La chaine Nat Geo Wild, du groupe americain Fox International Channels, a fait son apparition en France en septembre 2008. Et pour communiquer sur tout cela, Nat Geo Wild a recemment decide de faire appel a l’agence DDB Paris. Pour parfaire le tout, Nat Geo Wild et DDB proposent une serie de 3 visuels sur lesquels on retrouve, inscrits sur de somptueuses photographies, les textes fameusement rediges de chacun des spots de la campagne.
A travers le parcours filme de son drone, Christian Grewe retrace plus de sept mois de voyage dans douze pays differents. Coince entre San Jose et Vegas, a quelques kilometres du parc national de Death Valley, se trouve la Sierra.
En octobre dernier, nous vous presentions le travail de Chris Burkard, qui avait accompagne des surfeurs rider les vagues glacees de l’Arctique. Lance en 2012 sur le web, Les Others est un media d’inspiration pour les amoureux d’outdoor, de voyages et de photographie.
Disgusted by what happened to Buddy the puppy and hope there is a full investigation of the owner.
I was really looking forward to this show and enjoyed it until the Buddy the puppy episode.
First time to watch this show and I was horrified by what happened to that sweet little puppy Buddy. I am a donor of the Humane Society to prevent occurrances like what you produced on your show! What is wrong with that Dr Sims to release Buddy the Puppy to that stupid, moronic half-witted owner? How in the world did that idiot owner get to take that poor puppy Buddy home after his last attack? Kinect Nat Geo TV blends world-renowned Nat Geo WILD TV show episodes with Kinect for Xbox 360, transporting kids and their families around the world, expanding knowledge and inspiring a sense of wonder and excitement.

Your purchase comes with a one year Season Pass with new featured shows every month and unlimited access to Nat GEO WILD episodes on demand. Follow your instincts to the video link and check out the sweet graphics we did for the Nat Geo Wild promo. Pas moins de 80000 kilometres ont ete parcourus par le cameraman et realisateur allemand qui s’efforce de conjuguer sa passion de la photographie avec celle des nouvelles technologies. Pendant 35 minutes, il nous emmene tracer des courbes aux 4 coins du monde avec les proskiers Richard Permin, Mark Abma ou encore Torin Yater Wallace. Shoote entierement au Canon 5D Mark II, Hampi Local vous emmene visiter la beaute de la region a travers ses jeunes talents ! Debut 2015, une publication papier semestrielle est venue s'ajouter a la plateforme digitale afin de proposer des histoires intemporelles a des lecteurs passionnes, a travers des recits de voyages, des interviews et des series photos.
Eden Gaha and Mike Aho will executive produce for Shine America, with Tracy Rudolph as executive producer for Nat Geo Wild. Sims, that the puppy was being abused after the second horrific injury to the puppy and yet he let him return home that very day without keeping him safe at the Clinic. That was such a horrific scene of the puppy screaming in pain and then being sent back home with the irresponsible idiotic owner who let his dogs torture and kill that poor puppy!!!
I agree with Michelle – that puppy Buddy was so sweet and had such a short savagely tortured little life!
Why would a vet that is supposed to help animals allow an obviously irresponsible owner to take the puppy after its second attack?
Le parti pris est simple : on vous sert de la production hollywoodienne a tour de bras, voyez plutot ce que la nature est capable de vous offrir sans artifice. Sims, a veterinarian, as he traverses the mountains, beaches and jungles of Hawaii to help domestic and wild animals. I was really enthralled with his work ethics and kindness to all peoples and his dedication!

However, as an aspiring vet you must know there are ethics and decisions you need to make regarding your patients on individual level. I can’t believe that the vet didn’t recognize the danger that puppy was in having been attacked two times already!!!
I a student aspiring to become a vet hopes I can atleast be humane and educated about my work. That puppy was brought in whimpering like the little baby that he was with terrible puncture wounds which required anesthesia to repair. I had heard that there was almost a full seasons shows completed and would be shown at a later date. Then being attacked by the owners other dogs, to only be allowed to go back to that home and suffer another attack again resulting in his death. Then this Vet sends that severly impaired puppy back to the same atmosphere, to be further TORTURED by the neglect of same owner – who against vets directions put impaired puppy with hearing loss, broken leg, and recovering from surgery back with same mean dogs to endure further attacks which killed this puppy!
Scott and National Geographical channel really need to address the handling of this case with their viewers and the humane society. I am wondering why you are all so opposed the the practices of so many vets you see on these shows. Because you are aspiring to practice or because you have does not give you the right to judge others DVMs are like MDs there are know two alike and practice different methods honestly I would rather see a Dr or a Vet who knows me knows my animal and will help the my immediately instead of drawing my blood and giving me trial meds that are going to work anyway.

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