WASHINGTON (March 8, 2013)—National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV) announced today that it will distribute the giant screen film “Jerusalem,” which takes audiences on an eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities. National Geographic Cinema Ventures is responsible for production and distribution of giant screen, 3-D and specialty films.
Cosmic Picture was founded by Taran Davies and Dominic Cunningham-Reid to produce dynamic giant screen and theatrical films to entertain and educate audiences about culture, faith, history, science and the environment.
Founded by George Duffield and Meg Thomson, Arcane Pictures’ mission is to make powerful and moving films.
Looking as if it fell from the sky, a 40-ton erratic stands on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. In winter young whale sharks come to feed on plankton in the nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Tadjoura, off the arid coast of Djibouti. Uganda—On a lodge terrace in Queen Elizabeth National Park, a photographer's butter and roll prove irresistible to the local lunchtime crowd. Rarely visited, the reefs off Saudi Arabia in the northern Red Sea are some of the most undisturbed in the region. Yeager Rock (at right), in north central Washington State, helped geologists map how far south the ice sheet pushed—and provided a surface where local graduates could paint important dates. A relic of the Iran-Iraq war, this oil tanker was scuttled near the Kuwait-Iraq border on Saddam Hussein's orders, to block access by sea to southern Iraq. The erratic in the foreground tumbled from a mountainside onto Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. The ordeal of nesting over for another year, a loggerhead turtle paddles into the surf of Oman's Masira Island.
Blindfolded and tranquilized, a black rhino is airlifted in a ten-minute helicopter ride from South Africa's Eastern Cape Province to a waiting truck that will deliver it to a new home some 900 miles away.
United States—With aquatic tails plus full sets of legs, western spadefoot tadpoles display the magic of metamorphosis. A melting iceberg, calved from the snout of Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier, carries a passenger just a bit farther.
Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys. Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices.
Smartphones have become our everyday companions, relied upon more and more for capturing and sharing moments in our lives through photography. This workshop is led by a National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor and is designed for amateurs who seek to effectively use and share mobile imagery and are interested in exploring the creative side of smartphone photography.
The following is our planned itinerary; however, our schedule is flexible to allow for spontaneous photographic opportunities. Gather in our classroom this morning for introductory talk on the fundamental technical skills for making great images with your smartphone—including exposure and focus controls—as well as an image presentation by our National Geographic photographer. Ed Kashi is an award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker who has produced seventeen stories for National Geographic magazine. All participants must bring a mobile device with a camera such as an iPhone, Windowsphone, or Android smartphone. Get facts, photos, and travel tips for the Central Amazon Conservation Complex, a World Heritage site in Brazil, from National Geographic. Quickly becoming a favorite outpost for adventurers, this town's beauty is no longer a secret. Located on Brazil’s Costa Verde between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Parati offers culturally rich experiences to travelers whether you stay in town, outside of town, or out in the wilds. Rio is a city of glamour and glitz—but also of poverty and violence in the favelas that climb its hills. Photo: Host Kinga Philipps listens as collector Gina Lundblade goes over the details of her object, a Native American bag. On this episode of America’s Lost Treasures, Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps host an Open Call for objects and artifacts at the Historic Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Which of Curt and Kinga’s picks will be verified as a true lost treasure and deemed worthy of admittance into the National Geographic Museum?
Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.
Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science.
Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world. A police officer walks by the sinkhole in Guatemala City on May 30, 2010a€”the day the sinkhole appeared.It probably isn't safe to venture too close to the chasm, Currens, the hydrogeologist, said.
The 2010 sinkhole in Guatemala City (pictured on May 30) is strangely similar to a sinkhole that appeared in Guatemala City in 2007 after a sewer line had ruptured and saturated the surrounding soil with water.The 2010 sinkhole could have formed in a similar fashion, Currens said.
In 2007 an approximately 30-story-deep sinkhole (pictured) swallowed several homes and killed three people in Guatemala City.Typically, officials fill in sinkholes with large rocks and other debris. In honor of April 18, we take a look at how science organizes and names speciesa€”sometimes with a sense of humor. Mountains, wildlife, and wide open skies inspired more than great pictures for our photographer.
Indonesiaa€™s Tambora eruption brought on a deadly spate of coolinga€”presaging the costs that come with sudden changes to climate. Archaeologists have finally discovered what lies at the end of a tunnel leading steeply downward from a 3,300-year-old royal tomb.

