Encircling the largest alpine lake in North America, the 165-mile (266-kilometer) Tahoe Rim Trail just may be the singletrack with the greatest view in the United States. The huge upside of Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, nexus of an environmental battle lost a generation ago, is the emergence of its progeny, Lake Powell, as a supreme freshwater kayaking destination.
Located about halfway between Reno and Salt Lake City off a lonely stretch of Interstate 80, Ruby Mountains Heli-Experience offers an Alaska-size day of powder shots in the Lower 48. If any place has the power to inspire awe, it’s the Zion Narrows, southern Utah’s premier hike in Zion National Park. Learning how to jump out of an airplane wearing something that looks like a superhero costume—and then, well, fly like one—sounds like the most impossible, extreme thing a person could try. The last great underappreciated epic river in the Lower 48, the Owyhee weaves through Idaho’s southwestern sage steppes, cutting deep canyons into cliffs of volcanic rhyolite. According to Montana author Norman Maclean, the only pure way to catch a trout is on a dry fly. The ice of Hyalite Canyon, just south of Bozeman, has gained fame as the proving ground of legendary Himalaya climbers Conrad Anker and Alex Lowe, as well as a spot for the locals to just get out and swing their picks. Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division Huts are the fruits of one man’s crazy idea: Fritz Benedict, a 10th Mountain Division soldier who fought in World War II and an Aspen architect, dreamed of setting up a system of winter huts to rival the Alps’ Haute Route. It’s the climber’s equivalent of Mecca: Every winter, between November and March, thousands of climbers from across the world make the pilgrimage to Hueco Tanks, an 860-acre (348-hectare) bouldering area outside El Paso, Texas, with more than 2,000 problems—and counting. It’s a mighty high claim to call one backpacking trip in our archetypal national park the best, but it’s hard to top this traverse of the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park.
In general, Colorado’s famed fourteeners—the state’s 54 peaks over 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) tall—are pretty easy to climb. Organized by region, ABROAD AT HOME is a beautifully illustrated, fact-filled travel planner that provides enticing tips on how to experience the best of North America’s international flavor. Robert Reid, National Geographic Travel’s “Offbeat Observer,” wrote the introduction to ABROAD AT HOME and serves as spokesperson for the book. Amsterdam in Albany, New York: Enjoy more than 100,000 tulips that blossom every year in Albany, and celebrate the city’s rich Dutch roots. Peru in Paterson, New Jersey: Discover the Peruvian enclave of Little Lima in Paterson, where seviche and papa a la huancaina, popular Peruvian dishes, are found on neighborhood menus.
Iceland in Spanish Fork, Utah: Spanish Fork was home to the first Icelandic settlers in the mid-1800s.
India and Pakistan in Vancouver, Canada: The Punjabi Market or Little India of Vancouver boasts authentic eateries and several festivals. Basque culture in Boise, Idaho: The “Basque Block” in the heart of downtown Boise offers an array of culture, food and art, including the largest exhibition about Basque culture in the United States.
ABROAD AT HOME also includes 22 “The Best” lists, profiling the best destinations in the United States and Canada for global experiences for everything from international art galleries to foreign cooking classes to language immersion programs.

