A new owl has moved into the screech owl house mounted near the creek in our backyard, in Austin, Texas. Club winged manakin makes music like a violin by rubbing feathers together 107 times per second. The video below shows how the male club-winged manakin rubs together two feathers 107 times per second to produce a sweet violin-like sound that attracts his mate. Of the more than 20,000 species of bees, two of the most common are the blue orchard bee and the horn-faced bee. We installed this arched bird feeder in our front yard recently and the birds absolutely love it. And don’t forget, BirdeeBird products are all made in America by wildlife experts, and are made of sustainably harvested wood. Be sure to check out our bat house and our bat condominium, as well as our do-it-yourself easy bat house kit. This tool from National Geographic will help you quickly identify up to 150 backyard birds. To identify that bird in your backyard, use this handy tool and enter a few details, such as the region, the season, the bird’s size and color. As with all our nest boxes,  the design includes appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy clean-out.  Sustainably grown 1-inch thick Eastern white pine provides superior insulation. Saw-whet owls and screech owls have tough competition from other birds because they are so small.
Range: Breeds from southeastern Alaska east across central Canada to Nova Scotia and south to southern California, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina (in mountains) and Connecticut.
I’m so happy that we have exceeded our entire rainfall from last year already in but at the same time, I am preparing for the mosquitoes. From time to time we fall asleep to an owl outside our window, haven’t heard him for a few weeks now. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. June 11, 1805, Missouri River, above the mouth of the Marias River, Chouteau County, Montana.
Elongate, almost cylindrical; gray to dull brown, sides brassy to orange with dark markings, often with three to four dark saddles extending to middle of sides, belly whitish.
Dingy, turbid waters of large creeks and rivers with moderate to swift current; also lakes and reservoirs.
The sauger is an important sport and food fish and is harvested commercially in parts of Canada. This photo of the brown shrike (Lanius cristatus) shows a proud look after a successful landing on a bamboo pole. The heart of the breeding population of cerulean warblers occurs where mountaintop removal threatens the very existence of their breeding habitat and thus the future of this beautiful warbler. Many parts of the world are celebrating the opening of cherry blossoms as the first sign of spring.

I was walking the loop trail at my favorite birding location in Seattle and thought I'd stop near the nest boxes to see if any of the tree swallows were actually using them.
I took this photo of an Australian bird, a red wattle honeyeater, while he was on the rail of my back verandah.
This one does appear to be a screech owl, but see the photo and let me know what you think. An issue of National Geographic Magazine highlights this amazing bird and the arduous effort that went into finally discovering the secret of his musical mating call. It’s from BirdeeBird, which offers wildlife products made in America by wildlife experts who understand the unique requirements of each species. Raising bees has a lot of benefits, including providing a needed home for one of nature’s best pollinators. One-half to two-thirds the size of a honey bee, these passive bees live only six to eight weeks but lay eggs in this house.
Around sunset each night during the summer, 750,000 to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats (mostly females) emerge from their roost under the Congress Avenue Bridge to search for insects. All BirdeeBird stuff is made in America by wildlife experts, and made with sustainbly harvested woods (you’re welcome, Mother Nature). Our new color bird house webcam  with infrared night vision includes a 100-foot video cable that sends video and audio signals directly to your TV or computer. One day I was turning the corner and thinking how amazingly beautiful it was so full of berries and the very next day I walked out and what seemed to be hundreds of Cedar Waxwings flew away and not a berry was left on the tree. Just answer four simple questions to search our database of 150 backyard birds common to Canada and the U.S. Lawrence River and Great Lakes; Mississippi River drainage south to Tennessee, northern Alabama, and Arkansas. Neotropical migratory birds from warblers to sparrows are declining at alarming rates—rates that are not sustainable. I admire them for their camouflage and courage with which they defend their nests and raise their young against all odds.
Picture taken in a chess-playing park across the street from Magnolia Bakery (where the cupcake was purchased). Among the 17,000-odd species of plants, invertebrates, and sundry flora and fauna to be found in the Drakensberg are some 290-odd species of bird.
I followed this bird around for about a half hour before getting close enough to get this photo. Plus, all our products are Green because we use sustainably grown woods, such as mahogany and Eastern white pine. While current research on human age-related dementia focuses on potential new drug treatments, researchers say these findings suggest that social interventions may be used to slow or treat age-related dementia. The eggs remain dormant through the fall and winter, and offspring emerge in the spring to pollinate plants. Visitors know to stand on the bridge’s east side and watch the seemingly endless flurry of hungry bats taking flight. Appropriate for many common backyard birds, including bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, swallows and wrens.

I have had it out for two weeks so far in an area that squirrels like to try out frequently and yet…no squirrels. We did have remnants of berries all over the car and driveway in the form of bird poop but that was it. It is often very gregarious, especially during the nonbreeding season, when it flocks to roadsides and brushy fields to feed on thistle and sunflowers. Unless our culture sees these creatures as necessary, they will vanish into history, remembered only by photographs and paintings.
This photo of a bird (Japanese white-eye) in the cherry blossoms was taken January 19, 2009, using a handheld Pentax K10D with a Sigma 50-500mm lens.
This is one of five different species of flycatcher we see in our garden, hawking moths and other small, flying insects. The scene is both beautiful and stunning, as the bats look almost like dark rain clouds as they cluster in the sky.
It’s SO easy to set up, and add a slate Predator Guard to protect fledglings birds from squirrels.
Learn more about how all BirdeeBird products are made in America, designed by wildlife experts, and easy on the environment (made from Eastern white pine and mahogany harvested from fast-growing, sound second-growth forests).
We live in a shady area with a creek, they might be fat little Purple Martins when they move in here!
The cardinals seem to enjoy it the best but I’m pretty much getting everything else as well: Tufted Titmice, Chicadees,  a ruby crowned Kinglet.
I like the one that is American made (in Maine) that we offer.  I’m really looking forward to this.
There was one little bird that did not fly away, I watched it for a while and thought it did not look hurt.
I read that sometimes when they eat too much they can’t fly away for a while, so he was just a little glutton! Black wings with yellow lesser coverts and narrow white tips to greater coverts, forming 2 white wing bars along with white edging to the tertials. Underparts very yellow with white undertail coverts, while upperparts, including head, olive green.
Winter male: cinnamon brown above and on breast and flanks, with white lower belly and undertail coverts, yellowish wash on throat and face, and muted black on forehead.
All other plumages can be separated from the lesser goldfinch by their bolder wing pattern and white undertail coverts.
The female Lawrence’s goldfinch is gray like a nonbreeding adult female American, but note the American’s wider, buffier wing bars and different pattern of white in tail.
Not known to mimic other species.Status and Distribution Common throughout much of United States and southern Canada. Breeding: a variety of habitats, from weedy fields to open second growth woodland, and along riparian corridors, particularly in the West.

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