Nobody is more weather-obsessed than the islanders of the Outer Hebrides—of this I am certain.
From the moment I first landed in Barra, every person I have met has first shook my hand, then told me their name and delivered a 48-hour forecast. In the sixty minutes or so that I spent on the Isle of Eriskay, I heard sixty different versions of the coming storm, with wind speeds ranging from 25 to 60 miles per hour, some quoted, and rain—lots of rain. Every islander had their own weather source, be it a website, the TV, or a family member out on a fishing boat who was checking the radar.
Some islanders tried to scare me, shaking their heads and discussing the storm as if the apocalypse was set to kick off on a beach in Scotland. I mentally apologized to the Scottish nation for any storms we might have sent their way, then carried on northward through the Isle of South Uist, across barren Benbecula and into North Uist, when the sky turned from happy blue to unhappy grey.
I grew up with hurricanes in the Gulf and tornados in the Midwest, so when people with severe Scottish accents begin mumbling “big storm”, I expect Hurricane Katrina and jackknifed semi-trucks on shopping mall rooftops. Instead of meteorological devastation, the morning brought muddled sunshine and a clear western breeze. As I ran along a swath of purple heather and enjoyed the warm wind, I began to wonder, what if, just maybe, the Scots are not prone to extreme exaggeration—and if this was the case, then did I perhaps inherit this trait by way of my mother’s family?
Only an hour later, though, the gale did arrive, just as I was leaving my hotel, late for my never-cancelled ferry to Skye, with bags in hand and wearing an unzipped raincoat. This was the sky having a temper tantrum and throwing hell at me in a thousand watery punches per second. On the CalMac ferry to Uist, I left a track of wet bootprints up the steps and into the shop, where I fetched a cup of tea from a counter lined with ready bottles of whisky. Outside, long white mists of rain fell from the western wall of clouds, touching the ocean like ghostly fingertips. Then he pulled up his sleeve and showed me his other tattoos, a bagpiper on his upper left arm, and his clan crest on his upper right. Alexander Macpherson, catering officer aboard the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry to the Isle of Skye, showing me his clan crest tattoo.
On the opposite side of the ship, a group of English tourists sat around a table, bundled in raincoats and hats and scarves, huddled over a bowl of chips and ketchup, watching the grey sea outside.
Soon the whole group was discussing the many merits of gannets, while outside, the Scottish sky performed its magical dance of changing lights and color, from dark to light and back again, the silver sunbeams moving across the sea.
They are fantastic, yes,” replied another, and then silence, as the whole lot of them, as well as myself, stared quietly out the window and the immensity of the ocean and the dark land before us, shrouded in white mists, with tiny white cottages on top of the cliffs, like barnacles on a whale’s back. For a minute or so, we saw the Isle of Skye come into focus, until one of the English ladies broke the silence. And together, we all wondered out loud about the tides until our ferry docked in Uig, in a storm, on the Isle of Mists.