Seasonal festivals, authentic restaurants, sporting events, musical performances and religious celebrations fill the pages of ABROAD AT HOME, accompanied by in-depth travel guidance and comprehensive walking maps.
ABROAD AT HOME is a dream trip planner for excursions into “other worlds” on any North American trip. Robert Reid, travel expert and National Geographic Traveler writer, wrote the introduction to ABROAD AT HOME and serves as spokesperson. National Geographic Books creates and distributes print and digital works that inspire, entertain, teach and give readers access to a world of discovery — and possibility. The lake’s green-water tentacles extend from the main 185-mile (300-kilometer) watercourse into 96 side canyons, where kayakers can paddle free of tides, waves, currents, and motorboats.
Only in the isolated Ruby Mountains, you won’t have to share any of it with other backcountry skiers or snowboarders. For 16 miles (26 kilometers), the canyon winds voluptuously through the crimson sandstone, in some spots stretching 2,000 feet (610 meters) high and narrowing to 20 feet (6 meters). It’s hidden in the northwestern corner of the state, which is riddled with freshwater springs that flow through mazes of limestone passageways.
Surrounded by an ocean of three million acres (1.2 million hectares) of sagebrush desert, the Owyhee, as locals call the whole region, is rich with songbirds and sage grouse leks, ancient archaeological sites, and ruined homesteads.
But at the Wedge, a monstrously big and powerful break off Newport Beach, California, they hit the jackpot—for bodysurfers, that is. At the Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations Bear Camp, you can quietly watch a dozen or more brown bears from a spruce-fringed meadow that lies between Mount Iliamna in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve and Cook Inlet. After all, in the first lines of his A River Runs Through It, one of MacLean’s characters says that “all first-class fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman.” And there is no more religious experience for a dry fly angler than catching big trout on the spring creeks of Montana’s Paradise Valley. Filled with countless waterfalls in the summer, Hyalite sets up with a smorgasbord of ice climbs in the winter.
It’s renowned for its dry, sunny weather, bombproof igneous rock, and fantastical rock formations that make for endlessly challenging climbing.
Factor in a hot soak or two with a hike beside burbling hot springs, steaming fumaroles, streaming waterfalls, a grand finale at the park’s signature attraction and you’ve got plenty to back up the boast. Elias National Park & Preserve, the country’s largest national park, operates on an entirely different scale than the Lower 48. This makes the east face of 14,259-foot (4,346-meter) Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, which serves up the biggest buffet of multipitch, big-wall routes this side of Yosemite, even more of a prize.
11, 2015)—Many of us dream of traveling to new and exotic destinations, but we don’t always have the time or resources to do so.
Reminiscing about the time he lived in the diverse neighborhood of Queens, New York, walking past carts selling Salvadoran cornmeal pupusas and shops filled with Tibetan noodles, Argentine steaks and Uruguayan pastries, Reid writes: “… as I ventured beyond my international urban mecca and through the pages of this book, I was amazed to see how much of the sense of the world you can feel all across the United States and Canada. Every February, their descendants congregate for ?orrablot, a mid-winter feast with shark meat, dried fish and sheep.

The annual 10-day City of Bhangra festival is the largest celebration of its kind in North America, with Punjabi music and dance. The book also features intriguing facts and statistics about each destination as well as “My Neighborhood” reminiscences from locals that give an insider and colorful perspective of featured locations. Each year we publish more than 150 new books for adults, families and children on a wide range of nonfiction subjects, from animals to travel, cartography to history, fun facts to moving stories.
In fact, the riding here is so sublime that the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) named the 21.8-mile (35-kilometer) section between Tahoe Meadows and Spooner Summit as one of its Epics, an honor bestowed on trails that epitomize the best that mountain biking has to offer. A reverential hush inevitably descends upon a group of kayakers when they proceed into slots of Navajo sandstone towering 500 feet (150 meters) overhead that constrict to barely the length of a paddle.
Few people ever witness the strange sights of these underwater chambers—fossils, sunlight beaming in from holes in the cave ceilings, and even ancient mastodon tusks—because the only way to see it all is by donning a mask and flippers.
Modern wingsuits, which consist of extra fabric under the arms and between the legs to provide enough lift for flight, are popular and allow parachutists to enjoy freefall longer.
There, an Army Corps of Engineers jetty relays big swells, forming slow-moving, pyramid-shaped waves that, during South Pacific storm cycles, can top 30 feet (9 meters). Or try out the camp’s viewing platform elevated 15 feet (4.5 meters) above the grassy plain, where hungry brown bears congregate in late spring and summer to fatten up on the supple shoots.
These slow, rich, clear waters require great art with a fly rod, but they also pay out the greatest reward—big, fat rainbow and brown trout. Routes range from popular, consistent classics to ephemeral wisps of ice that have only have been climbed one season. Let’s just review the numbers: Six times the size of Yellowstone, it’s home to the country’s largest collection of glaciers and peaks over 16,000 feet (4,879 meters), including nine of the 16 tallest mountains.
The east face’s sheer, 2,000-foot-high (609-meter-high) Diamond is a true, big mountain adventure that requires confidence in climbing 5.10 rock and the guts to sleep out in a portaledge. Yelp’s community manager Kimberly Van Santos recalls hating her childhood visits to Eden Center, a Vietnamese restaurant and shopping center in Falls Church, Virginia, with her Vietnamese refugee father, when other kids were going to McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, but as an adult, she now appreciates this Vietnamese enclave and returns frequently to experience comfort foods like bubble tea, pho and banh mi (baguette).
National Geographic books are available in 38 languages and more than 60 countries and in countless bookstores, mass-market outlets, schools, libraries and specialty retailers throughout the world. They’re too steep for surfers but perfect for the ultimate man-versus-nature contest: bodysurfing. A bonus index listing each destination by heritage makes this travel guide the perfect resource for culture vultures, those eager to trace their ancestry and history buffs alike. Asha Gomez, chef and owner of Atlanta’s Indian patisserie, Spice to Table, recommends heading to Decatur, Georgia, for all things Indian: travel agencies, gold jewelers, Bollywood video stores and especially spices.

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