Description Designed specifically for the Windows Phone, National Geographic's World Atlas puts the best maps in the palm of your hand. Learn more about the world around you using the expertly researched Flags and Facts database, which contains concise demographic and socio-economic information for the World’s countries.
The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.
National Geographic is constantly improving our apps - we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. My main problems with this app is that the performance of the map is just way too slow and laggy. Explore the best of four of the world's most vibrant cities—London, Paris, Rome, and New York—with City Guides by National Geographic. If youa€™re planning to visit one of the US national parks, herea€™s an app that youa€™d better get on the way there - National Parks by National Geographic. The photographs are needless to say of great quality and annotated, and back in the main page of a park you get to see the weather conditions and stats that will tell you the number of visitors, size of the park and the local time.But the most fascinating part of the application is the photo tips section. Expanded park guides can be purchased in-app, ranging from 99 cents to $1.99, with the first guide free.
National Park Week, presented by the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation, encourages people across the country to enjoy, explore, learn, share and give back to America’s nearly 400 national parks. National Geographic Digital Media is the multimedia division of National Geographic, one of the world’s largest educational and scientific nonprofit organizations, reaching more than 400 million people a month worldwide.
Rally Interactive LLC is a Park City, Utah-based digital design and creative agency founded by outdoor enthusiasts.

Our World Atlas app provides you the same rich detail and artistic beauty found in our award-winning wall maps and bound atlases. Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,” the Society's mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. If you don't like it don't get it and definitely don't misjudge it by rating the trial and not the full app.
Seems to load faster and I like the metro alpha search tool for finding Nations and World Cities. Let National Geographic's knowledgeable experts guide you with valuable insights on extraordinary destinations and one-of-a-kind places all around the world. The application is available for free on the App Store, but packs plenty of useful information. There, the photographer who snapped the picture shares all the details of how he shot, and exact GPS coordinates of the place.The parks included in National Parks are Acadia, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Everglades, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Great Smoky Mountains, Haleakala, Hawaia€™i Volcanoes, Joshua Tree, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Shenanadoah, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion. The app, sponsored by Canon, is free, with additional content available for in-app purchase. For each park, the app’s free content provides general park information, including travel tips, contact and entry information, park rules, recent tweets, current weather and special advisories. The app allows access to different styles of world, continent and country maps – providing you unique perspectives on the World’s nations and landforms. Find places by name using the built-in index of major world cities or the full online search of nearly 7 million places.
Map zoom doesn't zoom around center of fingers, but instead at center of screen which is against UI guidelines.

At least give full functionality for a limited time so we can decide whether or not to buy. I can't quite figure out what Political is exactly since it just looks like a regular map of different countries. With a network connection, zoom into street-level detail with the integrated Microsoft Bing maps. National Geographic has funded more than 9,400 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects and supports an education program promoting geographic literacy. Because of the constant nag screen I had a hard time even figuring out what this app really does. The guide brings much more details such as tips on what to do and see, park secrets, and plenty of additional photos. Photo tips from Michael Melford, who has photographed many national park stories for National Geographic magazine, give users the tools they need to shoot like a pro. In the user hub, travelers will find picks from National Geographic editors of their favorite hikes and activities, park news and related events, including Canon-sponsored photo workshops around the country. Detailed maps allow users to locate park points of interest, filter them by activity and seasonality, get directions from their current location, add them to a customized park itinerary or a list of favorites, or share the information on their social networks.

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