Melissa Farlow has worked extensively in the American West for National Geographic —driving 20,000 miles for a magazine story and book on public lands—and more recently, documenting mustang herds. Before freelancing, Farlow worked as a staff photographer at the Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times newspapers. As the economics of print dwindles the two have continued to support their documentary interests by doing advertising campaigns and corporate work. Watch National Geographic's car documentary on Memorial DayDriving America looks at how more than a century of American auto enthusiasm has shaped our landscape, our economy, and our culture. We know what you'll be watching on TV on Sunday May 24th—the 99th running of the Indy 500, naturally. Paul suggests the purpose of highlights or lowlights in the hair is to add texture and dimension to a person’s hair color. When you finally decide you are ready for highlights or low lights, here are a few suggestions that will make the process a little smoother when meeting with your colorist.

7.  When leaving the salon, make sure to go home with the appropriate products for color treated hair. Sign up to receive the latest beauty news and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. There are Kaengsaeng 68 with a split front window and there are without, I suppose the latter were made later. She has a Pulitzer Prize for a joint project documenting desegregation of the public schools in Louisville, KY. But if you're flipping through the channels on Monday night, point your remote at the National Geographic Channel and check out Driving America, a two-hour documentary about how the automobile has shaped our nation over the past hundred-plus years.And hey, recognize this guy? Check it out on the National Geographic Channel Monday, May 25th, at 9pm.What do you think?
Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.

Be assured that your colorist and you are on the “same page” by bringing in a “page” (tear sheet) from a magazine showing the color you desire.  Since it is literally impossible to describe a specific color, you want this form of guarantee that everyone involved in the process definitively knows what you want. If the glass was taken out, the frame piece in the middle might heve been removed at the same time.
One story required four months traveling to many of the national parks for the magazine, and a separate piece on Olympic National Park. Her newspaper work focused on long term projects, winning awards in POYi and various contests.

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