The personal treasures of a chief include a seahorse pendant about three inches tall, ear ornaments, part of a breastplate, a necklace, and plaques. Indonesia—A flurry of filaments helps camouflage the striated frogfish, a bottom dwelling predator often found in warm, weedy waters. The Danish flag flaps on the sled as the dogs huff across a flat and frozen sea near Station Nord.
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A colony of monarch butterflies clings to a tree in the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Preserve in the mountains of central Mexico. The scene depicted in this ancient artwork, on display at the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia, shows the origin of the El Dorado myth.
In Afghanistan, over 20,000 pieces of ancient gold jewelry and artifacts were discovered in 1979.
Learn about the saga of the Maya civilization in three parts: The rise, the monumental splendor, and the collapse.
An Old Havana street serves as a field of dreams for young boys engaged in one of Cuba’s national passions—baseball.
Young boys and girls, some still in school uniform, socialize on a street corner on a warm Cuban evening. An amorous couple cozies up to the bar at Bodeguita del Medio, an Old Havana hot spot popular for its tasty mojitos and historic association with legendary writer Ernest Hemingway.
A happy teenager cruises along Havana’s waterfront Malecon to her quinceanera reception, the 15th-birthday party that, in Latin culture, marks her coming of age.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba.
Youngsters beat the heat by diving into the sea along Havana’s waterfront Malecon, a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and socializing.
Today Cuba’s “second city,” Santiago de Cuba, has an African ambiance, but it also has strong links to a Spanish past. Trinidad’s historic center, which dates to the 16th century, remains largely unmarked by the modern world. White Mesa Arch is one of the natural attractions on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. The evening sun illuminates El Capitan and the Merced River in California’s Yosemite National Park. Nearby peaks are reflected in the clear surface of Kearsarge Lake in California’s Kings Canyon National Park. A horseback rider is silhouetted against the sea and sky on a Costa Rica beach at twilight.
Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12. A diver explores a shallow, coral-encrusted seamount slope near Raja Ampat, Indonesia; the remotely operated vehicle can descend to survey deeper reaches.

Indonesia—Empty-handed after a trip to a feeding area, Doyok the orangutan hangs out in Borneo's Tanjung Puting National Park.
HADRIAN’S WALL, ENGLANDBarbarians would have stared up at this section, which runs along a cliff near the northern town of Once Brewed.
PEPGusting winds fling dirt from barren cotton fields onto Farm to Market Road 303, near a small community called Pep. An abandoned trawl net blankets part of the El Bajo Seamount in Mexico’s Gulf of California, destroying corals. Lights atop the 300-foot minarets at four-year-old al Saleh Mosque glow during a storm in Sanaa.
Storm chaser Berkes, 32, spent 36 hours in below-zero windchills and up to 70-mph gusts to make this self-portrait in Barnegat Light, New Jersey.
An expanse of cabbage coral attached to the slope of a seamount near Raja Ampat provides shelter for crabs, shrimps, and other animals. Generators keep the lights blazing at a wedding in Sanaa’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where power cuts are frequent.
AMMAN, JORDANImposing architecture and art followed Roman armies to the farthest flung corners of the empire. An orange sheephead, slender wrasses, and other fish swim through a forest of coralline algae and kelp stalks swaying in the current around Cortes Bank. A harbor seal peers from a kelp forest on Cortes Bank, a series of undersea peaks and plateaus off the coast of San Diego. TEXASTumbleweeds catch in the furrows of an unplanted cotton field near Brownfield, southwest of Lubbock. SAN ANGELOWell drillers Clark Abel (top) and his son, Justin, install the head of a windmill that will pump water from a new and deeper well. After searching the bird feeders in Yeager's yard, this squirrel stopped on the back deck to pick up fallen seeds. Dusk falls as the DeepSee returns to the surface and to its support ship, the Argo, at the end of a day of mapping and exploring Las Gemelas. All were buried in a bag studded with the surrounding stone beads, which scattered as the fibers decayed.
Students must take the path because there are suspected minefields around the school in the area where the shrubs and trees start. Like its anglerfish relatives, it also employs a dangling lure to seduce fish and other prey into its lair—and gaping mouth.
War captives may have been lashed to them before being sacrificed and buried with chiefs during funerals that involved days of feasting and dancing. The patrollers must lead their team, and in whiteout conditions that often means relying on GPS and a compass.
Una obra exclusiva con 20 DVD’s con mas de 30 horas de los documentales mas premiados de National Geographic.
Importante apartado de desarrollo personal, para tomar decisiones en las mejores condiciones.
Esta rigurosamente prohibida la copia, distribucion o difusion integra o parcial de los contenidos de esta web sin autorizacion expresa por escrito de su creador. The Mexican government is working to encourage tourism and discourage illegal logging in the preserve, where millions of these delicate orange-and-black butterflies come to nest each winter. Legend tells of a Muisca king who would cover himself in gold dust during festivals, then dive from a raft into Lake Guatavita.
The island nation regularly fields one of the world’s top international teams, and many Cubans have competed in Major League Baseball.

This sunrise scene captures the morning commute near Ciego de Avila.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba.
The smokes are one of Cuba’s defining symbols—“Havanas” are renowned worldwide and have special cache among many aficionados in America, where their import remains illegal.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. Fidel Castro’s government stresses free, public education for all Cubans, and the nation, though poor, has a high literacy rate.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. Though it's not clear if Papa really did drink here, the Cuban government has franchised out some 50 restaurants of the same name, heavy with Hemingway memorabilia, in cities from Palo Alto to Prague.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. Fans of Detroit’s golden age find heaven on Cuban highways, where necessity and invention combine to keep vintage American models rolling decades after they came off the assembly line.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. The banner celebrates the success of the Cuban Revolution, which transformed the island’s government during the 1950s.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. The nation’s mild climate allows Cubans to spend much of their time outdoors, and typical household activities often spill out into the street.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. Romantic couples often promenade along its gracefully curving sweep, passing historic homes and modern skyscrapers while enjoying Havana’s intimate relationship with the sea.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba.
Castillo del Morro was built nearly 500 years ago to pirate-proof the entrance to the Bay of Santiago.
So does this view of the city’s natural surroundings, including the Sierra del Escambray mountain range.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. The rehabilitated primate was released into the wild some 20 years ago but occasionally returns for a bit of banana and milk.
The $60 million house of worship is Yemen’s largest and most extravagant, named for Ali Abdullah Saleh, who stepped down in February after 33 years as president. Passing schools of fish may feed on these invertebrates as well as on plankton brought up by strong currents. 300, this cavalry outpost on the edge of the desert is one of the world’s best preserved Roman forts. The curled fingers were part of a statue that may have stood over 40 feet tall at the Temple of Hercules, in Amman, Jordan, around A.D. High winds and a record-breaking heat wave led to damaging erosion, says Buzz Cooper, who runs a cotton gin nearby. Drought is good for their business—but in the long run could drive people away from West Texas.
But number one fan Fidel Castro certainly isn’t among them—stories of his professional baseball prowess are pure fantasy.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. The hard limestone hummocks are all that’s left standing of an ancient limestone plateau.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. Some 80 percent of its reptiles and amphibians are found nowhere else on Earth.Learn about our National Geographic trip to Cuba. With between 70 and 160 horsemen, the fort kept Arab nomads from attacking caravans carrying frankincense and myrrh.
As attempts to locate him came up short, the legend blossomed into myths of an entire city made of gold.

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