Personally, I'd keep Canada and Australia in one piece, as a single Canadian SSR and Australian SSR, though Quebec MIT be separated.
I usually just google big maps and then trace them in Serif DrawPlus Starter (free, probably not as good as Inkscape but I am set in my ways).
As an American, I hate this, but as an AHer I love this, assuming that this is AH and not a possible future, of course.
Get facts, photos, and travel tips for this World Heritage site off the coast of Australia.
With a cultural map in one hand and a culinary compass in the other, savor authentic views and food in one of Australia's largest cities. Discover the best things to do and see—from incredible beaches to the rugged outback—in this Australian gem. Discover an impressive scenic highway that follows the windswept coastline of the land down under.

National Geographic Traveler presents the New Year's must-see places, from Argentina to Oz. National Geographic World Atlas HD maps of the six continents can be viewed offline after you download them. World English - Захватывающий курс, включающий в себя тексты и видеоматериалы National Geographic. I'd also Balkanize India further, because it seems like one of the Indian SSRs would have a higher population that Russia, and knowing the way the Soviet Union worked, they're not toting to let that happen.
As such, Afghanistan should be split in about twelve pieces with the other 'Stans getting nice new curvy bits- as an example.
Plus, there are a good few bits which make little sense- parts of Sweden are closer culturally to Denmark then Schleswig-Holstein, The Basques hate Spain as much as the Catalans, Luxemburg has no basis, Venice is much more distinct from Italy then Virginia is from the rest of the US, the Jains are angry with you, Transylvania doesn't follow historical, cultural, linguistic, or any other borders- the list goes on. You'd generally merge culturally similar areas, Baluchistan would be taken from Pakistan and Iran; Panjab from India and Pakistan.

After civil unrest and a failed right-wing coup, America has morphed into the quasi-communist Workers' Republic of America, taking most of the rest of the New World with it. Trans-Atlantic tensions are mounting, with the liberal democratic European Federation allying with about half of South America to counter the pro-WRA side of the Hispanosphere. Meanwhile, the People's Republic of China, despite the name, has abandoned nearly all of its remaining communist trappings, and is essentially an authoritarian corporatist state (its two primary allies being Iran and Greater Congo).
The eventual spark for war would be civil unrest in Colombia after alleged election fraud keeping the center-right government in power drew in Venezuela in a series of border skirmishes. The Havana Pact will soon commence Operation Bolivar, aimed at crushing Colombia and Ecuador, disabling Brazil, and keeping Europe at bay.

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