Snakes await at the foot of a steep tunnel in a scene painted on the walls of Pharaoh Seti I's tomb, above the real-life tunnel (file photo). Ancient Egyptian workers carve out and embellish the tomb of Seti I in a cutaway illustration.Painstakingly chipped into high limestone cliffs above the Valley of the Kings, also home to the tomb of King Tut, Seti I's tomb is among the hardest to reach but most rewarding. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), ascends the upper reaches of the newly excavated secret tunnel of Seti I in August 2009.Discovering that the tunnel was left unfinished solves an archaeological mystery. Buried for more than a thousand years, Scotland's a€?Galloway hoarda€? may include rare artifacts looted from medieval monasteries. After years of working with various government ministries and religious and community leaders, the filmmakers were granted the exclusive permits necessary to capture aerial shots above the Old City of Jerusalem, and throughout the Holy Land. Arcane is at the forefront of combining documentaries and the power of cinema to change the world. The Mediterranean metropolis of more than 850,000 is home to 100,000 foreigners from Algeria, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and beyond. East Africa is home to many species of weaverbirds, known for their skill in building nests.
Sunlight penetrates deep into the clear waters, enabling lush gardens of corals to flourish along these wave-washed coasts.
Kuwaiti authorities are reluctant to remove the vessel for fear of damaging the wetlands of nearby Bubiyan Island, an important fish nursery and seabird breeding ground.
Sliding downhill, sometimes two feet a day, the ice will eventually crumble, dumping its rider into Mendenhall Lake. Designed to extricate the animals gently from difficult terrain, the airlifts are part of an effort to relocate endangered black rhinos to areas better suited to increasing their numbers as well as their range. Just days away from terrestrial life, these pollywogs will not eat until their tails are completely reabsorbed into their bodies.
This rock tumbled onto the glacier back in the mountains and rode the escalator down to Mendenhall Lake. In the ongoing mobile imaging revolution, sensors, lenses, and technology are getting steadily more sophisticated, and myriad new creative apps have put smartphones on the cutting-edge of photography today. Discuss storytelling with your camera and hear which of today’s creative apps can best enhance your smartphone images.
Dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times, a sensitive eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his work. The duo steps back in time to investigate and verify that the items they’ve selected are indeed treasures. The expert he takes the scrimshaw to points out that it’s got a problem and he lets go of another object, the daguerreotype returning it to the owner after the investigation. See multiple views of the 30-story-deep sinkhole in Guatemala that swallowed a three-story building. The image adds to evidence that the tunnel may have been planned from the beginning, according to Egyptian archaeologist Mustafa Waziri. The tomb is the most ornate and largest in the valleya€”and it's growing.The newly excavated stairway beneath the tomb isn't the only tunnel to surprise archaeologists and expand the tomb's square footage in recent years. But archaeologists are increasingly confronted with demands to let past generations rest in peace.
Its most recent film, “The End of the Line,” won the inaugural Puma Creative Impact prize for the documentary that achieves the largest social impact in the world. Our new two-day workshop focuses on the technical aspects of how to get the best images from our smartphones while also delving into the creative side of smartphone photography.
Stroll along this elevated urban greenway, capturing its architectural details, scenes of passersby, and unexpected angles on the New York skyline and the Hudson River.
Then head out on a photo shoot in Central Park, using some of these apps to tell a compelling story about the park and its patrons. One of his innovative approaches to photography and filmmaking is his acclaimed Iraqi Kurdistan flipbook that uses still images in a moving-image format. For her due diligence, Kinga goes to the Nelson-Atkins Museum to meet with a world renowned expert in American Indian Art to find out if the bag she’s brought belonged to Geronimo. They’re both idiots that can’t find their butts with 3 hands yet they have jobs where they meet interesting people, get to see and research antiques and artifacts and make good money at it! The best views are from the Canadian side, which takes in Horseshoe Falls and the smaller American Falls. The scene may refer to the ancient Egyptian Book of Hours, in which a snake guides good people into the afterlife, Waziri said.While the rest of the tomb is covered with ornate reliefs, the tunnel is almost entirely blank. In 2008 experts announced they'd found a new tunnel in the tomb proper, which expanded the crypt's length from 328 feet (100 meters) to 446 feet (136 meters). The film tells the stories of real-life inhabitants of the ancient city and of prominent archaeologists exploring the enduring appeal of this unique crossroads of civilization. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, “Jerusalem” also explores some of the surprising intersections between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which come together in this sacred city. Learn about exposure, composition, artistic vision, creative apps, and storytelling during talks and edit-and-critique sessions. Pick up your lunch to bring back to the classroom for an edit-and-critique session with your instructors. Later, return to our classroom for a final edit-and-critique session with your instructors, followed by a discussion on social media’s impact on photography, future directions in smartphone photography, and your own next steps. As a member of the prestigious VII Photo Agency, Ed has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition. Her next investigation takes her to Missouri Town 1855 to see one of her objects, a kitchen gadget from the 18th Century, in action.

Fortunately for Curt, his only hope for a victory turns out to be the real deal: a rare and original copy of the 1859 Kansas Constitution.
With your smartphone in hand, go on photo shoots into Manhattan to photograph street life amid well-loved landmarks from Times Square and the Highline to Central Park. This afternoon, learn about photographic composition and creative seeing, and discuss the elements that make an image powerful.