The country is living up to its melting pot reputation as American faces become less homogenous and more diverse, a phenomenon that renowned photographer and portrait artist Martin Schoeller captured for the October 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic magazine. On playgrounds and college campuses, you’ll find such homespun terms as Blackanese, Filatino, Chicanese, and Korgentinian.
Een hogere zeespiegel betekent hogere financiele risico’s voor kust steden die hun inwonertal en de waarde van hun gebouwen en infrastructuur hebben zien groeien.
Geregelde overstromingen kunnen de verzekeringsmarkt verstoren, en daarmee de financiering die de ontwikkeling van steden als Miami aanjaagt. De makers van deze kaart zijn uitgegaan van een scenario waarbij steden waterwerken bouwen in een tempo dat gelijke tred houdt met de zeespiegelstijging, ter behoud van een constant relatief risico van overstromingen. We zien dat je waarschijnlijk een adblocker of andere software gebruikt die onze banners ontregelt. Le dioxyde de carbone que nous rejetons dans l’air retombe dans les oceans et les acidifie peu a peu. L’ilot de Castello Aragonese se dresse telle une tour, dans la mer Tyrrhenienne, a 27 km de Naples. Les touristes visitent Castello Aragonese et son imposant chateau medieval – avec exposition d’instruments de torture – pour voir a quoi ressemblait la vie dans le passe.
Par un caprice de la geologie, la mer qui cerne Castello Aragonese permet d’entrevoir ce que seront les oceans en 2050 et au-dela. Celui-ci est relativement inoffensif : nous en absorbons sans cesse dans les boissons gazeuses. Par une froide journee d’hiver, en compagnie de Maria Cristina Buia, scientifique a la station zoologique italienne Anton-Dohrn, nous allons observer de pres les consequences de l’acidification. Quand nous jetons l’ancre du bateau, a environ 45 m du rivage sud de Castello Aragonese, certains effets apparaissent deja : des colonies de balanes forment une bande blanchatre au pied des falaises battues par les vagues.
Others argued back, downplaying the weather and reassuring me, the outlander, that we would likely survive.
She patted my hand and told me that as long as I didn’t drive and stayed well away from the sea, I’d be fine. Then a stranger stepped in and explained the winds to me—how if the wind was blowing westerly, the ferry would sail—but in any other direction, the wind would work against the boat, and they wouldn’t go.
All along the way, the islanders told me my fortune—the storm would hit any hour now, the island would be submerged in frothy white waves and my ferry to Skye would be cancelled and I might have to stay out here forever. That night, at the edge of a swampy loch in North Uist, the sky grew dark and spit a bit of rain down on my hotel—and as I lie in bed, I heard the windows rattle in a spooky way—but the promised gale never showed up.
In fact, it was such a nice clear morning, I went for a run out on the road, braving the wind and enjoy the dancing clouds that zoomed overhead.
The rain did not fall—it jumped on me, like horrendous sheets of melting ice, thrashing my face like a row of wet rotating blades.

This is why I was the only person out on the road, driving to Lochmaddy in the upwards rain, just in time to catch the ferry to the Isle of Skye. Our ferry rocked forward gently and I admired Alexander’s green tattoos—a giant map of the Isle of Skye painted onto his left forearm. Census presented the question of race differently, allowing respondents the option of selecting more than one racial category, with nearly 7 million Americans identifying as members of two or more races. When Joshua Ahsoak, 34, attended college, his heritage of Inupiat (Eskimo) and midwestern Jewish earned him the moniker Juskimo, a term he still uses to describe himself (a practicing Jew who breaks kosher dietary laws not for bacon but for walrus and seal meat).Tracey Williams Bautista says her seven-year-old son, Yoel Chac Bautista, identifies himself as black when he’s with her, his African-American parent. Als de zeespiegel tegen 2050 met 40,5 centimeter stijgt, dan kan de over stromingsschade aan havensteden jaarlijks een biljoen dollar bedragen. Des bulles de gaz carbonique – ou CO2 – jaillissent de cheminees volcaniques du fond marin, et se dissolvent pour former de l’acide carbonique. L’acidification observee au large de ses cotes est en train de se produire, plus lentement, dans tous les oceans de la planete, a mesure que ceux-ci absorbent davantage de dioxyde de carbone rejete par les pots d’echappement et les cheminees d’usines. Il mesure avec precision les proprietes de l’eau et observe les poissons, les coraux et les mollusques qui y vivent et, parfois, y sont dissous. I began to plan for a monkish existence in the Hebrides, or worse—my untimely drowning in a left-hand drive rental car. If this was the worst of Scottish weather, then these islanders were having a laugh with me. The 2010 census included changes to more clearly distinguish Hispanic ethnicity as not being a race, with data revealing that whites would no longer be the majority in the country by 2043.
Met hoge investeringen, in onder meer slimme waterkeringen, zou het aantal overstromingen lager uitvallen, maar de steden zouden die infrastructuur continu moeten onderhouden en versterken.
Au rythme actuel des emissions de CO2, restera-t-il des huitres, des moules et des recifs coralliens dans cent ans ? The wind thrashed the rain so hard it jumped up at me and drenched my shirt and bare skin underneath my raincoat. Within seconds I was soaking wet, my glasses fogged and dotted with a thousand little droplets. I dashed to my car and slammed the door, then listened to the water washing over the roof and windows and the puddle forming on the rubber mat beneath me.

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