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Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices. The National Geographic Endeavour is a classic expedition ship, fully stabilized to allow for smooth passage from one island to the next. Ideally suited for Galapagos expeditions, the Endeavour carries snorkeling gear, wet suits, kayaks, a fleet of Zodiacs, underwater cameras and a glass-bottom boat.
All meals are served in a single seating with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling.
You can also select from hundreds of other cruise ships to locate & track using the custom selection boxes below.
Did You Know?There are currently over 300,000 people on a cruise ship vacation right now!Make progress towards YOUR next cruise ship vacation today!
Free Chronicle: Receive a free video chronicle of your trip, compliments of ExpeditionTrips! The Arctic is very interesting – very fragile, animals and plants struggle to survive.
On this trip, there were several very experienced, very good professional photographers who provided many sessions to help the guests to enhance their skills with their cameras. The expedition leaders and all of the staff on our trip made the whole experience a learning, fascinating, fun, friendly adventure!
The most memorable moment of the trip was a polar bear coming within 100 feet of the ship on the pack ice just sniffing us and trying to decide whether he should come closer (we had perfect weather conditions with this and everyone got photos of the bear reflected in the water). ExpeditionTrips' efficient, friendly and helpful service was up to the usual standard and I will certain use you again for future trips of this sort!
The staff, guides and crew were excellent as ever and the Naturalists were always at hand to point out animal activity and explain ice, geological and botanical features. Access to the bridge was easier than on Endeavour and the Captain and his officers managed to get the ship remarkably close to the ice and the wildlife. We had perfect weather throughout which enabled us to really appreciate the magnificent Arctic scenery. This is the second trip I have booked through ExpeditionTrips, and I trust you to make sure that everything is ok.
I was inspired to take this trip because as a science teacher, my students study the Arctic and are concerned with global warming.
We have arranged over a dozen trips with ExpeditionTrips and the customer service received while planning this trip was a 10+ (as usual)!
We had previously sailed on a trip aboard the Kapitan Klebnikov to the high arctic of Canada and Greenland and had been disappointed by the lack of ice and polar bears.
It was our first group expedition and in particular our first trip on a ship, so we really did not know what to expect. The most memorable parts of the trip were the animal sightings and land excursions:Ice Bears, walrus herd, reindeer herd, bearded and other seals up close, a fantastic glacier waterfall, as well as ice caps, floes and icebergs, whales galore. Deposit: Amount required to confirm your reservation varies by itinerary (see trip brochure). Main Deck – Cabins feature two lower single beds (some can convert to a queen-sized bed), and one large window. Main Deck – Cabins feature two lower single beds (some can convert to a queen-sized bed), one large window, and two sitting chairs and a small table and ample storage. Upper or Veranda Deck – Cabins feature two lower single beds and at least one large window.