Cap off the workshop with a group dinner followed by a presentation of the best images created during the weekend. His images have been published and exhibited worldwide, and his editorial assignments and personal projects have generated seven books.
To investigate her final piece Kinga channels her inner outlaw and heads to the boyhood home of one of the country’s most notorious outlaws, Jesse James. And the object’s value is even greater when the State Archivist compares it to the only copy the Archive has.
The “Maid of the Mist” boat takes you right up to the base of the falls.San Francisco Bay, CaliforniaBeautiful San Francisco Bay is the world’s largest deep-water harbor.
As the afternoon light fades to dusk, travel by subway to iconic Times Square for today’s second field assignment, working with low lighting and bright city lights to make compelling night shots. The 60-story-high Golden Gate Bridge, the city’s most famous landmark, guards the bay’s Pacific Ocean entrance. He has also been on the forefront of using mobile photography and the Instagram platform as a photojournalist on assignments and for personal projects. A walkway offers easy access to the world-famous view back to the city, with the sailboat-dotted bay sparkling far below. In 2011, he produced a multimedia piece on the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam that won the UNICEF Photo of the Year and a World Press award. An even better view awaits on the other side of the bridge, if you drive into the Marin Headlands and, from the Civil War fort, look out over the top of the giant, fog-swathed towers to the seemingly tiny city beyond.Florence Cityscape, ItalyThe Florence of Renaissance masters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo remains much the same to this day.
Ed’s work has earned numerous other honors, including from Pictures of the Year International (recently named Multimedia Photographer of the Year for 2014), Communication Arts, and American Photo Magazine. The massive yet refined 15th-century dome of the Duomo (the cathedral) dominates the tower-dotted skyline.
Ed is also an accomplished educator who instructs and mentors students of photography, participates in forums, and lectures on photojournalism, documentary photography, and multimedia storytelling. Other city-defining structures include the Palazzo Vecchio tower and the 14th-century shop-lined Ponte Vecchio.
The hillside Piazzale Michelangelo lookout, across the Arno River, provides a splendidly classic view of Florence.The West Coast of IrelandIreland’s wild west coast, where the Atlantic crashes against high rugged cliffs, appears to stand outside of time.
Eire’s fabled green hills run right up to the cliffs, edged with fence rows and blooming lilacs and dotted with centuries-old keeps and thatch-roofed homes. You will discover one vista more spectacular than the next as you drive along the narrow country roads lacing this magical land.Versailles, FranceLouis XIV, the Sun King, nearly bankrupted France in adorning Versailles with the finest furnishings to impress his subjects and foreign dignitaries. The most renowned chamber at Versailles is the Hall of Mirrors, so named because the light from the tall arched windows on one side of the room is reflected by the corresponding mirrors opposite them. The royal chapel and living quarters also define grandeur, as do the immense formal gardens adorned with statues and fountains.Amalfi Coast, ItalyYou’ll find endless breathtaking coastal views on a visit to the Amalfi coast of southern Italy. The narrow and twisting 50-kilometer (31-mile) Amalfi Drive between Sorrento and Amalfi is inarguably the world’s most beautiful and thrilling sightseeing road. Take care as you drive: The road has only occasional railings to keep your car from plunging onto the breaker-washed boulders far below.
If you’re a fainthearted driver, you’ll probably want to motor north, along the road’s inner lane.The Serengeti, TanzaniaAfrica’s Serengeti migration is known as the greatest animal show on Earth.
More than a million wild animals—gazelles, zebras, and other ungulates—blanket the Tanzanian landscape as far as the eye can see. When a seasonal drought dries up grass and water supplies in one area, the grazing animals move to the next area where seasonal rains are falling.
Although lions and other carnivores do not migrate with the grazing animals, they feast on them when their paths cross. To fully appreciate the magnitude of this animal spectacle, hire a small plane and soar high above.Manhattan Skyline, New YorkNew York City probably has the world’s most recognized skyline. The buildings soar upward in two Manhattan clusters, midtown and downtown, with a “valley” of low buildings in between.
The most sensational daytime views occur in the morning, looking west, and late afternoon, looking east. The best skyline vantage points are from the observation areas on the 86th and 102nd floors of the Empire State Building and from a boat in the harbor.Hong Kong HarbourHong Kong Harbour teems with all kinds of boats, from tiny fishing skiffs to great ocean liners, with sparkling skyscrapers rising beyond. From a boat you can study the harbor activity up close, and the promenade along the Kowloon side provides a good vantage as well.
But for a truly spectacular view, head to the top of 552-meter-high (1,811-foot) Victoria Peak.
From here you take in not only the city but the South China Sea and some of the outlying islands as well.
In the evening, boat lights sparkle and lights dance across the water, joining in the frenzy of electric activity produced by one of the world’s greatest cities.

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