Gang members Tommy Valdez, Johnathon 'Snoopy' Rodriguez and Arturo Torres are locked up in the Grant County Detention Center in New Mexico, but they are determined to escape. Three members of the Southsider Gang are arrested and sent to Grant County Jail in Santa Clara, New Mexico. Nuno Pontes and five inmates join forces to make a daring daylight break from maximum-security Western Penitentiary in Pittsburgh, Pa. About Breakout Show - National Geographic Channel - AsiaWe use first and third party cookies to improve our service, personalize your advertising and remember your website preference. HOMEABOUTVIDEOSPHOTOSLOCATIONINTERACTMOREDESCRIPTIONThis high octane series tells the dramatic stories of some of the most high profile jailbreaks in recent history, and the ingenious detective work that led to the successful recapture of escapees.

This is the story of how safecracker Nuno Pontes masterminded a daring escape from a maximum security prison, told in his own words.
In 2005, 33 year old Quawntay Adams is transferred to a maximum security jail in Alton, Illinois.
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Adams is regarded as a high risk category inmate due his repeated escape attempts; but the 'state of the art' facility at Alton will be more than a match for this modern day Houdini. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.

Now armed and high on drugs with help from other gang members, the three men make for the Mexican border, with the police in hot pursuit.

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