Valencia notes that applications for previsualization have grown markedly in recent years as film and television production has migrated to fully digital means. With summer in full swing, Mother Nature can be unpredictable - from hurricanes and tornadoes to heat waves and raging forest fires - the season calls for extra preparedness. The possibility of World War III is a major concern for many preppers, including former Marine Alex Dunbar, who is training a private army of German Shepherd attack dogs in San Luis, Colorado.
Doomsday Preppers is produced by Sharp Entertainment for National Geographic Channel (NGC). Studios provides previsualization services for all 13 episodes of Nat Geo’s Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey.
Studios served as previsualization supplier for Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, assisting in the design and execution of numerous complex visuals for the groundbreaking National Geographic Channel series, which recently won 4 Emmy Awards. Studios’ previsualizations were used in planning more than two dozen shots for the show’s final episode where host Neil deGrasse Tyson pays a virtual visit to the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt. For Cosmos, previsualization was used as a planning tool to aid the director, the production designer, the art director, the cinematographer, visual effects vendors and others. Meet a prepper with an RV buried 12 feet below the ground and stocked with enough food to last three or four years and more than 1,000 gallons of water. Watch as he prepares his son, Colten, to take the reins by having him hunt down live boar in the Florida swamps and builds the Colony's very own gallows - an important message that there are laws to be upheld, even in times of chaos. Jason and Jacob are a father-son team from Alabama who are prepping for exactly that: a global solar flare with the potential to wipe out power grids around the world. Whether it's out-of-bounds behavior or savage instincts running wild, when animals act out, they're forces to be reckoned with. The Los Angeles-based studio contributed to all 13 episodes of the series’ first season, as the hub of a virtual production model, creating previsualizations used in planning visual effects, set design, stage and locations shoots, and post production processes.

The shots were part of a segment about gravity and showed what would happen to a New York City street if gravity were reduced to zero or raised to 8 or 9g, or 100,000g. The maps were based on data supplied by National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)  detailing the positions and movements of more than 300,000 stars, and were verified for accuracy by Cosmos’s scientific advisors. But some people are working around the clock to ensure their families remain safe from disaster - going to extremes to make sure that, if doomsday hits, they won't be left in the dust.
Go inside the lives of the ordinary Americans, from all walks and from all across the country, who are taking whatever measures necessary to prepare for what they believe is the end of the world as we know it. But if an "end of days" asteroid hits, will it be enough to survive the expected harsh winter conditions?
In Washington state, Steve works with a stern hand to prep his family for the potential threat.
Jason was almost Stranded for good in the wilderness when he was 19, but that will not stop him from prepping in those very same woods by molding his own ammunition and preparing his 20-piece bug-out pack. In the woods of East Appalachia, Brenda McSwigan fears that a vicious mutating virus will lead to a pandemic that will overwhelm hospitals and leave the rest of the country in chaos. At zero g, for example, people and objects would fly off into space; at 100,000g, a fire hydrant would be crushed by its own weight. Each weekend, the family leaves suburbia and travels to their bug-out location to practice defense maneuvers and run drills that involve explosives. In Arizona, the Moffatt family teaches their seven children essential survival skills in the event of the collapse of the American economy. Studios is one of the industry’s leading specialists in previsualization, a service that is gaining increasing use throughout the production cycle to save time and money, and improve creative options. Meet a former Marine who plans to stay safe with a private army of German Shepherd attack dogs, and two skateboarder preppers who are taking a more pacifist approach.

In the foothills of California's Sierra Mountains, Cheree and her family run a Christian camp by day and a prepper getaway by night. South Carolinian David Appleton is a comedian, but the idea of a devastating earthquake is no joke to him.
In another doomsday scenario, Mike and Grayson are organizing and prepping for the possibility of World War III. Brenda will open up the doors of her oasis for about two dozen lucky refugees - anyone after that will face the looming plague alone. After a dispute about the use of violence, a democratic vote puts one member at odds - the punishment: exile. His job doesn't always pay the bills, so David must Dumpster dive to find supplies to make a DIY camouflage net to hide his preps. While Mike has his Navy training to fall back on, Grayson is hesitant to get away from his pacifist roots. Another prepper, Grace McLeod, is a retired police officer whose goal is to secure her 3,500 square-foot fortress before the American economy collapses. Life coach Suzanne and her life partner barter around town for supplies to prepare for an economic collapse.
To do this, Grace and her husband install a drawbridge, hire a professional prepping consulting team and reinforce the doors. An experienced marksman puts Suzanne through a grueling test so she can improve her defense preps - and all she uses is a paintball gun.

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