I love that National Geographic Kids has such a diverse line of books and activities for kids.
To have crafts, activities, science experiments, fun food ideas and more delivered to your inbox, sign up below for our weekly updates. Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
Bring your learning to life with compelling images, media and text from National Geographic. Gray wolves once populated large portions of North America, Europe, and Asia, but were hunted to near extinction.
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Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. Now with the gorgeous bold and bright pictures we have all come to know and love from National Geographic, you can cook and learn with two food-themed books. Everything You Need For A Girls' Night In by Kerrie HessEverything you need for a girls’ night in! Sharp claws and dagger-like teeth – plus the ability to stalk silently, jump long distances and see in virtual darkness – make these cats natural killing machines. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
LIVING IN THE WORLD: CULTURAL THEMES FOR WRITERS will help you develop a clearer understanding of the world around you through engaging content. Maps, charts, diagrams, graphs, photographs, illustrations—some 600 pictures in all—combine with hundreds of fast facts and short pieces on the people, places, wildlife, weather, history, and current events that matter in our world today.
She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day earth day.

In striking photos and facts from National Geographic, now you can explore the secretive world of these rare and remarkable creatures. The 24 articles gathered in this cross-cultural multi-themed reader offer an exceptionally direct approach to issues surrounding identity and culture around the world.
National Geographic Answer Book is a vital reference for school, a handy resource at the office, and a fabulous pick-up-and browse companion at home.
Learn about their prey, discover your unique big cat purr-sonality – and then be a smarty-cat and test yourself! As the National Geographic Society's writers and photographers investigate the physical and cultural characteristics of specific locations throughout the world, they put faces on forces of assimilation, diversification, and make the multifarious realities of globalization palpable and concrete. Introducing readers to people and customs that may seem foreign, they shed new light on familiar American themes as well.

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