The Adjustment Center (AC) is the politically corrupt designation given to the death row Security Housing Unit (SHU) at San Quentin (SQ) which also serves as Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) overflow housing. This is the infamous San Quentin Adjustment Center, made legendary when George Jackson took over a tier and was assassinated on Aug. Public Affairs Officer Sam Robinson conducts tours of SQ and would tell you with a straight face the AC is overflowing with the a€?worst of the worst.a€? But youa€™re not allowed inside. All this begs the question, a€?Who is really in the AC and how do they end up there?a€? Here is an inside perspective: On May 7, 2013, shortly after a€?YARD IS CANCELLED DUE TO MAINTENANCEa€? was gleefully blasted over the excessively loud PA system in East Block, where the majority of death row prisoners are warehoused, two prisoners in neighboring cells get confronted by a goon squad comprised of a red-faced Sgt. After being detained for over an hour in cages about the size you might expect to see a pair of pet macaws swinging in, they were again humiliated by being staged in their cells, but just long enough to see how everything in them had been tossed like salad during the frantic search that turned up no cell phones or contraband whatsoever, then relocated to the AC indefinitely pending the outcome of an a€?investigation.a€? No Rules Violation Report (RVR), property remains in a shambles at East Block and this ride began over three weeks ago. Cells 1AC63-1AC67 are called a€?the dungeona€? because a barred and padlocked gate separates them from the other 12 cells on the tier. The dungeon is primarily used to torture marginalized or hated prisoners, especially those already obviously suffering from mental disorders acquired at some point during their ride through this torture unit at SQ or at one of the many others operating within the prison industrial complex. Shane Bauer spent months doing an a€?Iranian SHU program.a€? A short time after his release he blew the cover off gang validation policies and SHU conditions in California prisons.
In my opinion, one of the most diabolical ways they keep us on this ride is the a€?fabrication and rejection process.a€? In short, this means getting RVRs fabricated against us, being found guilty at hearings where due process is considered a thing of the past, then having our appeals rejected.
Consider the following, which describes an exceptionally violent combination of mental and physical torture.
The a€?emergency treatmenta€? Frazier received consisted of being thrown into a cage built into the corner of a TTA cell and left crumpled there for three hours or so. A few days after Frazier attempted to file an emergency petition for writ of habeas corpus in Marin County, an RVR was fabricated alleging Frazier battered the goon squad.
Surely these experiences come off sounding sensationalized and extreme, but they are nonetheless classic examples of what untold thousands in SHUs throughout the U.S.
The CDCR has proven over and over to be masters of media manipulation and propaganda wizards. Guards kept a list of Death Row hunger strikers in March 2013 protesting their confinement for many years in the San Quentin Adjustment Center. At this point our peaceful action shows potential exposure of human rights violations due to imminent media attention, so prison officials hoping to cover things up deem this a disruption to facility operations, while part of their clique forms an Institutional Classification Committee (ICC), which then threatens a subsequent Rules Violation Report (RVR) wea€™re going to receive based on their wild stretch interpretation of 15 CCR 3315(a)(2)(L) that makes each of us a documented, validated participant in a Security Threat Group (STG) action (OP608, Sec.
If that fails to halt the advance of our struggle for basic human needs, CDCRa€™s playbook then calls for an intensified sensory deprivation program to be implemented (OP608, Sec. Officers prepare to forcibly remove a prisoner from his cell in the Adjustment Center while they search his cell for letters being passed by prisoners on the tier.
Prior to the 2011 hunger strikes to the present, this is still a root cause of the dilemma in common. Not everyone is a jailhouse lawyer, but the law seemingly requires prisoners to be in order to get their grievances addressed! Nasa stran za boljso uporabnisko izkusnjo uporablja piskotke.Zelim, da moj brskalnik sprejme piskotke v ta namen.Preberi vecZ veseljem jih sprejmem? Researchers download data from a center pivot sprinkler, a type of irrigation system commonly used in the U.S. In case we need another example of the disturbing ramifications of extreme drought for our future water security, we can look to recent news out of northwest Texas. Besides setting the stage for a record-breaking fire season, the drought forced farmers to pump more groundwater to make up for the rainfall deficit.  Without the extra pumping, the drought would have decimated their crops.
