The teams cross a steep ridge to the crumbling Strandline Canyon, then trek 40 miles to the landing zone. The eight explorers are on the fourth leg of their expedition and are struggling to stay afloat on the Talachulitna River. Mountain man Marty Raney and his son Matt search for fish but after three days and no luck the team is going hungry. With currents rushing at dangerous speeds, it's no easy feat to navigate the frigid waters.

Expert climber Willi Prittie teams up with Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey and his brother Tyrell to find a much-needed food source. The Mountaineers follow the same flatland strategy, and Marty and Tyler are soon stuck in the quicksand. Meanwhile, mountain man Marty Raney and his son Matt enter the river further downstream hoping to minimize their time on the water.
Endurance Team heads straight for the canyon and hopes to follow the winding valley to the landing zone, but a furious river blocks their path.

With empty stomachs and longer nights, the team must compete even harder to prove that they can be Alaska's frontiersmen.

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