Veranda or Upper Deck – Spacious suites have two lower single beds that can be converted into a queen. Upper Deck – Large suites with private balconies have a queen-sized bed or two lower single beds that can convert to an Olympic-sized queen.
Main, Upper or Veranda Deck – Cabins feature one lower single bed and a large window or two portholes.
This comfortable vessel carries 96 guests in 56 outside cabins with windows or portholes, and is equipped with a range of exploration tools that allow for flexibility and daily discoveries. The ship includes a covered deck with chairs and tables, a sun deck, a lounge with a full-service bar and facilities for films, slide shows, and presentations. A remote archipelago situated just over 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard is a place of deep fjords, mountains and massive sheets of ice. Purchased from a Norwegian company and renamed the National Geographic Explorer, she was redesigned to become a state-of-the-art vessel, offering guests an intimate and educational environment with innovative tools for exploration.
The most memorable parts of this journey was the Polar Bear coming right up to the bow of the boat and the wonderful hour we spent with the whales.
They were always there to answer questions and pass on their knowledge and were especially warm and friendly. I really loved seeing polar bears in the wild, but most enjoyed our close encounter with a very active walrus on the beach. The new ship was surprisingly luxurious and very comfortable with improved facilities for access to the Zodiacs. I was also impressed by enthusiasm and ingenuity of the two teachers who helped to keep the younger passengers on board happily busy and constructively entertained!I decided to take the trip after hearing about it from a number of passengers on my trip to South Georgia and reading about it in the promotional material. ExpeditionTrips made sure that all of our materials were delivered in a timely manner and every contact I had with your company was terrific!
The naturalists were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and really appeared to love sharing their information about wildlife, flora, etc.
We have returned with many photographs which are a visual reminder of a truly fantastic experience. Breaking through the ice pack, seeing polar bears and the whales were our favorite experiences. The trip exceeded our expectations; we loved the ship, the food was excellent and we saw several bears and walruses! We have several other trips in the works with ExpeditionTrips; as Ashton knows, our appetite for adventure travel is pretty much without limit! This trip was our second attempt to spend time with polar bears, whose days on planet earth may very well be numbered. The Captain, crew and staff were all outstanding - most professional and helpful, and the ship well 'groomed.' We met some wonderful people, and 'leaders' of the various areas. The last day en route back to Longyearbyen, we saw arctic flowers, tundra, birds by the jillions (including the Snow Bunting, which everyone enjoyed because of my last name), outstanding food, delicious beer, and 24-hour daylight didn''t bother us. Cancellation penalties are based on the number of days prior to departure that the cancellation was received and are subject to change without notice.
Public areas also include a library, a gift shop, a fitness center, a spa, a sauna, and a small swimming pool. Our Ecuadorian captain and officers welcome guests to the bridge in accordance with our "Open Bridge" policy. During summer, when the sun never sets, the tundra experiences a warm awakening as wildflowers carpet the earth, walrus raise their sleepy heads to observe you, and fjords ring with the thunderous sound of glacial ice crashing to the sea. Highlights of an afternoon tour include a stroll among the famed Vigeland sculptures set in park lands and a visit to the Polar Ship Fram Museum, with its excellent exhibits on the history of Arctic exploration.

The most memorable parts were seeing polar bears, whales, walrus, glaciers, and the midnight sun. The number and kinds of birds was awesome; seeing reindeer and arctic foxes was also a thrill! As usual, Joy and the staff of ExpeditionTrips provided excellent service in planning my trip to the Arctic. This is the 4th time we have booked through you and we will keep coming back for more small ship cruises. We were so fortunate to see many polar bears, with cubs, walrus, seals, hundreds of thousands of birds and to cap it all a blue whale. The staff, guides and crew were excellent, very knowledgeable and were great with the kids. Even with the big time difference, we always had a prompt response to our questions and always got good follow up. The staff, guides and crew on the National Geographic Endeavour provided a very high level of service.
A full-time doctor, an undersea specialist, a photo instructor, a video chronicler, and a wellness specialist accompany every voyage; and Internet access and laundry service are available on board. This voyage is undertaken in the spirit of discovery, and nature is full of wonderful surprises. The photographers worked very hard to make sure we got out of fog and got to see an amazing world and do all we expected. The trip also enabled us to try to live one of our dreams - get a chance to see polar bears in their natural habitat. The crew was very efficient and helpful and the guides were very knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife. The pace is unhurried and your options are many, so the day-by-day itinerary below is a thoughtfully considered framework.
Each cabin offers a large desk with ample drawer space, reading lamps, private facilities, climate controls, and TV showing the ship's position and programming. Thanks for your help all along the way.Ashton, many thanks for the surprise bottle of wine awaiting us on The Endeavour! This is as far north as it is possible to travel without an icebreaker, and you’ll experience the legendary midnight sun.
With your fully stabilized ice-class expedition ship, you are able to probe the ice in search of wildlife, and your exact day-to-day movements will remain flexible, depending on local conditions. Bathrooms are generously sized with a roomy glass-walled shower stall, stocked with environmentally-inspired bath products and shower gel, hair dryers, and cozy white robes. The arctic is an unusual destination for a honeymoon but we choose to take this trip to live an unforgettable adventure together - a once in a lifetime exciting and unique trip in such a rich environment. Your main focus is the search for Svalbard’s amazing wildlife: polar bear, reindeer and walrus. Observe seals and arctic foxes and search for the very symbol of the Arctic — majestic polar bears. Double occupancy cabins come in a variety of configurations, including two single beds, two beds that can be converted to a queen-sized bed, and queen-sized beds.

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