The job of an airman includes a long list of responsibilities, and commanders want to ensure that their troops develop their minds along with their combat prowess. To help guide servicemembers in their training, the Air Force’s top general, the Air Force Chief of Staff, publishes a list of various works to help guide members to topics relevant to the life of an airman. Unlike the Marine Corps and Army Lists that we have previously covered, the Air Force list includes not only books but also works of art, movies, and even TED talks. The series offers a dramatic look into the personal lives of men at war, and the issues they face. The documentary from National Geographic follows a group of PJs during a tour in Afghanistan. The film is so moving that two days after watching it, then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta held a press conference to discuss changes to the way the military handles sexual assault. An Italian war film from 1966 may seem quite strange as a recommendation to airmen, but not only is this film entertaining, it is also a look into an important conflict that is still studied today. Director Gillo Pontecorvo stayed true to that theme, and his movie is an objective, equal-handed portrayal of the French and the Algerians. Hell’s Wench, the B-24 Liberator pictured, was the lead plane in the Allied attack after the lead group took a wrong turn. After the attack, Baker attempted to gain altitude to allow his crew to escape, but sadly ended up crashing.
There are two other galleries to view at the Air Force website, and all the photos are fascinating. The air raid led by Jimmy Doolittle over Japan during World War II is one of the most amazing and daring air raids in the history of the United States.
Glines’ work is different in that it follows not only the attack but the story of the last raider. Stigler was ordered to intercept and destroy Brown’s plane, but when he overtook Brown, he found a plane badly damaged to the point that he could peer in and see the injured crew members.
We won’t ruining the ending by telling you what took place, but this book tells an incredible story of friendship, brotherhood and the bonds of service, and how people can be enemies and yet still view each other as human. As unsavory as it can be to talk about killing, the subject matter deals with a primary responsibility of servicemembers.
Author Robert Gaylor was the fifth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF), which is the highest enlisted advisor in the branch. Following the success of last year’s hit series, Inside Combat Rescue, the National Geographic Channel returns to the front lines of Afghanistan in Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand. Participating in active missions, our cameras travel into hostile territory with the men and women of Reaper Team 5 on a manhunt for a notorious Taliban commander named Subhanullah.

On one particularly high-stakes mission, we join the Reapers as they escort a high-ranking colonel into a Taliban-controlled village believed to be harboring Subhanullah.
During the tumultuous month of July, when Independence Day attacks are known to spike, the PJs spring into action, flying into the heat of battle to save the critically wounded following a massive attack at a compound in the city of Kabul that killed seven people. During NGC’s six-week “deployment” at Bagram Airfield, our film crew captured heroic acts of bravery in the field and comradery back at base.
Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand presents an intimate, 360-degree view of life on the front lines, as never seen before. Spring in the northern hemisphere officially begins this Sunday, March 20th—coinciding with International Happiness Day! Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.
These brave men go behind enemy lines to rescue injured US and Allied forces on the battlefield.
The documentarians embed with the PJs during their missions, which allows the viewers to see the PJs in action first-hand. Algerian independence was won after a hard-fought insurgency that included atrocities committed by both sides. The guerrilla campaign by the Algerians produced great works on the subjects of insurgencies and counterinsurgencies, and this movie is one of those works. The movie follows Maya, a CIA operative who makes it her life’s mission to find Bin Laden. The painting by Roy Grinnell depicts the lead aircraft in an air assault during World War II. They include photos of families, missions, training, and many various aspects of military life. Many books and movies about the bombing have been produced over the years following the attack. After dealing with the trama of being captured by Japanese forces and later disbelieving his release, Lt. Grossman takes the reader through the science of how people respond to combat and how they deal with the effects of combat afterwards. Over his long career, Gaylor served in many overseas unit and in Vietnam and advised many high-ranking officers to include the Secretary of the Air Force.
He uses personal reflections, storytelling and a mixture of light-hearted and serious observation that keeps you watching. This dramatic two-hour special, premiering this Sunday, June 15 at 9P offers a unique, firsthand perspective of the final stages of Operation Enduring Freedom through the eyes of the men and women on the ground and in the air, fighting to protect us.

Air Force and the personnel stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, The Last Stand embeds with the “Reapers,” an elite Air Force unit tasked with capturing or killing the highest-level Taliban targets who threaten the lives of the 36,000 people who call Bagram home. The wanted insurgent has orchestrated several attacks on Americans in Afghanistan, including potential involvement in a rocket attack that killed four soldiers waiting at a bus stop on base. With cameras and a translator inside the closed-door meeting, see the negotiation unfold firsthand as the American forces persuade village leaders to stop protecting the wanted war criminal. Home videos from the airmen and heartfelt Skype sessions with their family members provide insight into the more personal side of war, while helmet cams and more than 25 strategically placed cameras mounted inside and outside of the Air Force’s HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters, and the 60,000-pound MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protection) vehicles, take viewers right into the action. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.
The mission of pararescue, or PJs as they are commonly called, is to rescue forces in danger, whether they are trapped behind enemy lines or in hostile territory. The assault was called Operation Tidal Wave and aimed at dealing a blow to Axis forces petroleum production. Snyder and depicts a medic giving aid to a young Afghan boy who was burned by another villager.
George Barr was found by Doolittle, now a general, who helped set his former soldier on the road to recovery. His story is gripping and is a fine example of how to live purposefully while leading and inspiring those under you. Then, we take to the skies once again with the pararescuemen (or PJs) of the 83rd Rescue Squadron. While the mood inside the meeting remains peaceful, tensions mount outside as crowds of villagers arrive, some of whom are throwing rocks. After his aircraft was damaged, he dumped his bomb load so that he could continue leading the formation instead of safely landing in a field. This time around, we’ll follow a new group of PJs as they fly into hostile territory to rescue wounded comrades, coalition forces and Afghan citizens. From the uncertainty of surrounding a compound of a suspected weapons dealer with possible ties to the Taliban, to the nail-biting minutes as a convoy unknowingly approaches an IED, to the heartfelt confessions of an airman’s concerns about returning home after a long, six-month deployment — the tension, suspense and raw emotion of each moment in Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand is all too real. Tune in to National Geographic to see what it is like to wear military combat boots on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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