Because large-scale irrigation began earlier in northwest Texas and replenishment rates there are less than in other areas supplied by the Ogallala, the region has suffered the heaviest declines. But this year’s decline was exceptional.  It warns the world that as droughts become more frequent, particularly in arid crop-producing regions, groundwater reserves will be depleted even faster than in recent decades, threatening not only water but food supplies.
California farmers similarly hastened the depletion of Central Valley aquifers during the drought years of 2006 through 2010, to compensate for both less rainfall and cutbacks in surface water. Not surprisingly, farmers are not pleased with – and have threatened lawsuits over — the restrictions. In response to the outcry and threat of legal action, the HPCD decided in late February to delay enforcement of the new rule until 2014. But what the HPWD is attempting, and what is needed in other groundwater-dependent areas threatened by long-term depletion, is sound planning and management. Without question, weighing concern for future generations against that of our own, and balancing private rights with the public good is difficult – especially during hard times.  But pulling our heads out of the sand and coming up with realistic solutions to achieve the best balance we can is crucial.

Sandra Postel is director of the Global Water Policy Project and lead water expert for National Geographic’s Freshwater Initiative.
A Billionaire Texan Wants To Build A RadioActive Waste Dump Directly Over the Ogallala Aquafer.I`m Serious! Also, it begs the question, if we are to extract the water in such quantities during times of drought, then why aren’t the legislators compelling the same people to recharge the aquifer during times of flood?
That Sinking Feeling About Groundwater in Texas draws down 27% of the nation’s irrigated cropland.
When the Texas Supreme Court ruled that a farmer owns the water beneath his property, does that include the water from neighbouring property that will flow in as the farmer pumps it out ? Didn’t the billionaire Pickens buy up a significant amount of land above the aquifer and was then granted some sort of utility status so that he could take as much water he wants to sell to major population centers?
On World Water Day this year an organization called Town Hall Los Angeles held a forum and had several speakers and organizations share their views on our local water situation. Frank, the reason desalinization doesn’t work, is because it costs energy and infrastructure. I tip my hat to the research that the Colorado Water Research Institute is conducting about artificial recharge of the Ogallala aquifer in Colorado. Having grown up on a dry-land farm in western Kansas that morphed into one of those irrigated corn and soybean factories now so prevalent on the Great Plains, I can personally testify to the harm irrigation is doing the aquifer and the ecosystem it once supported. Water all over that region is getting scarcer, with the space program stopped why can’t we use some stimulus money to hire some of the thousands of layed off engineers to come up with public works projects to pump sea water to plants that could process the sea water to fresh and fill the aquifers?
Water CurrentsThe goal of Water Currents is to bring together diverse voices to discuss pressing issues in freshwater. Help Save the Colorado RiverBy promising to conserve water you can help restore freshwater ecosystems. Some 170,000 have already cut their water footprint, and, with conservation partners, Change the Course has restored more than 4 billion gallons to the Colorado River Basin. Perspective: What Will Happen When the Aquifers Run Dry?If you think the water crisis can't get worse, wait until the aquifers are drained. The might Colorado, the life and soul of the West, is one of the most tapped rivers in the world. Viewed through an amateur telescope, the Milky Way’s dusty center sweeps diagonally across the sky, draping stellar nurseries. Superheated by the massive black hole at the center of galaxy M87, a jet of gas shoots out across several thousand light-years.
A view through the massive galaxy cluster called Abell 1689 shows light from more distant galaxies smeared by the sheer force of Abell’s gravity. But for all intents and purposes the AC is a secret torture unit at SQ and the fraternal twin of CDCRa€™s other torture units now partially exposed by media attention resulting from the 2011 peaceful hunger strikes at Corcoran, Pelican Bay and Tehachapi. Thata€™s because the torture unit overlords, who include but are not limited to Chief Deputy Warden W.A. Reynolds and four henchmen, all barking furiously, a€?Dona€™t touch anything and strip out!a€? As if at random these two prisoners were selected to be under suspicion of possessing cell phones. For one of these two unfortunate prisoners, his ride through this not-so-fun house began in the dungeon.
