Pole shift data coverup – 2012 - modern survival blog, New revised data from the government agency, noaa, appears to challenge pole shift acceleration - could it be conspiracy?. Pole shift: north races, south crawls - modern survival blog, North pole shift races and speeds up while south pole shift slows down to a crawl. Axis shift patterns 2014 update - youtube, Two completely -related, proven lines research pointing timeframe: june 11-14, 2014. Council worlds war announcement delays (latest, You member earth pole shift add comments! If you look toward the middle of the map, you can see a big red oval over the center of the New Madrid fault zone.

BB Re Coming EMP attack on USI find it interesting that N Korea is experimenting with dirty (EMP positive) bombs and longer and longer range missiles. Unfortunately, this brief period of stability that we have been enjoying is just an illusion. The Adelphi University research center tells us that 53% of all Americans do not have a three day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes. In an eye-opening report by WND, damages to North America have been theorized and the break down is explained. Until now, DOD has left it to DHS to deal with protection of the electrical grid from an EMP event.

All the suppiles and Foreign Troops and the National Guard are in place for quick disaster response.

Blackout usa 2009 scandal
National geographic map maker google

Rubric: Emergency Supply Kits


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