Apple today updated the Apple TV with a brand new National Geographic channel, bringing popular National Geographic shows and content to the company's set-top box.
Like many of the channels on the Apple TV, accessing content like full on-demand episodes requires authentication with a cable TV provider. If you want the sort of programming that people expected from National Geographic, just turn to PBS' Nightline and NOVA.
The more channels they add the more likely my Apple TV can completely replace my SD set top box in my bedroom. Drake's new album, Views From The 6, will be exclusive to Apple Music for one week starting on April 29, Apple confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Though most of us use our iOS devices on a daily basis, there are so many hidden tips and features built in that some of them go under the radar.
Facebook is planning to provide developers with toolkits for customer service chatbots and live chat APIs, according to a few sources that spoke with TechCrunch.
Otzi the Iceman re-opens one of the oldest cold cases in human history by examining a Neolithic murder victim buried under ice for over five thousand years.
For those without a cable subscription, there are a few select episodes available for free, plus there are digital shorts and clips from shows available for viewing. Chilling events are reconstructed in hyper-real cg and the latest forensic and scientific techniques employed to expose Europe’s ancient, violent past.

As one might surmise, NatGeo TV is a National Geographic channel for Apple’s set-top box.
As with the company's iOS apps, content is available through the Apple TV channel the day after it airs on television.

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