He reported Pelican Bay SHU was not identical to its Iranian twin but worse, and in Iranian prisons no one has served more than two years in solitary confinement! 3, 2012, as Robert Frazier lies unconscious in 2AC57 from several days of sleep deprivation caused by a custody staff-influenced medical decision to discontinue various permanent chronos, a goon squad comprised of henchmen Anderson, Calderon, Morris and Yanmastrigt storms into his cell. All that time Frazier screamed in agony, forced to endure excruciating pain as the handcuffs and shackles cut deeper into his skin. Fraziera€™s two healthcare appeals have been delayed without reason in excess of 90 days so far and his RVR hearing appeal, citing denial of all witnesses except the reporting employee, has been rejected by CDCR Appeals Coordinator J.D.
Dona€™t allow them to operate secret torture units like the AC or make them appeal to be something theya€™re not a€“ NECESSARY. Also please contribute generously to this publication helping us to have our voice heard from within, keeping the struggle alive. Thus, nobody provides evidence of being a a€?leadera€? or an a€?organizera€? through individual testimony.
Evidence demonstrates the struggle to gain basic human rights moves forward by using as many nonviolent tools at onea€™s disposal as possible to tighten down the screws on those giving a thumbs-up to the variety of torture methods CDCR uses and obscures.

This particular way described in a petition circulated by MIM silences the many by denying the ability to exhaust administrative remedies required by the courts.
This petition gives a voice to everyone being exploited, and it exposes the violations at both an individual level and collectively. Barack Obama, Black President, Has Finally Entered the Room: What if Trayvon Martin Had a Gun and Stood His Ground? Lubbock’s rainfall for 2011 amounted to a meager 5.86 inches compared to its long-term annual average of 18 inches. Geological Survey, a volume of groundwater equivalent to two-thirds of the water held in Lake Erie has been depleted from the Ogallala since 1940.
Water tables have dropped 100-150 feet in sizeable areas, and even more in smaller pockets. And farmers in India have turned more and more to groundwater as surface supplies get less reliable. This Aquafer,As Noted in Article,Supplies Water to 8 States & 27% of All Irrigated Crops In USA.Please Do Everything Possible To STOP This Insane Idea!!!!!!! What most people don’t realise is that when the spanges are dry they are less able to support the weight of the rock and land on top of them. Since the the grandest of our western aquifers (the Ogallala Aquifer) is overdrafted by one million acre-feet and receives only up to 2 inches of natural recharge every year, it is a non-renewable resource. We are particularly interested in water consumption, locally and globally, and restoration and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River. The water the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago is the same water that falls as rain today. BRESSER National Geographic Weather Center купить в Гипермаркете Сайдекс, выбирайте из ТОП-10, читайте обзоры и отзывы. Another bizarre feature is partitions extending about 5 feet or so from the cell fronts dividing them like horse stalls. Getting held hostage in this torture unit for a couple years, decades or more is business as usual at SQ, just as in others operating in the U.S.
That, of course, is by design, intended to delay and, if possible, preclude exhausting administrative remedies, a requirement before prisoners can access the courts. Please dona€™t allow your tax dollars to reward and secure impunity for sadistic, corrupt prison officers whose goal is to build more torture units in your backyards. The open letter with its list of demands speaks for itself on behalf of us all, participating or not, while our nonviolent participation in the struggle is an action which speaks louder than mere words. Just as many straws in a water glass will empty the glass faster if there’s no limit on the amount allowed per straw, so will an aquifer dry out faster if there’s no limit on the volume pumped per well. Artificial recharge will become the most viable option for Texas in the coming years because it is the most sustainable way to both store and conserve water while maintaining the water table of the Ogallala Aqufier. The torture unit overlords really want to have their way with you and do all they can to get you to hang yourself in their noose-shaped loopholes. Grant agree to examine, document or treat his injuries anytime during Fraziera€™s 16-day hunger strike a€“ all Frazier could think of doing to get seen by medical a€“ but the goon squad beating injuries, re-damaging preexisting injuries and the skin condition which was the major contributing factor leading to his sleep deprivation, were ignored. Wea€™re simply allowing CDCRa€™s twisted response to unravel, thus exposing their premeditated malice which they have reworded in the OP608. I’ve thought much about this topic and even wrote a book about it called Where Rivers Run Sand.
Robertson, claim ita€™s a a€?security risk.a€? Truth be told, we do see how it would a€?riska€? exposing them and the asinine antics common to their clique, how it would cost them the a€?securitya€? of their jobs and perhaps land a few of their asses in prison. Thank you, Sandra, for your continued coverage of water issues, certain to be the focus of everyone’s attention as we continue to waste and destroy the water we need to live.

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