Just across the Upper Bay from Ellis Island, Brooklyn has historically been a convenient stop for first-generation immigrants to the United States. They're drawn by entrenched pockets of ethnic groupingsa€”neighborhoods known for retaining traditions, foods, and language from the old country.
In 1983, when these photos were published, most of Brooklyn's neighborhoods were less about cartographic perimeters than old-country affiliations.
In this photo, teenagers show off their Trans Am in Bensonhurst, which after World War II became an Italian-dominated neighborhood.
Bay Ridge continues to maintain a mix of Italians, Irish, and Greeks, as well as other ethnic groups that arrived in New York in the late 20th century.
Today, the stretch of real estate known as Brighton Beach has New York's highest concentration of immigrantsa€”84 percenta€”in large part Russians, Ukranians, and Uzbeks. It took more than 200,000 photographsa€”and a whole lot of lucka€”to capture an incredible scene from a carcass dump in Grand Teton National Park.
NASA's Opportunity rover captured the incredible picture by chance after clambering up a steep ridge.
I cannot be the only one who gets a little jolt anytime he encounters someone waxing nostalgic over the 1980s or even the 1990s.
I, for instance, will probably never live down, even in my own mind, that I used Summer Blonde one beach season, and my parents still hold a photograph of me in parachute pants -- paired with a sweater vest, if I recall -- poised to head into the city from my country-suburban hometown.
And yet people, in blogs, in books, in TV series and in conversations, are avidly digging this stuff up. Too few, it seems, will take a cue from Theo Huxtable of the quintessential 1980s sitcom "The Cosby Show": "I don't necessarily think I miss anything from the '80s," Theo's portrayer, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, told me recently. NPR's "Morning Edition" news program recently ran a piece on a 1990s reenactment group called Hootie and the Time Travelers.
I had been fooled by NPR's news division, which normally works very hard to eliminate any acknowledgment that life includes laughter and irony.
But it made perfect sense that folks would get together to say, like, "like" all the time and lionize the date that "Friends" first aired. Jane Root knew that nostalgia was an ever-present force when she took on the 1980s in her new six-hour television documentary for National Geographic Channel.
Or, more seriously, you can say you can remember the 1983 airing of the nuclear apocalypse film "The Day After," but the documentary uses it to try to convey how genuinely terrified people were of nuclear war.
And this was where she came to realize that your feelings about the past have a lot to do with your place in the present. This notion of relativity explains, perhaps, why some of us are stunned to hear nostalgia for recent eras and others revel in it.

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Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. To the increasingly rickety population that actually remembers the 1970s, ita€™s not as hard as you might think to find good things in that decade. The beneficiary of all this was the 1980s, which started with a bar so low almost anything would have been an improvement.
We owe our obsession with outrageous celebrity fashion to the likes of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, the show declares. We owe our smartphones, the ones that will eventually give us a generation with thumbs the size of lobster claws, to the Sony Walkman and the personal electronic revolution of the a€™80s.
To make that point, a€?The a€™80sa€? sometimes skates lightly over the past, since almost everything it chronicles was seeded decades earlier. Rob Lowe, who narrates this special, torpedoed his own career in 1988 when he starred in a sex tape with a 16-year-old girl. Darryl McDaniels, better known in the a€™80s as DMC of Run-DMC, says the big difference between then and now is that back in the day, the music and the culture were about something.
But Lauper says she finds audiences still enjoy her songs as much today as they did 25 years ago, and not just because it evokes their childhood.
Root says National Geographic approached this series with the same premise: that after sifting through hundreds of possible segments to select the several dozen featured in the show, they wanted the survivors to resonate. This speciala€™s focus on flashpoints of historical significance does leave one casualty: a€™80s fashion, which recedes into a supporting role.
That 4-3 victory invigorated the whole country, right down to people who didna€™t know a hockey puck from a hambone. Vincent Paterson, who worked with Michael Jackson on the a€?Thrillera€? video, says he thinks the key to that projecta€™s impact was that he and Michael started with a blank storyboard.
Adhemas Batista created an illustration that represents the show and this magical decade full of content and important moments.

Many of Brooklyn's neighborhoods continue to be drawn on ethnic lines, but the dominant ethnicities are shifting in some places. Today, the number of Chinese immigrantsa€”pushed out of Manhattan's Chinatown by high rentsa€”is booming.
Still strongly associated with Jewish communities, Crown Heights continues to be home to dozens of synagogues as well as the international headquarters of Lubavitch Hasidism. Before it closed in 1997, the baths were a private swim club that at its height boasted 13,000 members.
They seem so recent that many of us are working harder at forgetting things than remembering them.
Like board games or Facebook, gettin' nostalgic is turning into another way to pass the time and will probably soon enough become one more thing to pine for: "Remember when we used to get all wistful about the '70s? But one of the charms of the series is that, instead of simply giving a laundry list of 1980s artifacts, it uses them as a kind of eye candy to entice you into finding the deeper meaning that executive producer Root argues -- persuasively -- the decade held.
As a child of the '70s, for instance, I remember feeling how distant the 1950s were and how weird it seemed that the time was so present with my parents.
Warner, that just in math terms the '80s and '90s are to the current decade what the '40s and '50s were to the '70s.
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Youa€™d hear KRS-One or Public Enemy and wea€™d be thinking about how we could make our next record better than that. In addition, the neighborhood has a growing number of Christian worship centers to serve an influx of blacks and Caribbean islanders. Olympic hockey team's game-winning goal against the Soviet Union is the moment the country's malaise of the 1970s begins to lift. On April 18th the photo that receives the most votes will be highlighted on our website and social channels as having the most righteous ’80s party pic! Olympic hockey team stunned the Soviet Union hockey team, which to that point was the master of the hockey universe.

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