In the mid-90s, the practice of bundling Microsoft software creates legal troubles for Bill Gates and his fast-growing company.
The American mob has reached a low point ' it's the early '90s, and the heads of most of the five families have been imprisoned for life, leaving the families in disarray, torn apart by violence and suspicion. It was a time when technology accelerated us into our digital future, when reality TV got way too real and when politics could focus on the trivial.

But one family survives these traumas intact by adhering to the strict code of silence: the Bonannos.
A time when the United States had won a Cold War yet faced a new enemy driven by fanaticism.
They attract young recruits like Jimmy Calandra and his circle of friends, who become known as the Bath Avenue Crew.

A time when billionaires were created faster than ever before and when even the government had a surplus.

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