I was home watching NAT GEO the other day and started thinking of cool ways to display ads via print or digital media.
Dave on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopDave on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopAlex on Battlefield 3 vs. National Geographic scientists and engineers have come up with a creative way to answer these questions.
Read more about Crittercam here, and take our poll below to vote on which animal you’d most like to study.

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These innovative cameras do not disturb the animal in any way, ensuring that scientists are able to observe an animal’s natural behavior.
Because of this, engineers have to carefully design each camera based on the physical qualities of each animal they are studying.

Since then, scientists have studied monk seals, penguins, lions, hyenas, and grizzly bears (among others) with Crittercams.

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