To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. A tiger peers at a camera trap it triggered while hunting in the early morning in the forests of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. SingaporeThe vertiginous "infinity pool" at the Marina Bay Sands resort offers a sweeping view of Singapore, a country that's achieved success while building up instead of out. After the disasters of March 11, tens of thousands were ordered to leave their homes in the vicinity of the damaged nuclear plant, their footprints now frozen in the mud. The 15th-century church of Rodel on the Isle of Lewis, built for the warlike chiefs of the MacLeods, towers over the sea lochs of Scotland's Outer Hebrides. RebirthNew York, New YorkThe liveliest show in town, Times Square buzzes with reborn energy.
China—As if swimming in a fantasy aquarium, a school of decorative fish hovers inside Beijing's renovated Water Cube. Street LifeIstanbul, TurkeyBy foot, rail, and automobile, people pass through Taksim Square, animating the modern hub of Istanbul. Stars a hundred times more massive than the sun pierce the roiling haze of the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Democratic Republic of the Congo—Healthy vegetation in a verdant area of South Kivu Province appears reddish when captured with infrared photography.
A centuries-old supernova remnant, its rose-tinted shock wave blasting outward at more than 11 million miles an hour, hangs in the Large Magellanic Cloud like an iridescent holiday ornament. Affluent CitySeoul, South KoreaSeoul's electrifying growth, from impoverished war-torn capital in the 1950s to economic powerhouse, has turned its cityscape into a dense grid of housing and office towers.
The fallow deer in the park at Knole, Kent, have looked down at the world with long-nosed lordliness since the days of King James.
France—On a bright summer morning a captive-bred male harvest mouse perches acrobatically in an Alsace wheat field.

OregonOffshore lies a fault that in centuries past has triggered large earthquakes—and tsunamis that swamped the coast. The Baiterek, towering over Astana's central promenade, flares green against a dappled evening sky. Originally bred as guard dogs, Tibetan mastiffs like Midas, a Westminster finalist from Lubbock, Texas, can top 150 pounds. Afghanistan—On drought-pocked earth near Marjah, in the restive Helmand Province, a lone shepherd leads his sheep through a mud wall's gap.
Miniature lakes reflect the sky in White Pocket, one of the geological spectacles on the Paria Plateau.
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Tigers can thrive in many habitats, from the frigid Himalaya to tropical mangrove swamps in India and Bangladesh.
Nothing in early modern Britain, from its cities to its remotest corners, was more political than religion. A 30-year redevelopment project turned a seedy stretch of Broadway into today's neon-lit shopping and entertainment walkway. Where Olympic swimmers used to compete, visitors now frolic in a wave pool and on elaborate water-park rides.
Compensation for loss of life caused by cats outside the park gives villagers some consolation.
Schemes to restrict the area to foot traffic worry planners who fear the famous crossroads could lose its creative energy.
Gas and dust from exploding stars serve as seed matter for new stars, making this one of the most active stellar nurseries in our galactic neighborhood.
That's the name Steve Winter gave this youngster, cooling off in a watering hole in Bandhavgarh National Park, after he slapped the automated camera trap until it stopped clicking.
These houses at Cannon Beach sit just inside an evacuation zone based on a worst-case scenario.

Flash floods carved this passage through petrified sand dunes, exposing the iron-rich bands. Intended as a symbol of the new capital, the 318-foot monument evokes a giant tree with a golden egg in its branches.
The centuries of breeding that produced such diversity in dogs also created isolated genetic populations that are helping scientists understand human diseases. They are highly protective of their owners—an impulse that, along with most other dog behaviors, remains a genetic mystery. Scenes of pastoral grace persist in this agriculturally intensive country, despite strife, insecurity, and dire food shortages.
Over the eons, groundwater has leached the color out of the Navajo sandstone here, and the weather has broken its surface into irregular polygons. Threading the hem of the Paria Plateau, Highway 89A partly traces a route followed by 18th-century Franciscan explorers, and by Mormons on their way to St. Some dislike the theme park commercialism of the redo, but almost all applaud that the streets are alive with a city's valued resource—people. The grandeur of this aristocratic style seeped into every corner of King James's England—and into the language used by the translators of his Bible.
As the world's coasts get more crowded, geologists are finding that tsunamis occur more often than once thought. In the Kazakh myth of Samruk, a sacred bird lays a golden egg in the branches of a poplar each year. It was an age in which social hierarchy was considered a reflection of the divine order of the universe.

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