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Quickly becoming a favorite outpost for adventurers, this town's beauty is no longer a secret. Located on Brazil’s Costa Verde between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Parati offers culturally rich experiences to travelers whether you stay in town, outside of town, or out in the wilds. Rio is a city of glamour and glitz—but also of poverty and violence in the favelas that climb its hills. You can also select from hundreds of other cruise ships to locate & track using the custom selection boxes below. Did You Know?There are currently over 300,000 people on a cruise ship vacation right now!Make progress towards YOUR next cruise ship vacation today!
Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12. The March 11 Japanese tsunami pulled millions of tons of debris from the country's coastline following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off Sendai. Since then, scientists have been tracking and monitoring the wreckagea€”bits of houses, whole cars, and household appliancesa€”floating at sea, corralled by ocean currents in the North Pacific into an area researchers estimate could be the size of California. Few people have seen the floating tsunami debris field up close, and most have been scientists or crew members on shipping freighters. The trip aboard the Sea Dragon, a 72-foot (22-meter) sailing yacht, will loop the Pacific in two legs. The first lega€”a 23-day trip originating in the Marshall Islands, passing through the giant ocean vortex called the Western Pacific Gyre, and ending in Tokyoa€”has a small chance of encountering the tsunami debris field.
But the second leg, originating in Tokyo, will follow the path of the debris with the specific intent of sampling it. According to Jeanne Gallagher, office manager at Algalita, most of that hefty outlay goes toward food, fuel, research expenses, and insurancea€”paying passengers are often inexperienced sailors. Any profita€”which would be unexpected, according to Gallaghera€”would be used for further research. Although this is a research mission to study the tsunami debris field, and not a recovery one, Gallagher said that if the team encounters any small objects that appear to be traceable to a person or a family in Japan, they will make every effort to return the items.
The project brings paying tourists to the debris field at a time when there's still concern in Japan about missing victims of the disaster. Only 13 people, including 4 trained crew, will make each leg of the trans-Pacific crossing, so all participants will be integral and active in ship life, including keeping watch for navigational hazards in the debris field, sailing the boat, cooking, cleaning, and collecting scientific data.
The samples they collect during several transects of the field will be used to determine and refine existing models of how fast the material is moving, how quickly it is decomposing, and the nature of the material's colonization by marine animals.

One of the participants, Valerie Lecoeur, 41 of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, said she hopes to see where plastic accumulates in the ocean firsthand.
As a mom worried about BPA and toxic chemicals in plastic, Lecoeur started Zoë b Organic, which manufactures toys, dishes, and other children's items out of corn-based biodegradable plastics.
In September a Russian ship sighted an empty fishing boat from the Fukushima Prefecturea€”one of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami.
Algalita Executive Director Marieta Francis said she expects the crew will encounter more large objects in the tsunami debris field than they might find in other areas of aggregated debris, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, because these materials will not have been worn down.
Marine debris is a serious hazard to aquatic life that can ingest it or become entangled in it. Lecoeur, the North Carolina entrepreneur, said, "I wonder if on this trip, I will have the same feeling looking out at the ocean that I have on the beach.
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This particular ship, itinerary, cruiseline or port is either out of service or currently unavailable. But in May 2012 Pangaea Explorations, the Algalita Marine Research Foundation and the 5 Gyres Institutea€”organizations that specialize in researching plastic accumulation in the oceans-will take scientists and paying members of the public to the floating field of ruins. That leg is to end 32 days later in Hawaii, where some of the material may come ashore as early the beginning of next year, according to predictions by the International Pacific Research Center. But Nori Akashi, a representative of the Japanese National Tourism Organization, said she does not believe the project will garner resentment, because the cruise is primarily a scientific venture. Past trips to study marine debris with these organizations have attracted everyone from independent scientists to film crews and artists. With this information, researchers can better understand how land-based materials like plastics behave in the ocean. A TV set and refrigerator were also found in what was likely the outer edge of the debris field, 300 miles (480 kilometers) northwest of Hawaii's Midway Atoll. In the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, tiny plastic pieces, worn down over years of exposure to the elements, dominate samples.
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