the rest of their set they moved back and forth between the two styles getting the crowd involved all along the way. The band has great chemistry and obviously relish the live setting and that energy and sense of fun transfers to the crowd in a big way creating an electric atmosphere.
The set highlight was their cover of Duran Duran's "Come Undone" and the band finished things off with an encore of "Save Me" and their big hit "Porn Star Dancing", during which they invited all of the ladies up on stage.
Tracy HeckDetroit Live Music ExaminerTracy Heck studied Communications and English at the University of Michigan.
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Kroeger appears in the "Porn Star Dancing" video, as does American rapper Ludacris and Black Label Society lead vocalist and lead guitarist Zakk Wylde.

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